1. Dxx says

    @Tank: Press and Promotion *are* action. She’s using her platform, arguably the biggest in the Country, if not the Western World at the moment, to encourage people to contact their representative, to educte people, to call for action. Short of having her run for office (if only… think of the stump speech outfits) what would you have her do?

    The Gaga hate that flares when she speaks out intrigues me. I dare anyone who puts her down to find another 24 year odl who would use the level of fame to which she’s been catapaulted for good or to draw attention to issues like DADT (*looks at “Gossip Girl” cast, Britney, Lohan, All of Young Hollywood and taps foot*). Gaga is, like her or not, using her fame in some positive ways.

    Viva La Gaga!

  2. bastian says

    Tank: You must have the intelligence and reasoning of a peanut. You might want to go to the doctor. It sounds like something crawled inside of you, died, and is rotting inside of the cavity that would typically house one’s brain. It’s either that or you are just a bitter troll.

    If nothing else, Stephanie’s voice is at least as important and powerful as any other citizen that chooses to speak up and speak out about this cause. I applaud anyone, celebrity or not, and for whatever personal motivation, that makes an effort to keep the injustice of DADT in people’s consciousness.

  3. DR says

    She did get a lot of people to call their Senators. That video with the two young ladies, and the response form the Senator was impressive. As annoying as celebs can be sometimes, it’s moments when they spur folks into action we need to applaud, whether we like the celeb or not.

    Ad hey, it’s more inspiring to younger folks than blogs and heads of certain organizations, so whatever gets them active and understanding….

  4. anthony says

    This message would have been WAY more effective if she actually would have gotten through to speak with someone, or at least a voicemail system. How does this motivate people to call if they think it’s simply going to be a waste of time? Make the calling process seem simple and non-threatening. Many people don’t call the Senate offices very often, show them that it’s no big deal and that it’s one of our rights as constituents.

  5. Rann says

    I have 100% respect for her after the last couple of weeks. Was not a fan before but I am now and Tank you sound like a very ungrateful person about this. She is helping and trying to do what she can. Why complain? It is so ignorant.

  6. daveny says

    and then right after in the unedited version she announced the track listing to her next album and sang some of it and said “don’t forget to get my new Album! GAYS!” then she laughed all the way to the bank!

  7. GARRETT says

    … I have called both my US Senators here in AZ … I got John McCain’s voicemail and left him a msg. When I called John Kyl’s office, his staffer answered the phone, that was awesome!! … I told both of their offices, that DADT is unamerican, wrong and needs to be repealed. It really shouldn’t matter what peoples sexual orientation is if they are willing to die for this country. … Thank you Gaga, you are a god send! …

  8. says

    I JUST called that number and within 30 seconds was speaking to a staffer of each of the Senators in my state (Schumer and GIllibrand). They were polite and listened and I have to say it was the easiest thing Ive done today.
    I’m a gay guy living in NYC but come from a strong military background Both of my parents served during times of war as Marines, and my only sibling, a younger brother, 20, has already been in Iraq and ships out to Afghanistan next month.
    I applaud Gaga and her use of fame to draw attention to this terrible issue. I concur with the above post about the other young hollywood crew who don’t do anything with their stardom but get in trouble. Thanks Steph…

  9. Alex N says

    So the chances are that you are gay if you visit this website…And you needed a pop star to shoot a video as a call to action? Wow. I applaud her desire to jump on a bandwagon and give it all she’s got, but in 2010, given the general public’s opinion, this isn’t really necessary. Until the majority of gay people care enough about gay issues to act accordingly, and not just Lady Gaga fans (who I might add only account for a minority within a minority), there will be no real social change.

    I also think it is a rather convenient gay platform to stand upon as it is obvious we are pretty close to abolishing the policy. I do think her voice would have been better lent to ending DOMA and securing marriage equality, where there is a truly uphill battle before us. I respect her allegiance…I know beggars can’t be choosers and appreciation is due, but for the sake of dialogue, I believe I make a valid point. I believe that her voice will have lost some of its potency by the time she might get around to that as she will very quickly become cartoonishly associated with gay rights by the moral majority, considering that she is a cartoonish and relatively superficial character. She is also a straight woman at the end of the day, and she can carry as many gays in her pocket as she can, but this won’t change. Like Madonna, eventually she will be resented for that, albeit the gays might give her a better report card if she keeps shouting loud enough.

  10. says

    I think Lady Gaga is shamelessly using DADT for self-promotion, and to ingratiate herself with Gay fans. I thought her appearance with Gay vets at the VMAs and subsequent Tweet made it really obvious. What’s more, I don’t think calling Senators will do any good, because the stalled legislation in question is a piece of sh*t that doesn’t effect repeal. That said, I’ll support anybody’s right to speak out against this insane military policy.

  11. shae says

    Why does it take to convince you trolls that Gaga supports gays….like really does she have to cut off an arm or something. Be grateful for people like her, she is amazing is every way!!! you ungrateful bitchs!

  12. Rachel says

    All of you who say that Lady Gaga is just in this for the publicity….when has she ever needed any help making a spectical of herself? Im sure she could have found someting more outragious to cause a stir than bringing a some discharged servicmembers to the VMAs. I think she believes in this. Just think what kinds of things you would say if someone gave you platform. We are quick to give celebs grief for being shallow and flamboyant…and try to knock them down when they try to do something positive….damned if you do/damned if you dont. You go, Gaga!

  13. SKOC211 says

    Last night I was at the Monster Ball in Hartford, Connecticut and she talked extensively about the SLDN and the need to repeal DADT. Hearing 15,000 people loudly boo John McCain for his threat to filibuster the repeal was pretty spectacular. She told the audience what the number to call Congress was and what to do/say when you called. She even dedicated “Speechless” to Senators Lieberman and Dodd for their support of the repeal, changing up some of the lyrics to shit on McCain some more/emphasize the need for full equality. At one point she stopped playing and hung up a sign with the number for Congress and told the audience that she would play quietly if anyone wanted to call during the show!

    It was an incredible night from an incredible performer. God bless Gaga!!

  14. says

    @ Alex N

    I also think it is a rather convenient gay platform to stand upon as it is obvious we are pretty close to abolishing the policy.

    It’s because the policy is so close to being repealed that it’s important to make a strong push like this, to try to make sure to end this NOW.

    @ Stuffed Animal

    I think Lady Gaga is shamelessly using DADT for self-promotion, and to ingratiate herself with Gay fans. I thought her appearance with Gay vets at the VMAs and subsequent Tweet made it really obvious.

    She is actively collaborating with the SLDN. She’s making an effort to be a good advocate. She’s doing it right, not just giving lip service for her own publicity.

  15. Jeremy says


    America should be so lucky. Have you ever heard of the Sacred Band of Thebes? They were considered the shield and sword of the ancient Greek city of Thebes, warriors without parallel, and unbreakable because of the love they bore for each other. That’s right, the most celebrated elite army in the ancient world was made entirely of pairs of male lovers.

  16. Stephano says

    As a Vietnam vet, I find Lady GaGa’s supposed support of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” absolutely offensive. She is an untalened hack that is using the gay community to make money. Why are we so gullable as a group? Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor are TRUE gay icons who spoke out against injustice when their careers could have been ruined.

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