1. Mike says

    Lady gaga is my gay icon. No other artist has ever embraced our community like she has AND been so successful doing it. She knows that her “gays” helped get her to where she is! Also, she put on the best concert I have ever seen.

  2. ratbastard says


    This is beating a dead horse,but: One of the prime directives in achieving full civil rights is breaking down STEREOTYPES; a contrived entertainer who dresses and acts like a flamboyant,bondage themed male cross dresser doesn’t achieve this.

    Show a little self-respect for yourselves and other gay men and woman.

  3. Dan says

    Seriously Craig, shut the fuck up. If you’re that worried about spoilers for the fucking VMAs, stay off the Internet until your precious self has watched them. don’t expect the rest of the world to stop spinning for you.

  4. Joe says

    Gaga looks great. I like when she has straight (normalish) blonde hair and we can actually see her face.

    And good on her for doing this. I like that she’s not afraid to bring on the politics.

  5. Ted says

    Also noteworthy: Her intro to her new song – I think it was something like “I was made this way”. She’s no flash in the pan – she’s one of us! It’s amazing that someone who is apparently [?] not a homo seems to understand us so well [and i dont mean as a demographic]. She has provided me with a wonderful oppportunity for me to connect with my gay son. For that I am forever grateful.

  6. Samore says

    Where is John Lennon’s killer when we need him? Seriously, why can’t CaCa die of a drug overdose already. She can’t sing and she plays the same piano bars over and over. Gays who fall for her act are pretty dumb.

  7. Josh says

    Let’s don’t forget that CYNDI LAUPER is also been doing a LOT for Equal RIghts! Cyndi’s record company decided not to promote her albums because she supports Gay Rights! Cyndi deserves recognition for standing up for us since the 80’s. I love Gaga and I truly admire Cyndi for being gutsy and for supporting us for so long!

  8. Samore says

    There is a difference. Cyndi Lauper has something CaCa doesn’t have–it’s called talent. Plus, Cyndi truly cares about Gays. For CaCa, it’s all a publicity stunt.

  9. Rovex says

    Joseph.. Im not going to defend the old hag, but fame these days is a lot more instant now than it was 30 years ago. The real test will be if gaga is around in 30 years time. These days artists have downloads, marketing and instant record company millions to go on tour, back then they had none of that. There is no way to know how big gaga would have been in the 80s because she wouldnt, and couldnt have existed in the way she does today and it was a completely different market.

    Even with the higher population, downlosds and marketing gsgas albums(The Fame and The Fame Monster count as 2 )have sold less than Madges first 2.

    I dont like Gaga, i simply dont like the music or the contrived unoriginal image, but if she is helping us ill take it. Sure she probably isnt doing us an favours with the older generation, but getting acceptance with the kids is going to help a lot in years to come.

  10. beegee says

    of course we have the bitter old bitches reliving their “glory days” and crossing their arms in temper tantrums. “What about Cyndi and Madonna? humph!!”

  11. WayneMPLS says

    I am not a fan but I don’t hate her and I think about it this way, she has the ability to reach MILLIONS of people with her message of support. Publicity stunt or not, she is doing much more than Obama has (who has never even met with the Gay press since he has gotten elected and defends in the most despicable of ways DOMA). Think of all the fans she’s reached in places where homophobia plays a huge part in their lives. Like it or not, media personalities tend to have a big influence on people in the US. The majority of people don’t even vote but know every word to Gaga’s songs and follow everything she does. If their favorite star can bring us a reprieve from the gay hate, who am I to judge?

  12. chris says

    Miss Joseph,

    You must be 21 or something to have said some shit like that. Madonna’s First Major tour was her “Material Girl” tour which was a sellout. Why don’t you Google and see the trends she has done and has been copied through the YEARS! and her tours overseas are STADIUM SELLOUTS…..I love GaGa but she will NOT sellout multiple nights at Wembly Stadium as Madonna has done many times!

    No shade girl….Get real no one is denying that this is the time for GaGa. But you need to STFU for real because you don’t now what you’re speaking of!

    Ok Madame POKERFACE!

  13. BRUTUS says

    Well Miss BeeGee first and foremost your name is VINTAGE as you sound. And secondly…You better hope and pray your young cocksucking ass can make it to be OLD!

    Young precum dumb motherfucker you!

  14. Wes says

    I like Lady Gaga but that meat dress was disgusting. I’m not opposing it in some moral sense or anything, just looked nasty. Like I felt bad for the people sitting near her.

  15. Austin Rozzell says

    SAMORE please do the world a favor and take a double shot of DRANO.

    I understand how miserable, you life is and it would do your soul such a favor if you just crawl back to your slimy hole and nasty away.
    i do feel pity for you, but that about it.
    if you need help, dont call me I would just piss on you.

  16. Austin Rozzell says

    Lady GA GA
    Thank you. for all you do.

    Please except my apologies, I admit I can get upset, but i promise in the future, I wont hunt down the nasty people and fill them with expanding foam though there rectum.
    but I do fall off the that wagon every now and then.
    Now remember only a crazy person would post something like that. (And so starts my insanity defense)

  17. says

    Lady Gaga as a spokesperson for repeal of DADT? I’m so sure General Gates is going to take what she says seriously! It’s bewildering, how some Gay people have no political savvy whatsoever; these naive soldiers allowed themselves to be used by Lady Gaga for publicity purposes, and they look ridiculous posing for photographs with her. It’s undignified, and it won’t do their cause any good. As for Aubrey Sarvis, he’s a craven media whore who never misses a chance to posit himself as a Gay Rights spokesperson . . . no matter how absurd the venue!

  18. beegee says

    oh, shut the fuck up “Brutus” – do the world a favor and leave it. You’re a sad excuse for a person and have no dignity or self-respect. You’re not wanted and you’re not loved. Go feed your 10 pet cats, turn on your Madonna record, watch your Golden Girls, drink a glass of wine in your empty apartment, and keep your self-hatred to yourself. You’re irrelevant and failed.

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