1. SeriouslySick says

    I keep seeing the Abbey online being called a Gay Bar. It’s a bar in West Hollywood where everyone in hangs out, sorta old school but still a little trendy. It might have been so at one time, but it isn’t a “Gay Bar”.

  2. gayalltheway says

    Good to know that she’s doing fine after being cheated on but WHY IS THIS BLOG-POST-WORTHY?!??!

    So she has gay friends.. BIG.FUCKING.DEAL.

  3. Trasker says

    What kind of bar isn’t a gay bar that has go go boys for god’s sake? Its not exactly The Eagle but it qualifies as a gay bar.

  4. booka says

    She would be better off at the Eagle (they had wet underwear contest last night), rather then those fussy WeHo Bars.

  5. Dairyqueen says

    BFD, Why is this news?
    @ tank: your comment about getting AIDS and dying is not even remotely funny or snarky.

  6. Clifw says

    Sandra paid for her assistant’s gay wedding in the 90s (way before marriage equality was a ‘thing’). She’s always been very supportive of gay causes.

  7. Wil says

    Well if it is a gay bar, People doesn’t want its impressionable middle-American readers to know:,,20426743,00.html#20849323

    I can’t decide if that’s refreshing (as in “who cares if it’s a gay bar”) or homophobic (“our readers wouldn’t like to know that America’s sweetheart goes to THOSE places”)

  8. says

    The Abbey is unique in that it’s one of the few remaining big-profile places that is known as a hotspot first, gayspot second. Everyone in SoCal knows that the Abbey is a gay bar, but its position as one of the trendiest places in image-conscious LA (thanks to the gays) means the trendy heteros flock to it as well.

    And that’s what makes The Abbey so awesome.

    That said… I recently had my 30th birthday in big pimpin’ limousine fashion and I took over a dozen friends, even split between gay and straight, to The Abbey… and the straight guys in the party were VERY uncomfortable. Too much gay going on for them! The straight guys’ girlfriends, however, LOVED it, and since they couldn’t get their hetero mates to dance with them, they paired off with the closets gay they could find!

    I thought of all the places I could get my straight friends to be introduced in a gay setting friendly to my hetero male friends, I thought the Abbey would be it… but it just goes to show how the Abbey really isn’t *that* mainstream. Just isn’t.

  9. FunMe says

    I prefer the new Mickey’s with the hot go-go dancers, revolving so you see DIFFERENT all the time.

    The Abbey has become too “mixed” and that’s fine and all, but I go to West Hollywood from SM for the MEN, not to watch a straight guy hit up on a straight girl. I mean come one. They have enough straight bars already!

  10. wimsy says

    You wimmin just hate Sandra because she’s more talented, sexier, richer, and desirable than you. So there.

  11. cmh says

    sandra is one of those actresses I’d probably like as a person but I’m not a huge fan of her acting.. but there is much much worse out there.