1. TANK says

    that bear movie is all that is wrong with the ‘bear’ movement. snobbish physical clique, not so much apart from the fashionista twinks brigade. just another format.

  2. anon says

    Breathless assertions regarding juice boxes aside, sperm counts, testosterone levels and (ugh) genital size in males have been decreasing for three generations here in the US, probably because of estrogen emulators in the environment–hormones in meat and pesticides are the major suspects, not plastic additives.

  3. TomSkylark says

    Given the rather terrible spate of waxing-utopian bear documentaries out there, it’s nice to see that “Bear City” manages to cover more interesting narrative ground, or at least looks surprisingly funny.

  4. says

    @TOMSKYLARK: did you really mean “WAXING-utopian”? :-)

    It does look like it might be funny, and certainly different from the usual young boy coming of age and coming out that is a bit tired after a while. And some hot, real men too.

  5. Randy says

    Actually the plastic linings of cans and juice boxes are known to contain harmful and untested chemicals, some of which are known to simulate estrogen and are therefore banned in some countries (but not ours). So the juice man may be a nut, but he IS right to be concerned.

    If it makes more gay men, frankly I think that’s a happy side-effect, for many reasons. But I think the real danger is in actual infertility and cancer.

  6. Anon in Austin says

    Back in the mid-90’s when Alex Jones was only known to those of us here in Austin, my roommate and I would, from time to time, watch his access channel show with the mute on. He was very cute back then and looked like a distressed puppy that you just wanted to scoop up and give a big hug to.

    My favorite part about Alex is how much money he made in 1999. He hawked just about every possible disaster survival product (rations, shelters, guns, etc) you can imagine in advance of the end of the world, aka Y2K. “Fortunately” for Alex, 9/11 came along, which gave him new and more interesting things to talk about other than how the world did not end on 1/1/00.

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