1. Terry says

    This is a very powerful, effective ad. Simple, direct, and to the point. This could be easily, with a bit of editing, turned into a television ad. This needs to be widely seen.

  2. says

    The underlying theme is vital; our rights and our respect in the community are under attack from ignorant bigots such as DeMint……there are enough hysterical screamers out there to influence public opinion, whether hypocritical pastors or ex Nazi bigots like the Pope.
    Even the post on this site of Rowan Williams , Archbishop of Canterbury, saying that gays should be allowed be bishops but then fails to implement that policy shows how hypocritical the their stance is.
    and turds like Rekers, have no compunction in giving false so called “expert evidence” against out interests. it seem to me that the fight should be taken to them…..we can’t rely on the “fierce advocates” to it for us.

  3. K in VA says

    This is a good counter to the dangerous claim that LGBT voters and activists should just abandon the Democrats because they haven’t done enough for us.

    Yes, it’s true that the Democrats are timid. But the alternative to timid Democrats is so very, very much worse.

    Push Democrats to work harder at every opportunity you can make. But don’t abandon them — and the country — and us — to the right wing.

  4. Adam says

    I don’t like the ad. I agree with whats being said, but I think it’s a “I’ll scare you with my dark lighting, dark music and black and white testimonies.” I feel like this is the gay version of the National Organization for Marriage “Gathering Storm” TV ad. Watching it, I just wanted to say: “You don’t have to scare me, I’m already on your side!”

    I feel that that this is the kinda ad that conservatives would use against us. I think we could do better job presenting this information.

  5. says

    adam ur opinion of the average citizen is commendable but completely naive

    fear works………. reasoned rational and logical presentation of facts dosen’t

  6. Henry says

    GODD***T! I don’t wanna know what we’re gonna lose! I wanna know what we’re gonna do to fight! I wanna beat those Neanderthals back to the ice age, or whenever gays were subject to the nutty farm or were part of “in-depth” scientific experiments. We got those bastards on the run now–finally. For God’s sake, let’s finish them off! For love’s sake.

  7. captain underpants says

    Be afraid be very afraid
    Vote for us
    We have not done shit for you
    But they will really fuck you over
    If they get in
    Never mind that we have fucked you over too
    That is not the point
    Be very very afraid
    Vote for us again and again
    Even though we will ignore you and
    Not exert one bit of political capital to help you
    Vote for us anyway
    These other bastards are really going to fuck you over
    Please give some money too
    Be afraid

    Or how about this:
    Fuck these lousy democrats who have never missed an opportunity
    To screw us over once they get in with the largest majority in 25 years

    I say let them lose
    It really will not be much worse —
    The gop is really most interested in money and paying back their corporate paymasters
    The social shit is to get the base out to vote
    We are too good for their business

    the same way this fear shit is designed to get us queers to once again vote for those who really never do shit for us

    the dems need to lose big
    clean them fuckers out
    starting with that louse reid
    maybe in two or ffour years we’ll see some real friends get elected

  8. Rich says

    Nope, don’t like it. First of all, it doesn’t come off as angry, it comes off as whiny. “The right to hold hands in public…”? Waaah, waah. How about the right to visit my partner in the hospital? “Everything I love,” meant to be extra effective in sign language, is too non-specific. There are a few “real” ones in there, but they have no impact because of the clutter.

    And could they have equalized the volume? It sounds like a high school project. The words that appear in the background are meant, I suppose, to show all the awful things we are called, but unfortunately, the words “fag” and c*nt” (I have trouble even typing the second) appear several times, so it comes off as filler.

    I imagine this is meant to be seen by LGBT folks, and to outrage us into action, but it is also fodder for the opposition’s support. “I’d have to go back in the closet…” That’s what they want, and if they see it, they get to feel triumphant.

    How about pointing out that by allowing only an elitist population to benefit from the rights of living in this country, America has lost its INTEGRITY?

    Poorly conceived, poorly executed. It feels pale and weak, too unclear and understated to be effective

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