1. Skooter McGoo says

    I used to to Higher dimensions church when we was pastor there in the 80’s. Man that was a long time ago, when gay people were beaten on the street, Oh wait times have changed, right?

  2. Phil says

    “If every gay person in our church just left or those who have an orientation or preference or an inclination, or a fantasy, if everyone left, we wouldn’t have — we wouldn’t have a church.”

    Would that be such a bad thing?

  3. BobN says

    Yeah, Long’s a “Prince” of a person. A lot like Machiavelli’s Prince.

    Nice people don’t stir up hatred of other people for their personal and political benefit.

  4. Angelo says

    That was one of the most thoughtful, kind, and honest answer from a member of the ministry as I’ve ever heard. Good on Bishop Pearson for being such an inclusive model of Christianity.

  5. MammaBear says

    SCB, did you read the transcript?

    Well stated my *ss.

    It’s one thing to understand the circumstances and want to get the guy some help.

    It’s quite another to talk about what a prince of a guy he is and say something like: “I wish the young men would have come to some of the apostles around the minister and confronted the bishop and said, let’s deal with this. And then, if he didn’t, take it out to the courts.” I think we have pretty clear evidence that is EXACTLY the wrong thing to do, unless you’re looking for a buy-out.

    The problem here is the Christian notion that no matter what we’ve done, all we need to do to make it ok is ask Jesus to forgive us. Eddie Long may think that the only person he has to apologize to is his God, but that doesn’t make sense. Consider the chilling notion that “redemption is invented by the sinner”.

  6. Jon says

    Pearson is so WRONG, I’m not even sure where to begin. I appreciate his heart for those who are (according to scripture) “lost.” He has a heart for his gay friends whose talents, whose generosity, whose humanity are so impressive, so impactful, so beautiful. I understand what Pearson is saying – there are many, many, MANY people I respect and admire who are not Christ followers per se, or who simply do not believe in Jesus Christ. They are GREAT people, ADMIRABLE people. So what’s the problem?

    The Bible does NOT say that GREAT and ADMIRABLE and GENEROUS and LOVING people go to Heaven.

    Let me re-phrase: the standard of righteousness that is required (according to the Christian Bible) surpasses what men might look upon and say – “admirable” “loving” “generous” a “good person.” Man looks on the outside, but God judges the heart.

    The question is, “Bishop” Pearson (no, your title does not impress me)… WILL GOD JUDGE THE WORLD IN RIGHTEOUSNESS? Pearson seems to be saying that this notion of an angry God or a God-who-judges is a “fairy tale.” If that is true.. (and that is a BIG “if”)… what exactly does the Bible mean when it says that God poured out his wrath upon Jesus, that God poured out his judgment upon Jesus, if you will, so that He would not have to judge you or I.

    The wrath that was poured out upon Jesus Christ (as the Bible clearly states that “it pleased God to bruise him” and that “by His stripes we are healed”) is a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of God’s judgment upon sin. It is a clear picture of God who will hold the world accountable. It is right and correct to see God as He is, in light of scripture, and not try to make Him “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.”

    The Bible teaches “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Fear of the Lord is sorely lacking in our culture today.

  7. Eric says

    Being a church musician at two churchs in Manhattan with LGTBI clergy, I hardly think I should be told to “learn” from someone who calls a vicious, closeted, self-hating homophobe like Eddie Long a “prince”. You missed it bigtime this time Towleroad – I’d suggest you visit a gay-inclusive church in NYC once in a while to get the real story…

  8. Jon says

    Oh, and one other thing… Pearson’s priorities are way out-of-whack! He says “If every gay person in our church just left or those who have an orientation or preference or an inclination, or a fantasy, if everyone left, we wouldn’t have a church.”

    Two quick points: 1) what matters more? how many people are in your pews, or how many people are actually living their lives TRYING to surrender to the LORDSHIP of their Savior Jesus Christ?

    2) there is a difference between being all-inclusive of everyone in the GOOD NEWS of salvation that is AVAILABLE-at-the-foot-of-the-cross, and being inclusive of behaviors and lifestyles and vices that are ultimately harmful to people, and ultimately ripping people off from THE BEST that God has for them, and.. most importantly, behaviors and lifestyles and vices that are explicitly denounced by God in His Word.

    Is Pearson reading out of a different Bible? Rev. 21: 8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the lake of fire.”

    He calls it a “fairy tale.” For his sake, I hope he’s right… but I don’t believe he is.

  9. Frank says

    “Instutional Christianity” has lost the Gospel of Jesus and are proclaiming a vile hatred and exclusive stance which is contrary to what Jesus came to proclaim.

    May we all realize the harm we have done to humanity and ask forgiveness from each other and God.

    Gay or not, God loves us all and why can’t we do the same?

