Towleroad Guide To The Tube #738

BIG STICK: North Carolina Congressional hopeful Renee Ellmers doesn't speak softly in this xenophobic campaign commercial.

MY JAM: John McCain's "I don't care what you say" DADT comment, remixed.

OUI: The trailer for the Serge Gainsbourg biopic has me intrigued.

"INSULT:" Rep. Steve King took aim at Stephen Colbert on Fox News.

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  1. alguien says

    megyn kelly is one nasty bitch. she’s supposed to be part of the fox news “news segment” time period when they’re supposed to present the news in an unbiased fashion.

    i have never seen that slag do anything but lean heavily to the right.

  2. Jay says

    Do we need any more evidence that John McCain has entered his dotage? Think about it, this nasty, bitter, blathering old man was considered by millions as competent to be president. John, retire now before you completely self-destruct.

  3. says

    Yes ALGUIEN, and did you notice that the Fox ticker underneath kept referring to the “mosque” near Ground Zero instead of the “Cordoba Project” or even “Islamic community center.

    “News” my ass.

  4. Rich says

    Fox has never been fair and balanced. Why would they start now? They are and always have been a rw propaganda machine. They’re the masters of 21st century yellow journalism.

    McCain is simply a senile, pathetic old fool who sold his soul for a chance at relevance and the presidency, but he lost both. He’s an embarrassment at best and should be evicted from office.

  5. mad1026 says

    Did Rupert really just go to Times Square and hire the hookers Disney moved out? Why do all the “female” “newsreaders” on Faux News look like they just came in from their evening jobs? “Unfair and Unbalanced” – I think so!!
    What the hell kind of Kool-Aid were McCain and Palin drinking on the campaign trail? She can’t speak English and he just blathers on. And he’s a senator??