Teen Student Kills Self After Years Of Gay Taunts

Now, Asher's parents hope to use his death as a lesson: "Our son is just the extreme case of what happens when (someone is) just relentless," insisted Mrs. Truong, before turning her attention to the bullies, "I hope you're happy with what you've done. I hope you got what you wanted and you're just real satisfied with yourself."

And I hope the accused are apprehended and, yes, brought to justice: the tide of bullying needs to stop, period, and perpetrators need to know that their words can indeed break bones, and lives.

On a related note, this Thursday, the National Education Association will hold a talk called "Addressing the School Environment and LGBT Safety through Policy and Legislation." Hopefully they'll come to some definitive conclusion on how to stem bullying, and perhaps Dan Savage can help, because this rubbish needs to stop – period.


  1. ichabod says

    Hey Maggie, Ann, Pete, Christopher, Tony and all you other loathsome scumbags, this is your legacy. Among your many other evils, you are actually causing the deaths of children. Yep, you are killing innocent children. So much for your bullshit “family values”…

    Rest in Peace, Asher. I wish things had been better for you.

  2. says

    I hope David and Amy Truong sue the holy f*ck out of the school district; I hope they personally sue whatever counselors and principals they can, too. School faculty could not find compassion for Asher, well, maybe now they can find their checkbooks.

  3. Darren says

    Agree with Grant 100%.. they should be held accountable as accessories to this constant psychological torture this poor kid endured.

    I will light a candle for you tonight Asher.

  4. Strepsi says

    TRAGIC, prayers for Asher.

    Two words for ALL parents and families with a bullied kid, and frankly anyone who experiences harrassment: “REGISTERED LETTER”. Do not call the school. Send a letter by Registered mail as you would a legal document, formally written with the facts and that you expect a full a d speedy resolution, and keep the receipt.

    I did it to our landlord after harrassment by a neighbor and it stopped. There’s no he said, she said, a Registered letter is evidence.

  5. AlexM says

    I was picked on at school for having a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT and let me tell – school officials do nothing. Teachers sometimes even join in to get in with the “popular students.”

  6. JeffNYC says

    I agree with Brice. It’s murder. It’s time to publicly humiliate kids who bully.

    Bullying is murder.

  7. Chris says

    I’m pissed at the school, undoubtedly. They should have taken better precautions, and be more vigilant in protecting kids from bullies. However, I know the parents must think that had they locked the pistol up in a more secure place like a gun vault, rather than a shelf, their son MAY be with them today. That type of fear will probably haunt the parents for a long while. It’s a shame kids still resort to such things, and I hope that kids that bullied him see what they have caused, because THEY are responsible too.

  8. Piet says

    Excuse me JEFFNYC? Publicly humiliate children? Has the bullying now gone full circle? IMO children are the mirrors of society, and in this case, a very fucked up one.

  9. says

    I wonder if the following idea might be worth something:

    A bunch of LGBT people and straight allies would gather outside of this school and hold signs that say something like “If You Are Gay, It’s OK, And Don’t Leave Us, Because It Gets Better.” so that when school gets out, all of the children (and especially the gay ones) would be able to see this message as a beacon of hope. This would essentially deliver the “It Gets Better” message from Dan Savage’s project directly to the kids that need to see it. Then maybe once school is completely out, the group can march from the school to Houston’s City Hall to protest and rally against anti-gay bullying and harassment, especially that Houston Mayor Annise Parker is one of us.


  10. says

    All the family has to do to catch the school district in a lie is to get a record of their own past phone calls made going back however far they need to. It will not only show them the numbers they called, it will give the date, time and duration of the call.

    Poll after poll shows that young people are more tollerant towards gay people and their issues, even accepting if you will, yet somehow bullying (against percieved gay and lesbian youth) is alive and well and more virulent than ever in our elementary, middle and high schools. And just this week I read here on Towleroad that violence and intollerance towards the LGBT community is on the rise on college campuses. Why is that? I have my suspicions. And your right. It’s the usual suspects. Hopefully this latest surge will be their last, but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Jubal Harshaw says

    You want thoughts Sean. I say burn down the school. And then burn down the next and the next after that. Perhaps it is time to send a message. Otherwise you have blood on your hands just as much as Slaggie and her minions because you are not doing enough.

