1. says

    What a white hate filled violent anti-christian community this is.

    Wilson is very courageous and reasonable in the face of a room of white fundamentalist bigots who have no interest in any opinions other than their entrenched hate.
    I, for one, would not have been able to contain my fury at these Neanderthals……
    Cloudersport , Penn.; a name that will embody bigotry forever.

  2. tony x says

    Have no doubt that as each generation gets older new bigots will be rise up …. this fight is for the long term and will last long after each and every one of us is in our graves.

    We have a black President that only 7% of Republicans will say is not a Muslim.

    Remember the American peasants are just as real as any other peasant – except they live in middle class homes and some have College educations they choose to ignore.

  3. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    I would agree with Ken in that the most encouraging aspect of this very disturbing footage is the overwhelming preponderance of senior citizens who make up the opposition. Demographics is destiny and the grandchildren of the people in that room do not approach the issue with the same closed-minded fervor.

    Patience IS a virtue and the next few decades will bear that out.

  4. Jerry says

    It is encouraging to see Tribal members take a stand. We live on the Eastern Side of Pennsylvania, surround by respected Colleges and Universities, yet we can’t find a Lawyer to stand in our corner. We moved from Manhattan and they are not use to Gay Men taking a stand. For 27 years ( we are Seniors) we have been harassed and everyone has turned their heads. We have had one family harass us for 27 years. We share a road to our home with them and they have used ligation, harassment, fire arms to intimidate us to give up our rights to access. Other neighbors have used fire arms to harass us while taking walks and doing chores. Law enforcement has repeatedly turned it’s head and in some case appear to have added and abetted harassment. However what has been the most disappointing is how the Local Gay Politicos have turned their heads. Like we broke some sacred code by questioning the hyprocracy of being called Fags by closet case Lawyers.

    Any suggestions. Been considering starting a blog to tell the story,solicit support and resolution. Have a paper trail that is a super highway.

  5. Bob says

    James Carville once remarked that Pennsylvania is Philadelphis on one side, Pittsburgh on the other and Alabama in between. Equating the nortehr tier of PA to Alabama is unfair to Alabama. Diane Gramley and her ilk have taken to the road, trying to protect what is left of her facade of just being a loving christian and not a hate-monger. What distresses me most however is that her cohort in this escapade is Robert Wagner, a physician — One who has taken an oath to “do no harm” is advocating violence against transgender people. What is the difference between him and Lester Maddox with his pick-axe handle treatening to beat any person of color who came to his restaurant.

    Again, the AFA of PA, is shown to be a group of extremists and Christo-fascists, who only accept their narrow view of christianity and have an unhealthy fascination with who uses which bathroom.

  6. Ted Martin says

    The comments made at this public meeting are disgusting…plain and simple…but these people do not speak for ALL Pennsylvanians. We certainly have our challenges here in the Keystone State, but decent people have challenges everywhere. The film makers, Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer, are just two examples of good people doing good work. And we all keep fighting…just last week, after several long months of positive discussion the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation finalized an agreement with the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, Equality Pennsylvania, on a new gender marker policy for state driver’s licenses.

    Under previous policy, transgender individuals looking to be represented on their driver’s license as their presenting gender were forced to prove that sexual reassignment surgery had occurred. With the newly adopted policy, transgender citizens of Pennsylvania will be permitted to change the designated gender on their driver’s license when they are living full-time in their new gender and it can be verified by a licensed medical or psychological caregiver. This policy change has been met with great public approval with some even going so far as to say it is “good government.” A rare comment these days.

    So good people do exist all over Pennsylvania, but until comments like this are no longer uttered to even the smallest of approving crowds anywhere in the state, none of us will rest.

  7. Steve says

    Whenever I hear the phrase “the good old days,” I think of that saying, “Oh for the good old days – when children were working in coal mines and the poor did as they were told.”

    These relics are at the margin now.

