Harry Reid Refers to Gillibrand as ‘Hottest’ Member of the Senate

At a fundraiser for Harry Reid held at NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's townhouse, Reid apparently heaped praise on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, but not before extolling her as a hottie:

Gillibrand "First Bloomberg spoke, then Sen. Chuck Schumer, and then Reid, according to the sources. Reid praised Schumer at length, discussing how he could have run for governor – and won – in 2006, but didn't, and instead accepted the Nevada senator's entreaties to run the DSCC. Then he turned his attention to Gillibrand, saying something about how 'many senators are known for many things,' according to a source. He added, 'We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member.' He also then discussed her knowledge of securities law as extremely deep, and suggested she was better on certain policy elements than other people, according to the sources. Gillibrand was not among those who was asked to speak at the event, the sources said."


  1. says

    I guess it all depends on what Reid meant by “hottest.” (I know the ‘obvious’ reference has to do with attractiveness.)

    Other alternatives:
    – smartest?
    – most popular?
    – most electable?
    – the one everyone else in the chamber is listening to?

    If someone referred to Reid as the “hottest” senator, it would almost certainly be a reference to just how radioactive he seems to be making himself.

    Which is sad, because he occasionally does something right, and he certainly is better than the alternative . . .

  2. jamal49 says

    This is the man the Democrats have as the leader of the majority party in the Senate. Small wonder that we’re being sold out even as we speak. Reid and Pelosi (Speaker of the House) are the two WORST people to be such important positions of power at this crucial time. Forget repeal of DADT. Forget ENDA. Forget everything. After November, I’d suggest emigrating.

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