Towleroad Guide to the Tube #737

KEITH OLBERMANN: Reminds Liz Cheney that her father and George Bush were "utter failures".

WASHING THE SNAKE: This looks like a lot of work.

ARETHA FRANKLIN IS AMAZING: Rich at FourFour takes apart an Aretha PBS informercial.

I'm SO STRAIGHT: The hetero guy's anthem.

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  1. says

    The idiot Liz Cheney, and her ilk, are so obsessed with bashing Obama that they don’t even realize how they insult this country and its people. Patriotic my ass, just like the 40-person junta running the Senate into the ground.

  2. alguien says

    i only wish that olberman had been able to say those things directly to liz cheney’s face. from her cloven feet to her butter face the woman is pure evil.

    the worst part is that she only took a single sentence from pres. obama’s remarks because he followed the “absorb a terrorist attack” remark with “we’ll do everything in our power to keep america safe.”

    bitch is an extreme liar.

  3. jerry says

    I saw Keith Olberman’s beat down of Liz Cheyney last night and it was excellent. However he forgot to pont out that her whole “speech” was based on something O’bama allegedyy said. i think her exact statemnt was “…. he was reproted to have said …” that bat-crazy lying lunatic Cheyney has little to indict O’Bama on that she has to use un-proven hearsay ? What a Loser

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