1. Uluwehi says

    That the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority would order the ad of the pregnant nun be removed is really ridiculous. Is mocking the Roman Catholic church somehow illegal in the UK?

  2. bobbyjoe says

    The most truthful ad they could put up would be a Catholic priest approaching a ten year old. And he wouldn’t be offering ice cream.

  3. CoMo'mo says

    The 2 priests poster might be understood to advocate Anglican/Roman reunion. The priest on the left appears to be wearing an Anglican cassock, his partner a button-up-the-front Roman style. THAT should cause more stir than anything else, given that some of Der Heilige Father’s cohort have invited the English heretics back into the fold.

  4. Rainbowcatholic says

    Every time Andy posts something like this, I always find so many people ready to rise up in a wave of anti-catholic posts. If they produced posters like this mocking Islam, I don’t think people would be as happy to support them. Maybe I’m wrong, and everyone who posts hateful messages about the catholic church is open to anti-religious hate in general. Either way, it’s sad to see so many people ready to hate on any group of people.

  5. PDX Guy says

    Um, RBCatholic, do you think there might be reasons why that might be? Or do you think it is just random dislike of the Catholic church? I think you know which choice is correct.

  6. Anon says

    They’re probably disrespectful and all (I’m Jewish–what do I know from Catholics?)–but the one with the two priests is fuckin’ hot.

  7. says

    Channel 4 News had an interesting piece on the UK paedo priest story tonight. In 2001, a senior judge, Lord Nolan, completed an investigation into the problem in the church in England & Wales and concluded that it was essential that when a priest was convicted of a ‘serious’ crime against children (a jail term of 1 year the benchmark), they should be expelled from the priesthood – laicisation.

    An investigation showed that 22 priests have served jail sentences of more than 1 year since 2001 and NONE of them have been stripped of the priestly superpowers. In fact one of them is still referred to by the honorific of Monsignor in the directory of Catholic priests in England & Wales.

    The Catholic apologist who appeared on the programme to defend the situation claimed that the Bishops had made the request for laicisation, but it was then in the Vatican’s court. Because canon law is more important that natural justice, obviously.

    Channel 4 News story here:

  8. Terrance says

    I love those ads – I guess they’re subversive enough to get the heart racing (plus, those priests are smokin hot!)….!

    Too bad noone here has the stones to run such ads, I think the hysteria would be a hoot (“International Burn-Down-The-Ice-Cream-Store-Day”, anyone?)….

    Disrespectful? Nah. Playful, cheeky at worst (for the first time, an ice cream ad that actually makes you feel *hotter*)…8-)

  9. Lazlo says

    I think an ad attempting to point out something or be satirical is completely acceptable even in the case of Islam. The people who have the real problem are the ones that resort to hypocrisy and violence when their beliefs are used against them or in a tonuge in cheek way.

  10. Tom says


    Same reason you’ll never see “edgy” Madonna ever criticize the stoning and forced circumcision of women in Muslin countries. That knife pounded in one’s chest while walking on the street can really ruin one’s day…

  11. TANK says

    Rainbowcatholic…there is a definite anticatholic bias in critique of catholicism. But, you can’t deny that it’s not justified in light of the antigay record of the catholic church, and the sex abuse scandal and coverup. The anticatholic bias is founded in the fact that sexual abuse of minors is just as rampant in protestant denominations (if not more), but they happen to be mostly about girls, and not boys. And, of course, girls aren’t valued as much in popular culture. Pedophilia in that context flirts with “natural” and therefore tolerable for the degenerates who promote the myth.

    As an atheist, I have absolutely no concern with such a bias, though. I say let these faiths destroy each other. It makes for good sport….though, of course, it’s unethical…but there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the wheel of history from inevitably determining that superstitions will collide with harmful consequences to humans in terms of quality and quantity.

  12. ratbastard says

    WHY would the Pope make a big state visit to a Protestant country? I mean the Queen is not only the head of state but is also the titular head of the Church of England and Anglican Church. The UK effectively has an official state religion. All British taxpayers pay to support the Anglican Church regardless if they’re atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc., The hereditary head of state, the monarch, by law can not be a Roman Catholic and must be Anglican. The whole thing is bizarre in AD 2010.

    The same thing can be said to a degree with other British Commonwealth nations like Australia and Canada, where the Queen is head of state; a hereditary head of state who must follow laws that specifically discriminate against non-believers, non-Anglicans. Again, the whole thing is bizarre.

  13. Walker says

    If this were a racist poster, it would be battling several lawsuits and their would be featured on the news internationally. So why should this kind of thing against a religion be okay? It is publicizing falsehoods about a religious group. It’s almost like the propaganda the Germans used against the Jews during WWII.