  12. Glenn says

    Obviously a tragedy, one with (as usual) many to blame — the school, the bullies, and unfortunately, the parents too for keeping a loaded gun within easy reach.

  13. Geoff in TO says

    Do some of you honestly believe that this kid would have found no other way to kill himself if he couldn’t get his hand on a gun? What if he had hung himself instead? Should his parents have hidden the rope better or stowed the extension cord on a higher shelf?

  14. Acronym Jim says

    Jubal, don’t destroy the infrastructure. Destroy the mores and apathy that enable bullying behavior. Start with the jobs of administrators, counselors and teachers that are aware of the problem yet do nothing.

    SamTroll: Porno Pete wants his butt plug back. So pull your head out of your own ass and shove back up LaBarbera’s where it belongs.

  15. Dan says

    This is the third child in recent months (after the children in Indiana and Minnesota). How many more? May his family accept our prayers for them.

  16. mad1026 says

    My heart breaks for the parents of Asher Brown. By all means, draw attention to the problem by going after the school administration. Your child was in the care of the school and if he died because of bullying that is obviously condoned by the educators, the school is guilty of negligent homicide.

  17. Fred says

    Student suicide is likely to continue until schools are in a position to discuss the issue.

    Until schools are willing and able to openly discuss GLBT and religious issues they will continue to fail their students.

    Hopefully these parents will find an attorney who can provide a little pressure to facilitate that discussion.

  18. Rin says


    I love the idea of going to schools to tell kids: It Gets Better.

    I wonder if I should call my school districts and see if we can start a “It Gets Better” Nonprofit to go and talk to kids.

    Is there one out there? And if not, does anyone want to help me start one?

    I HATE reading these stories. As a mom, it breaks my heart because I think: that could be my baby.

    Kids need to know that it gets better.

  19. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    @ Steven

    This is Texas, the gun toting capital of rednecks. Here even your Pre-School teacher has an AK47 under her desk.In her classroom.

  20. Justin says

    My heart breaks just looking at the photo of that young boy’s sweet face. I can only imagine how things might have been different if adults at that school had stepped in and done the right thing. I hope the bullies in this sad story are brought to justice.

    My prayers are with his family.

  21. TampaZeke says

    The account that I read from the step-father said that Asher came out as gay to him the morning of the day he took his like.

    It just doesn’t get any sadder, or more INFURIATING, than this!

  22. Lauren says

    People in that area of Texas (straight & gay) should hold a demonstration near the school holding signs that read ‘Homophobia Kills’. Because it does.

    Whether the homophobia came from the school or home or society in general – or all three – it needs to stop. We need to shame the homophobes or else this homophobia will continue from generation to generation and never end.

  23. JT says

    Why do I feel that if this were a rash of white, middle class, christian, straight teens killing themselves, there would be an emergency congressional session.
    My God, when will this stop?
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  24. Galore says

    So he kills himself the day he came out to his parents?
    It’s difficult to imagine suicide if the parents reacted lovingly to the coming out…….

  25. says

    @ Sean Chapin’s idea. Sounds great, seriously, but I’d bring some kind of self-defense measures, and/or have others who are NOT holdings signs and “participating” have both cameras rolling and self-defensive measures planned.

    The reality is Joe-American FREAKS when “teh gay” gets near “teh kids”.

    Our FREE SPEECH should be directed more to our children, many of whom obviously and TRAGICALLY do not know that they are O.K. and their feelings of love and sex are just as normal as anyone else’s….

  26. Joel says

    I’m thinking at the demonstrations people may need to dust off the “Silence = Death” signs. Unbelieveable. The ignorance is just stifling.

  27. mcNnyc says

    Attention Sen. Saxbey Chambliss:
    Your Staff report should read one less faggot alive.
    Are you keeping count?

  28. TANK says

    This is awful. Really just fuckin’ awful. I, under no circumstances, would ever be a parent, but I know if my kid were experiencing this degree of bullying, the faculty and admin would be just plain fucked, and my kid wouldn’t be going to that school anymore.