  10. Joshua Mills says

    Jon, sweetie. If your scripture –which you claim to be the perfect revelation of the universe’s creator– cannot even be consistent on exactly which people were witnesses to Jesus after his resurrection (the 4 gospels are not in agreement), then it is an imperfect revelation and therefore that deity does NOT exist. It is a LIE. THE BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD!!! So who gives a flying porpoise what it has to say about anything, let alone the way it condemns a significant minority of humans who are naturally wired to express themselves sexually? We would all do well to take responsibility for our own lives and cherish the world and its inhabitants. Its a lovely, flawed ride and our time here is so brief.

  11. Bart says

    Jon, first off, the Bible doesn’t “say” anything. These are words, ideas, images, concepts and stories (yes, stories) written by men at a certain time in history, a certain place in history, for a certain audience. Whatever you, me or someone else gleans from the Bible will always be in debate because we also read it with our own eyes, adhering to the meanings we take away. You can pull quotes to prove whatever you want. Everyone does it. There are no greater arguments today than those that go on over what different passages of the Bible mean, if they mean anything at all. Get ten people in a room and none of them will agree on a majority of the passages. My point is, trying to have a non-debate (you’re debating against someone who can’t debate back) in a blog is pretty useless. And there’s a huge group of atheist/non-believers here who love to eat guys like you for lunch.

    I think this Bishop (how’d they all get to be Bishops when they all run their own churches? Sort of like declaring yourself King of your backyard…) is dealing with the concept that gay people exist, have existed, will always exist and that we are accepted by God and not the boogie man that some religious people and religions try desperately to make gay men and women out to be…as if the understanding of sexuality ended in 100 A.D. I certainly do not agree with the image he paints of Eddie Long who is a sexual predator. He maybe be a man of faith and do wonderful things but he’s also a man who uses his power, money, influence, and position in a church to lure young men into sexual situations. You can hug him all you want but when someone is using everything at his disposal to seduce young men, sorry, my sympathy is limited. And to suggest that somehow these young men should have gone to the “apostles” of this church…and what? Seen it all swept under the rug or be bought off (which may be what they want we’ll see how this all plays out…) and that Eddie Long is allowed to quietly, secretly continue his evolution as a sexual predator. Don’t forget this is a church of 25,000 members, that’s a multi-million dollar a year business and Eddie Long IS that business. Where there’s money and influence at stake, people around Eddie are more willing to look the other way (believe me, they all knew…I’ve been hearing rumors about Eddie Long for years…and if I’m hearing them, they all knew) to keep that money and influence flowing.

    It’s nice to see someone actually speak about the issue openly. I hope this whole event has a silver lining for us. We need one considering the shit-showers we’ve gotten recently from our elected officials who are supposidly on our side. But this parade of idiots isn’t over for a while and our lives will be bantied around in the middle of it instead of dealing with Eddie Long’s sexual predator problem.

  12. vc says

    Are you kidding me this whole pastor long shit is crazy and I’m sure 100 percent true who in a mainly black church doesn’t have like half the guys in the choir who are the gay or the gay piano player or the choir director really let’s just face facts black glbt persons need to be represented in church and not looked at like oh that’s just how he is………please

  13. Joe says

    @Eric, there are plenty of places without LGBT inclusive churches and we rarely see those who lead them on television. It’s important when one gets the national stage on a major news network to talk.

  14. Nanno says

    WOW…By reading some of these comments from some of you girls…It’s just shameful someone non white speaks of inclusion and here you all go with nasty comments and such.

    Just another sad reason why we’ll all never really ever get along.

    @ David Ehrenstein Have you dated someone your COLOR before?

  15. TANK says

    Can’t keep a brotha down, nanno! Fight the power, free mumia, etc…insert generic race warrior slogan… This is about kiddie rapin’, and this man’s defense of the kiddie raper…don’t forget it, fuckwit. Bigger than race.

  16. Sam says

    Did this man really suggest that victims of sexual assault should resolve their issue with their perpetrator in private instead of subjecting them to legal consequences? WOW!

  17. says

    I’m in total agreement with Eric and David Ehrenstein . . . there’s nothing remotely prince-like about arrogant hypocrites like Eddie Long. Carlton Pearson needs to get himself a new pair of glasses and see what’s really going down. Long is a ravenous wolf in shepherd’s clothing, devouring teenage boys and simultaneously spouting genocidal condemnations of Gay men. Meet with him? Like Hell! He and his kind need to be ousted from the pulpit immediately! They’ve immeasurable damage damage to people of faith, and to the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  18. norman c carr says

    If the church is going to survive it must grow up.People have a god who is in the likeness of themselves.Racist,onesided,cruel,warlike,you name it.Im not christian and could never be with all the outdated fear that still rules the church.But i love the idea that the christos or christ spirit can dwell or be born in each of use.Not some far off thing that only happens in some future judgement day.We must also restore the Mother aspect of devinity.God is Mother and Father and beyond.I love that Carlton Pearson and time is proving him right.

