1. Joe says

    I love Julianne Moore. Nice to see her do this.

    But, shouldn’t they really be targeting New Yorkers in rural areas or the ones upstate as well. I think this is great for NYC – but I suspect many there are pro-equality, where pressure needs to be put in other areas.

  2. nuflux says

    While this is laudable and I love Julianne Moore, I think it’s notable that the words “gay and lesbian” are never used nor are there any pictures of couples (gay or straight) in the ad.

  3. ohplease says

    I don’t see why the words gay or lesbian are at all necessary in a discussion of marriage equality. Those two types of people are not the only ones affected by marriage equality, so why single them out? Equality is for everyone. That’s what the discussion is and that’s what it should be.

    As to seeing couples, I think we all know what a couple looks like. Given the option to look at two random strangers or Julianne Moore, I’d rather look at Julianne Moore.

  4. says

    I have to second NUFLUX’s concern. It seems pretty clear that the No on 8 campaigned made a big mistake by not featuring happy gay families (as Maine’s almost and Washington’s successful campaigns did). Most of what people, upstate and down, is what they don’t know. Showing the voters who we actually are, makes a big difference.

    P.S. I love J Moore!

  5. Will says

    I Love Moore.

    But why are the last words “Please Donate” Instead of Contact your “State Senator, ect.”

  6. justiceontherocks says

    Al Sharpton our moral compass?? Did he bring Tawana Brawley along??

    Many of the New Yorkers we need to win over will never take seriously anythign promoted by Rev. Charlatan. Typical bonehead move by HRC.

  7. Paula Ettelbrick says

    Who are the celebs from Buffalo, Queens and the Bronx who still have connections there? If they want to throw the Dems from those districts out, they’d better speak to the people from there – not the the already converted in NYC. And, I agree – It would not kill the effort to mention that lesbian and gay couples are the people we are talking about in the code words of “marriage equality.” Time to come out!

  8. Burt says

    Yes, HRC is clearly preaching to the choir again. They are having fun spending money on things that they think are cool and hip but will not reach the people it needs to reach.

    Always nice to see Julianne, however.

  9. Mark says

    My partner and I live in Potsdam, NY, and while the village here is fairly progressive, the surrounding areas are VERY conservative. I fear if left up to the locals, it will be a LONG time before marriage equality comes to New York. I have contacted my state represntative about marriage equality and heard NOTHING in response. Thankfully we can go to Vermont or Canada and get married and have our marriage recognized by the state of New York.

  10. K in VA says

    No, it’s a good list of people to use in ads. Getting marriage equality requires getting out urban voters — rural voters are unlikely to support equality no matter what.

  11. mad1026 says

    Did they forget Syracuse, Utica, Rome, Watertown, Rochester? They are also New York State. Oh, I forgot! If it’s not on one of the coasts, IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!

  12. says

    I love Julianne Moore, but the HRC can go fuck itself. It’s a useless organisation which perpetuates the status-quo and parasitises off of the LGBTQ community.

    It’s sad how people actually think that supporting the HRC does anything to bring about equality.

  13. BillyBoy says

    So NY is following the CA model. Celebrities just don’t cut it. Needed: real people lobbying their politicians one-on-one. “You’re my state senator too…”

  14. SKOC211 says

    Wow. Julianne Moore is like totally exploiting the gay community for her own personal gain. Stop segregating us into “groups” that want their “rights” and “advocating” for us just so that we’ll go to see your movies and vote you best dressed at all the awards shows.

    I am outraged I tell you. Outraged.

  15. Justice says

    Have none of you silly boys heard “think globally, act locally”? The message has to start somewhere. All you pretty New Yahkahs have friends and relatives throughout the state of New York. Are you showing them what “marriage equality” is? No, you’re too busy bellyaching about some celeb selling out. Come on. Get off your tainted little behinds and go door to door in Pohdunk and show Mr and Mrs Hetero what marriage equality means. That’s what we’re doing here in H8 country.

  16. wimsy says

    It appears that few of you have the slightest idea of how to win a political campaign, how to influence legislators, or how to build the perception of overwhelming strength. Politics 1.01: perception is reality in politics. The ads are an excellent idea to move liberals to push their legislators — something that so far has failed because one or two senatorial Neanderthals stood firmly in the way of progress. Rural voters may never be ready for progress — but the entire population of Erie County would fit easily into the Bronx, with plenty of room to spare. If every legislator in Erie County votes no, it won’t matter so long as every legislator from the Bronx votes yes.

  17. says

    Why didn’t the ad say why people should support the fight for marriage equality? I agree, I would like to see gay and lesbian couples and their families more centrally positioned in the advocacy. If this is primarily about preaching to the choir to raise money, well then I’m afraid that it does open up the well-intentioned HRC effort to criticism of being another top down operation. There is a room for this ad campaign in the larger effort, but as the first ad out of the gate, I’m not surprised there are skeptics and naysayers. HRC has so much baggage and history (remember their endorsement of D’Amato in the NY Senate race?) that they need to tread extra carefully. I wish the well-intentioned HRC activists all the best in what they are trying to accomplish. We need to hear many voices, including critics. But engagement, participation and action is vital.