  8. jamal49 says

    Memo to the fat, gluttonous, bigoted “doctor”, Robert Wagner:

    I, too, carry a baseball bat in my truck. Got some news for ya, gramps. The next beat-down one of my LGBT brothers or sisters endures, I am going to your red-neck of the woods, I am going take that ball-bat out of my truck and I’m gonna smack your stupid, ugly, nasty-ass, melon-head clear into next week.

  9. dean says

    Do not put the blame on Coudersport, PA. No one really believes or really pays attention to him. He’s a nutcase.

    We just have to give support to the LGBT community in the small towns all over and help them fight the good fight.

  10. says

    I must say that this one community doesn’t reflect the whole of Pennsylvania.

    I am an open and out gay man, and I was elected this year (2010) to public office in my Luzerne County district. My district has a suburban center, but the majority of it is rural, conservative, and reliably Republican. I am the first openly gay person to be elected in Luzerne County’s history (with the voters knowing ahead of time what they were getting), as well as the first Democrat to represent my district in 15 years. Currently, I’m 2nd District Chairman (with jurisdiction over 23 municipalities) for the Luzerne County Democratic Committee, and sit on the County Committee’s Executive Board.

    Luzerne County is half-urban/half-rural. It encompasses boroughs that blend together into one metropolis, as well as the City of Wilkes-Barre, and it’s urban/suburban stretch spreads without seams into Lackawanna County and the City of Scranton. We are NOT part of the “Alabama” feel of Pennsylvania, however, there are many rural parts to our area where I can see why people can get that impression.

    We held the largest Northeast PA GLBT PrideFest this year with minimal protest, and it’s becoming a more accepting place, exponentially, I’d wager, with each passing year.

    Oil City is a long way away from us, but if tolerance — and eventually acceptance — can take root here and flourish and grow, then it can happen there too, with time.

    I am a proud American, and an even prouder Pennsylvanian. This is my home, and our future is a bright one. If we can stand strong, stand true, and fight hatred, we can win. Love always carries the day, and goodness and light always prevail. I haven’t yet seen Out In The Silence, but I am greatly looking forward to it, and I’d like to congratulate the filmmakers on what appears to be a soild, good documentary with an awesome message.

    Keep on Rockin’, Guys!
    Chairman Casey Evans (D)
    2nd District, Luzerne County

  11. Ted Martin says

    One more thing I didn’t mention earlier. Equality Pennsylvania’s colleague organization, Equality Partners of Western Pennsylvania, also did a terrific job in organizing a session after this event where supportive and interested people from the area talked about LGBT equality and ways they could take action to create a society ruled by fair treatment for everyone. Once again, another example of real people doing good things in rural communities. Pennsylvania may have a long way to go, but fairness has many allies here.

  12. Frank says

    Don’t play the victim to fundamentalists; they’ll only see it as a sign of weakness.

    You have to counterattack. When the crowd cheered the idea of banning gays from public office, I would have said said:

    So you want to ban all gays not just the practicing ones? What about murderers? Should they be banned from holding office? Looks like the crowd has turned on you, Dr. Walters. After all, you just declared your intent to commit murder- not self defense because you required no evidence that any crime had been or was about to be committed.”

    As for the rest of you, how many of you are straight? Do you know where babies come from? Are you pro-life? Certainly, if you believe gays caused the AIDS crisis (which is debatable because many were infected years before any cause was known) then heterosexuals knowingly caused what you call the ‘abortion Holocaust.’

    So, just how many of you would be eligible to run for office by your own standards? I won’t even discuss your support for the Iraq war which murdered thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

  13. April says

    I also live in and have a business in Coudersport, PA, and I can say that most of us around here think Robert Wagner is a craziness-spewing nut job. It is chilling that there are still enough people to pack the library who listen to him, but they’re in the minority. I very much resent that this hateful and worthless dreg of humanity is giving my community a black eye like this.

    Although I must concede that around here, folks do tend to be ignorant and fearful of any difference whatsoever, they actually stand down and can be friendly as they get to know new people. The really unfortunate thing about living around here is that the ones who continue to put themselves out in public are the Robert Wagners. There are a lot of open-minded and good people around here, too, but they are reticent to speak up, and it’s not fear of Wagner and his baseball bat. I’ve met him and he wouldn’t have the balls to knock out someone’s headlights with this supposed ball bat of his. Big talker.