  19. jamal49 says

    @TANK honey, the young men were all of the legal age of consent which in Georgia is 16. So, can the “kiddie raper” crap. And, I imagine that some of those boys were willing to do what they did with “Prince” Eddie. Let’s stop with the “innocent” claim for young men old enough to know what they want and are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it. Still, I am glad those guys are dropping the dime on that pompous, vulgar, self-centered, self-righteous hypocrite. I hope he crashes and burns and his church has to go into bankruptcy. What was really disgusting is that his obviously deluded and brain-washed congegation were so fervent in their support for that asshole. It turned my stomach to see him strut the stage, I mean, altar, soaking up undeserved adulation from his cult followers. Hell has a special place for people like Eddie Long.

  20. Jerry6 says

    AH; YES!! Religion in its finest hour!

    ALL: THAT IS ALL: Religions are based on Hate,Hate, and more Hate. Without HATE, no religion can survive. Hateful people have to have someone or something to HATE. Every Religion has it’s own, individual list of HATES. Pick your HATE and settle into your favorite Religion and Hates.

  21. Zoe says

    Bishop Pearson it is sad to hear such falsity coming from you as a man of God who would have been against such things in the pass. Anyone that embraces homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication and bestiality would burn in hell if they dont repent and seek deliverance. God is merciful and a holy God. God would not embrace sin in heaven he just cant it would be going against what he preaches. Who would assend into heaven only those with clean hands and a pure heart. I am not judging anyone lifestyle but just simply stating the TRUTH ABOUT GOD WORDS. Bishop Pearson you need DELIVERANCE IN JESUS NAME TO FLUSH OUT YOUR SPIRIT OF THOSE FALSE SPIRIT YOU COMMUNICATES WITH. God IS HOLY AMEN.

  22. ray stone says

    Every man is innocent until proven guilty. There must be proof of guilt. Currently these are allegations. Foolish is the mouth which rushes to judgment. On a pratical side, it is rare that young men fabricate stories of molestation for fear of shame, stigma and rejection. If the charges are proven true, much healing will be needed on all sides. I hope Mr. Long can get a hold of the book, A Step Into Deliverance. It may help him.

  23. carol says

    She gives a crappy interview. Please tell me what the h@##@ll this has to do with the BLACK CHURCH. Each time he tried to clear her up she went back there. Now he is nuts too! But she sucks!

  24. Seeker of the Truth says

    Well Jon, it appears that you are a member of the so called “Christian Community” who claims to have the love of Christ in their hearts, but will take every opportunity to judge, criticize and condemn someone to an eternal lake of fire. Don’t you see the confusion that is created in believing in an all loving God who would also condemn the majority of mankind to an eternal torture chamber called hell? Does that evoke any question in your mind regarding the validity of the translation and interpretation of the Christian Bible? Was that the best plan God could devise for the redemption of mankind? Because if one person is given this sentence as the result of what the Devil accomplished in the Garden of Eden, then he actually won, didn’t he? Just food for thought.

  25. Joe says

    In responce to barts blog. I used to go to Pearson’s church in Tulsa. At one time his Youth pastor aand family lived with me, under false pretences. When i couldn’t get him out, i went to the church and they acted like i was some kind of a nut. Later this pastor was caught molesting 2 sixteen yr. old girls. They indeed swept it under the rug and sent him to a fallen pastors retreat. Where he ran away from and left his wife and kids.. Oh by the way, this man was an ex felon, spent time in prison for being a pimp. Carlton Pearson is a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!!!

  26. Diallo says

    le directeur de la bceao mali oumar tatam ly fils de ibrahim ly a une preference gay. ce directeur tres exemplaire, il a vecu avec un copain du nom de wague pendant des années sans problemes, nous l’adorons tous a la banque.
    il est ne et grandi en france.
    l’afrique change

  27. says

    The truth IS…We are here for a short time and you have the right choose how you live your life. Yet if you seek the truth you will find it. Unfortunately, when our time is up, many of us will be surprised at what happens next. If you are reading this you still have time. Choose Jesus and he will make you free. Ask for forgiveness of your ways/thoughts, accept Christ, and the Holy Spirit will give you dunamis to break strongholds in ourselves and in others. I pray that you find the truth before the truth finds you.

  28. timothy rollerson says


  29. al says

    “If every gay person in our church just left or those who have an orientation or preference or an inclination, or a fantasy, if everyone left, we wouldn’t have — we wouldn’t have a church.”

    Is like saying if everyone that chooses to remain sin goes to hell, there would not be a heaven.

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