UK Removes Ice Cream Ads Mocking Catholicism Ahead of Pope Visit: Pregnant Nun to Be Replaced by Lustful Priests?


As you may know, Pope Benedict is making a visit to the UK this week.

In advance of his visit, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the removal of a poster ad from Antoio Federici Ice Cream featuring a pregnant nun, the BBC reports:

"Antonio Federici's advert showed a pregnant nun eating ice cream in a church, together with the strap line 'immaculately conceived'. The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered it to be discontinued, saying it mocked Roman Catholic beliefs. Antonio Federici says it will now put up new posters near Westminster Abbey. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Westminster Abbey on Friday, before holding Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday. Antonio Federici, a UK-based company, has yet to reveal what image will be portrayed in the new advert, saying only that it would be 'a continuation of the theme'. Continue reading the main story Papal Visit Strength of the Catholic Church Papal visit memorabilia Who would be a priest? Cardinal Newman's 'miracle cure' A spokeswoman for the company said the new image intended to 'defy' the ban from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)."

Wonder if the new image will be the one up top from the same series, of two priests about to swap spit? I assume that's why they "believe in salivation."

Check out the nun poster, AFTER THE JUMP...


Here are two more in the series:

Nun2 Nun3