German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Ties Knot with Partner Michael Mronz in Civil Partnership


Guido Westerwelle, Germany's foreign minister, entered into a civil partnership with his partner Michael Mronz, the German newspaper Bild reports.

According to Bild, the ceremony was conducted by Bonn Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch was held in Bonn. Westerwelle Mronz and both wore dark suits, the FDP leader a light blue tie, his husband, a yellow-green tie. Approximately 20 people, close family and friends, witnessed the ceremony.

Germany's civil partnerships provide all the rights of marriage except except joint adoption and full tax benefits.

(image taken following Angela Merkel's 2009 election win)


  1. David says

    He’s actually, first and foremost, the Vice Chancellor of Germany (equivalent to Deputy Prime Minister in parliamentary democracies), which means he’s second in command of the German goverment. So Germany has a right-wing coalition government with a woman and a gay, married man as the chief executives. That’s pretty incredible and it’s virtually impossible to imagine such a situation occuring anywhere outside of Western or Central Europe.

  2. Toby says

    Actually it’s Mronz who is wearing the blue tie and Westerwelle is wearing a yellow/blue tie, the colors of his party.

    I feel it should also be noted that while Bild is the most read paper in Germany, it’s actually a horrendous conservative rag like the Daily Mail in Britain with no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

    Makes the fact that they treat this gay relationship as well as they do pretty heartening, though.

  3. Joe says

    “Germany’s civil partnerships provide all the rights of marriage except except joint adoption and full tax benefits.”

    This made me really sad. But good to see a prominent politician get a civil partnership.

  4. X says

    Gays should help out other countries who would treat them better, not the USA and not even Germany if they can’t get full rights there.

  5. Kenn says

    “All the rights of marriage,” mean just what it says and anything that stops short of that is simply not the same. Mazel Tov to them in any case but let us not be under any illusions. Until there is FULL marriage equality, same-sex relationships will continue to be looked upon as second class.

  6. N says

    Eh, he’s the worst foreign minister we’ve had, also, his party is down in the slumps. It’s safe to say that this marriage is pretty much the only thing that’s working out for him… *sighs* But props for him that he can marry whomever he loves. (Just fucking man up and get a clue about national politics, Westerwelle! *grumbles*)

  7. Steve says

    His main job is foreign minister. Vice Chancellor is not a separate office like the VP in the US. He’d only have act in that capacity if something happens to Merkel. Otherwise he has no more power than any other minister.

  8. David says

    Ah, I see. All the same, it’s still technically deputy leader of the German government, which is a big deal. Also, I don’t actually like Westerwelle at all, and I root for the Social Democrats whenever there’s an election over there. It’s nice that homosexuality is such an non-issue in Germany (and in my part of Europe) that gay people can afford to oppose other gay politicians on real political grounds, rather than just support for the sake of supporting anothet gay person. I can’t imagine most gay Americans can afford to choose, say, a Republican over a gay Democrat, even if their politics are closer to the Republicans.

  9. Cory says

    Unbelievable. While we in the US are still fighting hatred and defeating equal rights for all, other countries such as Germany and Canada and Spain and others recognize full rights for all.

    With the political atmosphere of the U.S. becoming harsher with every passing year, I’m considering joining my ex-Pat friends to Canada or E.U. This country is going to hell in a Sarah Palin tea bag.

  10. John says


    It has never stopped them before.

    I have spoken to LGBT people – mostly white men – who voted to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004. That is, after he proposed the Federal Marriage Amendment. They looked at the FMA, on the one hand, against Arabs and Mexicans on the other. And they decided that Arabs and Mexicans were scarier. Most of these West Hollywood bar flies can’t even find the Middle East on a map. But, sadly, they always fall for ridiculous GOP emotional ploys about some vaguely defined existential threat (see “gay Tea Partiers”).

    As for Westerwelle, I think he has the same problem as Clegg in the United Kingdom. In both countries, the liberals are junior partners in a center-right coalition government that wants to rein in spending. And both party leaders are being setup as the fall guy for unpopular cuts. The Prime Minister and Chancellor doesn’t want to alienate voters by insisting on taking away grandma’s pension. So, they send their juniors out to do it for them.

  11. Rowan says

    @ N

    Don’t know why you Germans can’t stop moaning! As far as I’m reading you guys are not doing too badly at all and I thought your economy was becoming stable??

  12. nic says

    @tank, leave me alone, stinky fart. you are not even worth the effluvium you manage to scrounge — yours are limp-wristed fists scratching at the wind and cursing the universe; a feeble, flaccid penis of a brain; a thread-bare slip of a mind, a “head piece filled with straw”. you recently congratulated yourself by saying that no one writes like you. in fact, any rag of a girl can write like you. there is never an original thought emanating from that shop-vac you call a mind. it sucks up dirt, sawdust and meaningless motes. i hope you did not dislocate your elbow patting yourself on the back. onanism is a futile attempt at manhood, and you keep revealing yourself to be lacking in every respect. you are the uninvited guest who horns in on the host and causes problems. you are the mchaele salahi of towleroad. you crash the gates and impose yourself on others. you think that you can ingratiate yourself, but there is no there, there. your bird chest is empty.

  13. ratbastard says

    Gays can’t marry in Deutschland, they can get a civil partnership. Same sex marriages with the legal benefits of a heterosexual couple are banned. The same is true in all the nations that make up the UK. However, there are American states that allow same sex marriages and give same sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. I know differentiating between the central federal government and individual state governments is confusing to some non-Americans, but they should understand some laws and customs can differ greatly from state to state within the U.S. So I wouldn’t condemn ‘America’ that harshly…there are states that are more so-called progressive on gay rights issues than most European nations.

    As for powerful, influential gay politicians and civil servants, they exist in America as well as Europe.

    Anyway, good luck to Herr Westerville and Herr Mronz.

  14. Frank says

    Congratulations to westerwelle and his partner. sad thing is he now profits from a law that he himself opposed in the bundestag and voted against. So as a politician he realy is a spineless jellyfish.

  15. says

    I think Westerwelle is just trying to score popularity points with the broader German public because they hate him so much at the moment ;-). lol