  29. mcNnyc says

    According to a commenter who identifies himself as Asher’s older brother he says that he himself is gay.

    Now he could be a step brother but I don’t know.

    Cperry7967 14 hours ago
    I thank everybody for caring so much about the death of my little brother, it means so much to the family, something has to be done at schools this can’t go on anymore how many more have to die before something is done about it, and to all those kids who picked on my brother for him being gay or whatever you might as well have killed him yourself and the parents are just as guilty for not controlling there kids, or teaching them better, how would you feel if it was your kid, I’m his older brother and I’m gay and I’m proud of his standing up for who he is, we’ll never know what pushed him over the edge that day at school cause he left no note saying why, don’t let his death be in vain now y’all have to be his voice and demand that the school do something about it, before someone else is the victim of school bullies, cause I only have one brother left and I won’t loose him too, enough is enough.

  30. tinhouston says

    i read this in the paper this am, and was reallly heart-broken. I can’t imagine their sorrow, shock and pain of this all. just terrible. Why oh why can’t schools educate their students and themselves about the tragic end their bullying can have.
    Even if the kids don’t kill themselves, the anguish and pain they go through can be hell.

  31. TANK says

    Then again, I’d have my immediate relative’s byzantine legal mind to ferret out one hell of a lawsuit at my disposal. A lot of these kids have no one…their parents are fuckin’ useless, if not complicit. Horrendous.

    I was bullied in high school. In middle school, I was a bully, and thankfully I realized that being a bully is shit, and the byproduct of inferior character…useless fucking degenerates. Well, the first year, anyway. Then someone had an accident, and it stopped.

  32. Justin says

    “Cy Fair ISD officials said Monday that they never received any complaints from Brown’s parents before the suicide about the way the boy was being treated at school.

    School district spokeswoman Kelli Durham, whose husband Alan Durham is a Hamilton assistant principal, said no students, school employees or the boy’s parents ever reported that he was being bullied.”

    Here is Kelli Durham’s email (assistant) and phone number-

    Feel free to drop her line and let her know that her lies will not be tolerated.

    She, along with other school administrators have blood on their hands…

  33. ratbastard says

    Red herring: Asher would have hanged himself, or use some other method, if he didn’t have a gun available.

    Parents and others really must create a paper trail when confronting authorities on this (and other) issues. It’s really important from a legal stand point. He said / she said doesn’t cut it.

    R.I.P. Asher Brown.

  34. Rin says

    I called my county today to see if Dan’s video could be shown in our schools.

    I urge everyone else to do the same.

  35. robertmalcolm says

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking to read about another suicide of a gay teen — all prompted by being bullied — RIP Asher.

  36. MarkDC says

    The teachers, administrators and the other kids parents all have blood on their hands.

    Sue the fuck out of em.

    A kid is not only dead, he killed himself…with a gun.

    AND they still deflect responsibility. For that alone I want to beat the shit out of em.

  37. Wayne says

    This happened at the school that my neices attend. They both knew the boy. His younger brother died a few months back from cancer. My neice tells me that he was not only bullied because he was gay (he came out to his family/friends some time ago) but that he was also picked on because his brother died of cancer! Really? The parents did contact the school. My sister teaches in the district and just this morning they received emails from the superintendent forbidding them from disussing the issue with students or anyone else until the legal matters could be resolved. She’s already calling her board suggesting that silence is not the answer and they should be discussing this until the behavior changes.

  38. Jay says

    I thought this country was moving in a better direction i came out so early in high school at 14 and i was never bullied, this makes me upset. We have to stop this people need to speak up !

  39. richard s says

    in my experience many teachers do encourage this type of biased terror. I found that few of my teachers were in any way sympathetic to anyone who is bullied. Usually the nicer ones do not wish to rock the boat, and possibly get themselves involved . A bit of cowardice on the part of many. It takes a village indeed. I guess it has made me a stronger person, albeit a less trusting person. And as far as low pay? Not where I live. The teachers have it pretty good if you judge by the luxury cars and Jumbo SUV’s that they drive