Paul Singer, AFER Fundraiser Host, Has a Married Gay Son

Duncan Osborne at Gay City News looks further into the background of hedge fund manager Paul Singer, who is co-hosting the September 22 fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Singer, as Osborne notes, has a lengthy history of donations to conservative, anti-gay organizations and candidates, but also gave nearly three-quarters of a million dollars this year alone to AFER and the campaign against Question 1 (which banned same-sex marriage) in Maine.

Singer Would family influence be behind Singer's playing both sides of the fence? Perhaps:

"Andrew Singer, the son of Paul Singer, the head of Elliott Management, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, married Corey Morris on August 29 last year. In public records, the couple now identify themselves with the family name Morris-Singer. More than a year before the ceremony, they registered on, and they gave an interview to a New York University journalism student in 2008 in which they said they would be marrying the following year. That article was posted online. Andrew is a doctor in the Boston area, and Corey is a doctoral candidate at Harvard Medical School. The younger Singer graduated from that medical school in 2007. His husband began his studies there in 2004, according to his profile."


  1. Brian says

    Forgive me if I’m a little suspicious of conservatives/Republicans who all of a sudden “see the light” about LGBT rights, as they are ideologically selfish and small-minded. I bet if his son weren’t gay he’d be up there with Maggie Gallagher preaching the hate.

    But hey, if he truly wants to fight for us, go right ahead.

  2. Ryan says

    I think that’s a little unfair Brian. My father, who is a senior member of the united states military, was prior to my own coming out extremely conservative and to the best of my knowledge not in support of gays in the military. He may still be conservative, but he loves my husband like a son, and has come around to support both the repeal of DaDT and gay marriage. And it was solely because he ended up with a gay son. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

  3. daftpunkydavid says

    who cares what he would have done, had he not had a gay son? he does have one and, bless his heart, he does love him.

    you gotta make up your mind, brian: either you want conservatives to embrace lgbt folks or you don’t want them to.

  4. Russ Griffin says

    This is yet another example of why “coming out” is important. When people are unaware that their friends or family are gay, they can lump all gay people together as the “Other”. They don’t have to see or understand what their hate actually does to people. They don’t have to experience the pain that they cause others.

    When people know that some of their friends and family are gay, they cannot ignore the pain anymore, and (sometimes)they switch sides.

    Not all ignorant people are evil. Some ignorant people just need to be educated.

  5. Need to Know says

    What so many of you said. Coming out is important and effective. Usually a mother doesn’t need to be told, they already know. And, usually, a father does need to be told. Mine instantly adopted a new attitude. But even if he had not it was the best thing for me to do. You have to do it for yourself too.

  6. anon says

    Yeah, but his money comes first when it comes to who gets elected to public office and determines all the rules and regulations regarding his hedge fund. As if billions is not enough. The rich have always been willing to use and manipulate the fearful, ignorant and bigoted to get even richer.

    When the day finally comes when hatred can no longer motivate the average citizen to vote in the interests of the ultra rich and powerful, and against their own, these people will fall. Therefore, they will continue to stoke hatred at all costs. See: Koch brothers.

    It doesn’t really matter if marriage equality comes to pass to these people (much like abortion rights), as long as they can stoke enough anger against it to get their guy in office. That way they can have their wedding and all that cold hard cash while the rest of the country suffers and wallows in ginned up and tragic animosity.

  7. TampaZeke says

    Nothing turns an adversary into an advocate like discovering you have a pony in the race.

    This is why coming out is the single most effective act of gay advocacy that any gay person can do.

  8. Roger K says

    Now we know that Singer coordinated the bankrolling of the Republican takeover of the House, as lead fundraiser for the hedge fund billionaire community. Whatever his personal actions, he has put our agenda on hold in DC for two years. This is what happens when you believe that any Republicans are on your side.

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