    The thing about “Dr.” Robert Wagner and his cohort is that they trot out the Bible, wave it around, and quote only those verses they have taken out of context and twisted, to make it convenient for their purposes. Forget the stuff about loving everyone, forget the stuff about it not being for us to judge each other.

    I truly regret that this kind of thing is how Coudersport gets into the news. Good things go on here. There are lots of good people here. I just hope someday soon, the ignorance gets bred out of some of these people.

  14. Jerry says

    Ted Martin

    I will say that I was disappointed in the response I receive from your organization. I felt the representative was dismissive and condescending- like my request was annoying him. I am sure you have done some great work. I even made a donation to your group. I suspect it is all about politics .

  15. J says

    Growing up in the Oil City area (Subject of the documentary), I know this belief system very well. As they say in the documentary, a majority of us bolt the town as soon as we can.

  16. Terry says

    I’m just wondering why all of these comments, and the story itself are calling these people archaic bigots. This movie is crying out for equality, and this post, and almost every comment is condemning those who believe differently as being a bigot. Why? Follow the message of the movie and move for equality, not more rights than the next person.

  17. grobby says

    No Grabbin because you’re the only bigoted fucktard that brings up race against Blacks on the computer that is…………….

    What a lowly lonely life you have!

  18. Joe says

    As a resident of this community for several years, I am ashamed and not just a little disgusted that hate-mongering bigots who lack fundamental reasoning skills continue to grab attention because of their vitriol and ‘side-show’ freak attraction. As with a tantrum-throwing child, responding calmly, sensibly, is the best tactic for allies of GLBT (I am a proud ally!). Bigotry is born from fear–of the unknown and of change. We cannot meet their fear with anger, but we can simply move forward, live honorably, and set a standard of decency and civil disrespect.

  19. says

    But wait – I thought the currently accepted dogma was that Trans issues had nothing whatsoever to do with GLB ones? That the Trans should be left to look out for themselves, as they’re “riding on the coat-tails” of the GLBs?

    I’ve seen such views expressed many times here, and on other GLB sites. We all have.

    Not by everyone. Not even by a majority. But by quite a few, have we not?

  20. bastard bitch says

    and if i ever see any of the tea party members or this hatred of a religious group in pittsburgh pa i will have a metal base ball bat wrapped around there head for being a biggot. you want to preach hate on us. for just living then we should preach hate on christianity.

  21. classychazy says

    I did’nt get to see the video it has been removed, but I did read the part about the baseball bat comment. As a mother of a 14 year old daughter I would have a major issue with a man going into the ladies restroom. Anatomically he is still a man and has no business in a ladies bathroom. I don’t care how many horomones you take or breast implanted you have that does not make you a female. They should use the men’s room.

  22. Anthony A. Guyda, Jr. says

    Once OUT IN THE SILENCE became reality, the Oil City Council (Oil City Hall) proclaimed a Joe Wilson Day! Yes, the OC has its problems because it has been kicked in the teeth by losing substantial industry: Oilwell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Foster Forbes, Manions, J&L, etc.; however, it keeps plugging away. Yes, there is homophobia, but when Joe and Dean had their wedding announcement in The Derrick, two-thirds were in favor, and one-third weren’t. That says something! Most people here are too busy partying to have time to hate!

  23. Anthony A. Guyda, Jr. says

    Once OUT IN THE SILENCE became reality, the Oil City Council (Oil City Hall) proclaimed a Joe Wilson Day! Yes, the OC has its problems because it has been kicked in the teeth by losing substantial industry: Oilwell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Foster Forbes, Manions, J&L, etc.; however, it keeps plugging away. Yes, there is homophobia, but when Joe and Dean had their wedding announcement in The Derrick, two-thirds were in favor, and one-third weren’t. That says something! Most people here are too busy partying to have time to hate!

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