1. wall.js says

    I just find it interesting that when she was in the AZ senate she advocated for a Lt. Gov. position for the state as she didn’t think being Sec. of State qualified someone to be governor. I didn’t see her object when Napolitano went to D.C. though.

  2. crispy says

    That right there is a community college education.

    PS: Arizona voters did not vote for her. She inherited the role of governor after Obama appointed Napolitano to Homeland Security Chief.

  3. matthew says

    Just talk! This is another reason why politicians are scum. They can’t just speak their mind for fear of offending someone or getting their words edited and twisted against them. Everything they say is watered down prepared statements that never mean anything. And yes, obama’s speeches are void of any real content as well. just nice sounding action words. Without their notes they have nothing to say.

  4. yeahisaidit says

    Oh..but this is what so many Americans claim to love instead of those words coming from our current highly educated and articulate president accused of only being able to give “pretty” speeches…I wish America would make up it’s damn mind, it’s a freaking crime to have any amount of intelligence or pragmatism on these shores…whatever, watch this bitch win…

  5. Wes says

    YeahISaidIt, its all part of the anti-intellectual movement, which really gained steam with the Bush administration before he passed the baton to Palin and the current GOP. I’m tempted to say it has gotten even worse.

    Ignorance and simple-mindedness are badges of honor for these people. Higher education is seen as a bastion of liberal evilness where the absorption of facts often translates into rational viewpoints. Coherent sentences with fancy words (i.e. above second grade vocabulary) means you’re not one of ‘us’, you’re one of those hoity toity elite types who doesn’t understand the wisdom of common folk.

  6. Wes says

    Obama doesn’t use a teleprompter at debates, Shane.

    In fact, all politicians use teleprompters for speeches.

    Thats a bullshit criticism and it always has been. Why don’t you at least pick something legitimate, there’s plenty to choose from.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    @ Shane

    Not true. Have you ever heard Obama on the campaign trail or at a town hall event or being interviewed? He is a former college professor and attorney; I think he can speak on his feet. Just sayin.

  8. JT says

    Ive been to Arizona, a number of times, to different parts. THIS…sums up what most of the state is like. Must be the heat. Truly heartbreaking that ‘stupid’ is so en vougue these days.

  9. says


    Re: your comment– That right there is a community college education.
    Posted by: crispy | Sep 2, 2010 12:06:24 PM

    Knock Jan Brewer all you want– she’s an imbecile– but lay off the community college cracks. As an Instructor at a nationally ranked Southern California Community College and a former Community College student who went on to grad school at Columbia University, your comment shows ignorance and, frankly, unearned entitlement.

  10. Zlick says

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment … are we happier with an obviously intelligent and intelligible politician like Obama or, before him, Clinton, who are merely snake oil salesmen? What does their ability to speak smoothly get us, besides wool pulled so gently over our eyes?

    I’m not saying this crazy bitch who can’t talk her way out of the bathroom in the morning should be governor of a river raft, but I’m done with assuming the ability to speak intelligently goes along with actually being intelligent and certainly not with doing the smart thing in politics (unless you subscribe to the political canard that the smart thing means covering your ass at all times).

  11. JTlvr says

    Interestingly, one of Karl Rove’s strategies was to highlight the opposition’s strength and twist it in a negative.

    The obvious intelligence and quality of Obama-Biden (and HRC) over McCain-Palin became twisted into dismissive “elitist” and “uppity” memes. Remember the arugula story on the campaign trail (Iowa, was it?) Suddenly, it was un-American to be an educated, upper-middle class East Coaster (Weren’t the Bushes??)

    It became the politics of Joe the Plumber and who you’d rather grab a beer with. Well, now you have the fruit of that: Tea Party crazies, Christian fundies and dumb as a bag of rock harpies who think they can hold higher offices just because they have an opinion on something. Politics in the age of Palin, Beck and Rush.

  12. Pookie says

    From a non-political standpoint, stage fright can hit unexpectedly. I’ve never heard this woman speak before, but from personal experience, such fear can be sudden and humiliating. I’m no politician, of course, and would never take a position that I know I can’t handle. I realize that she’s likely just an idiot, but I do want to point out that it can happen to anyone.

  13. Craig says

    As an Arizona resident, I have to say that this is the first opportunity to really see what an idiot she actually is on a debate.

    She tends to not be heard often here. I knew she was an embarrassment to the human gene pool and all, but jeez.

    I don’t know how long that lead is going to last. There’s only so much of an idiot most people can stand, and Goddard is very popular as attorney general.

    State demographics are evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The reason the state has become so right wing is that the districts are so gerrymandered only a few are in play. So, the primaries determine the office holder, not the general election. In the primaries, they go extreme right wing to appeal to their base, and this is the result. Fools in office for ever.

  14. just sayin says

    its not THAT bad and by no means epic fail…all of you should get up on an international platform, be called the this she was called and see how you hold up on a job interview broadcast to the world…she just got super-emotional…remember when hilary cried because she “cared so much”…how is this any different? they both got super-emotional…only one decided to cry about it.

  15. Neal says

    I would like to know where she got her hair did, in the off chance I 1) ever got to that jerkwater embarrassment of a state (unlikely), 2) get a sex change (as unlikely). So is Sheriff Arpayo boning her? What is up with that state?

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