  14. Ryan says

    What falsehood is being publicized? That priests can be sexually attracted to adults too? The poster isn’t racist, the poster isn’t defaming anybody, it isn’t even negative in its tone. It’s a joke, to sell ice cream. Not exterminate a race.

    However, it is my own personal belief that it *should* be acceptable to criticize somebody for their religion, and not their race, for the very reason that religion is pretty much the only thing a person actually has a choice over. You aren’t *born* Catholic, or Muslim, it’s a system of beliefs. Some of which are shitty. People should be allowed to say that without being accused of being like the Nazis.

  15. ratbastard says

    I don’t have any problem with people protesting the Pope’s visit in the UK, that’s fair. I have issue with the fact England and the UK in general have an official state sponsored religion and a discrimination based hereditary head of state who is also the nominal head of said state sponsored religion. This is unacceptable for a modern democracy by 2010 standards IMO. The Brits have a perfect right to protest and mock others regarding religion and religious ideology, but of course they themselves are far from squeaky clean on these issues. At least the U.S. (who MANY Brits really get off on ridiculing and mocking for alleged discrimination and high level of Christian believers) doesn’t have and never has had an officially sponsored state religion, it’s head of state is not the nominal or titular head of a state sponsored religion or any other religion, and is not head of state by virtue of heredity and blatantly discriminatory practices.

  16. David says

    No one’s pointed out the stupidest part of the pregnant nun ad: it perpetuates the incorrect belief that the “Immaculate Conception” is the Virgin Mary becoming pregnant with Jesus. That would be the Virgin Birth. MARY was conceived in an immaculate (i.e. “pure”) conception — and as a result is considered to be the only person ever born without original sin. Am I the only person with Google????

  17. annabanana says

    What about our ‘freedom of speech’??

    Instead of telling us how we should think and when to think it, our country should be encouraging us to think for ourselves, to be able to communicate out thoughts and views without being criticized.
    So it’s ok for Catholics to say that they stand by their Priests and support them, but not ok for us to say that actually its repulsing and disgraceful how some of the Priests have acted and that we won’t stand for it in our community?

  18. Al says

    The UK doesn’t have “freedom of speech” marked down on their law books, unlike the United States does with its Constitution.

    In the UK, any type of hate speech is banned.

    This is one instance where I’m glad to be an American.

    The UK is just backwards.

  19. Al says

    “Same reason you’ll never see “edgy” Madonna ever criticize the stoning and forced circumcision of women in Muslin countries. ”

    First of all, it’s “MusliM”. Second, Madonna speaks from experience. She was brought up on Catholicism, not Islam. She’s defying a religion that was forced upon her as a child.

    Next question…

  20. Tegan says

    I have to say that as a country we are known for constantly mocking everything, including ourselves, though we may joke about the Catholic Church most of us do not actually mean anything thing harmful, and a main problem about the Pope’s visit at the moment is not an amusing advert that would have otherwise seemed fine had not the Pope been visiting, but the issue that his visit is costing so much and quite a bit of it is coming out of government money, though some is paid for by the Catholics. Personally I think that is wrong, the majority of Britain is not Catholic anymore, we have a population of Muslims, Protestants and some Jewish though I’m not sure of what the percentages are, it seems wrong that a Protestant country, as we are as our Queen is the head of the Anglican Church and the Prime Minister has to be Protestant, has to pay out of government, meaning taxes, for a visit from the Catholic Church. And if it must be the case then why not just try and lower the expenses required by the government, I understand that the Pope has to be protected but 2 Million seems a bit excessive to me.

  21. CoMo'mo says

    The argument for government expenses for this invasion is that the Pope/Bishop of Rome is Head of State of Vatican city. So his is a State Visit. I wonder if he’ll pass a Customs Officer who will ask if his visit is for “Business or Pleasure”? And what would be a true answer?

  22. Gabe R L says

    As a side note, it has to be said that the Anglican Communion is not really Protestant. There are too many elements of Roman Catholicism in the Anglican churches, even at the most evangelical levels, for it to be Protestantism. The only thing that was protested was the refusal of the Pope to grant Henry the Eight an annulment from Catherine of Aragon.

  23. mad1026 says

    Am I evil? The priests poster has already fueled some very hot fantasies! Am I ever gonna archive this post so it’s handy! HeHeHe!

  24. Mark says

    Catholic bashing is as fashionable now as it was in Nero’s time but The Church has survived two thousand years.

  25. kate says

    How fun.. poking fun at people who are sworn to be humble. Putting an add out like that how shameful. England is lost to God, I think that it is so sad for that country that God might destroy it.