MN Catholic Bishops Produce DVD Attacking Gay Marriage

Minnesota's Catholic bishops are on the offensive against same-sex marriage, the AP reports:

Quinn "Minnesota's Roman Catholic bishops are launching a new effort against same-sex marriage, with a DVD being mailed to parishioners in the next few days. Winona Bishop John Quinn writes briefly in the September issue of the diocese's newspaper, The Courier, that traditional marriage is under attack. 'The bishops of Minnesota are alarmed by the continuing attacks on the institution of marriage, and we are taking action,' he wrote. He wrote that in about a week Minnesota Catholics would receive the DVD, which would explain the church's teaching on marriage and describe the possible effects of allowing same-sex marriage in Minnesota. Chris Leifeld, executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the church, said the DVDs would be distributed throughout the state's six dioceses. He declined to comment about the campaign until the formal announcement later this week."


  1. esther blodgett says

    At the risk of sounding a bit simple, I would say that men whose profession forbids marriage, sex and procreation is a greater threat to the institution of marriage than two men or two women who wish to wed.

    Or maybe its just me…

  2. Rob says

    Believing in the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church makes about as much sense as believing in the pronouncements from the Wizard of Oz. After all, when the secretive Wizard finally was exposed behind his curtain, there was no there there! So, why would anyone similarly believe a bunch of supposedly celibate white men in expensive designer frocks whose main purpose is to CONTROL millions of people worldwide and their tithing which, in turn, supports their elegant Vatican City lifestyle? IMHO, so many of Christ’s simple teachings about loving, supporting and caring for one another have been lost through the centuries of “(mis)interpretation” by Catholic hierarchy (and many other organized Christian religions). How can the Catholic Church pretend to defend “traditional marriage” when it cannot even defend its youngest members from pedophile priests? This church needs to get over itself and get back to Christ’s basic teachings. As I recall, they contain NO homophobic messages.

  3. stephen says

    Let’s hope that people in MN raise their voices against such an intrusion into public policy by a ‘religious’ institution…

    You have to ask yourselves, if a set of Muslim Imans were distributing a similar attack on public policy would it be met with a shrug or an outrage?

    The Katholic Khurch Kulture is a dangerous threat to Amer society & should be treated as such.

  4. Pete says

    I definitely want to see the video and I predict that the message will go well beyond explaining Catholic doctrine and delve head-first into (A) explanations of human sexuality and (B) explanations of State marriage laws. The Church is expert in NEITHER of these matters and must be STOPPED from explaining matters of science and law to its parishioners. They can define sin all they want, but they must leave explanations of civil law and matters of human sexuality up to the legal scholars, judges, scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and pediatricians who are EXPERT in these matters.

    I’m so tired of this. As I’ve said on other blogs, we stopped going to our village priest to settle our land disputes and to cure us from insomnia in the middle ages.

  5. stephen says

    And seriously… how can these people engage is this kind of baloney WHILE STILL ENJOYING TAX EXEMPT STATUS???

    We endure their prejudice AND subsidize their effort as well!

    Jesus F’n Christ, indeed!!!

  6. Tom in long beach says

    People need to be reminded this is the same church that started several holy wars, has tried to assassinate heads of state (England), failed to excommunicate Hitler, Smuggled Nazis out of Europe to avoid trails, Covered up countless pedophile priest scandals… The same church that did not want to admit the world was flat and the Earth was not the center of the universe.
    Always remember Big Religion is Big Business.

  7. SFshawn says

    Funny how these religious institutions and leaders have the financial resources,time and energy to create,film and distribute a video to their “FOLLOWERS” and all with taxpayer dollars-must be nice? Religion=DEATH

  8. mad1026 says

    I have seen first hand the damage the catholic church has done. My partner is still dealing with its teachings. The mormons and catholics, both cults, both justifying hatred against gays and both actively involved in political campaigning to install a theocratic government in the United States of America. Why are these people allowed tax-exempt status? Anybody notice the husband in the video is GAY? WTF!!!

  9. GregV says

    I watched the video. To save time to anyone who doesn’t want to bother, it goes something like this (very rough paraphrase):
    “We’re different. She likes chocolate and I like vanilla. She can play tennis and I can run fast. She can park the car and I can’t. Our bodies are different. Our outlooks are different. Our careers are different. We want babies and if we can’t make them, we’ll adopt. Look how our differences compliment each other. Obviously, God made us for each other. Women fit with men”

    Most of the narrative goes little beyond a kindergarten lesson plan intro on each other’s differences.

    In fact, any bright kindergartener should be able to see through the idiotic sexist conclusions and know that the most of the same things could be said about ANY relationship (“He likes Legos and I like GI Joe. He can run fast and I can read fast.”)
    And any kindergartener who knows anything about gay couples will know that EXACTLY the same things can be said by a gay couple by just witching the names or pronouns.

    Any two individuals have similarities and differences, and in a good relationship, those can fit well together. Gender is one of only thousands of traits that can be the same or different in a relationship.

    I would love to see a retort video by a gay couple. They could say “us too!” after every single claim made by this straight couple and then add some new ones. I would envision a gay couple saying something like:

    “She can teach Spanish to our kids and I can teach Chinese to them. She’s the athlete and I love libraries. She’s tall enough to see over the crowd to find our kids, and I’m small enough to hold their hands. She cooks and I wash the dishes. She teaches the kids to ride horses and I sing them lullabies.”

    I mean, really, Ellen and Portia Degeneres, or George Takei and Brad Altman, or really ANY gay couple, could easily clarify for that same-sex couples have as many complementary similarities and differences as this mixed-sex couple who seem to think their own relationship is so extra unique and special.

  10. says

    We are a country’s whose laws protect us from any theocratic ideology… so their arguments for or against ‘gay’ rights are moot and have no business being any where near the legislative branch of our government.


    And it is up to the citizenry to make damn sure it stays that way, and if that means armed revolt [2nd amendment] because our elected officials won’t, then so be it.

    And even though I’m a handicapped American… I would take up arms against any theological incursion… and shooting doesn’t take much exertion… just set me up in a bunker… I’ve been trained, and am a crack shot!

    I am so sick of this shit it isn’t even funny…

  11. Silence is Golden says

    They just don’t seem to ever get tired of embarrassing themselves. And they are always so eager to put it in writing (used to be Latin). And now they are onto dvd’s.

    And yet Jesus never left behind a single written word. Neither did Budha or Mohammed. Smart men. Someone should take a lesson.

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