1. me says

    fiorina and the guy asking the question don’t understand the issue.

    1) the prop 8 case is not about changing federal law . . it actually argues that prop 8 would go against current federal law.

    2) obviously we all already understand how flawed the argument about letting the voters decide is.

  2. Luke says

    Scott Shafer didn’t imply that the federal trial decision impacted federal law – that was entirely Ms. Fiorina’s doing.

    Scott is a fantastic reporter and a friend and someone who understands this issue better than most, so I’m thrilled he asked the question and at least we know that Carly is just another of the “marriage is a between a man and a woman” spout-offs.

  3. princely54 says

    Please, California, DON’T be stupid!! We can’t afford Fiorina in office — we just CAN’T!! She’d be an Arnold at the federal level…a neophyte with little to bring to the table.

    She’d make us look soooo bad…

  4. Bart says

    I agree with Mike, this woman would be a disaster for California, only behind the mega-disaster Meg Whitman would be.

    I just hope people never forget that Carly took a multimillion dollar golden parachute after she drove Hewlett-Packard into the ground and was fired. She is exactly what is wrong with big business in this country and will do even worse running our government.

  5. Arthur says

    The real tool here is Barack Obama. Thanks to his bullshit the seperate-but-equal crowd can feel good about itself because, hey, they aren’t ring-wing bigots – they’re consistent with the president! Woo hoo!

  6. TampaZeke says

    I agree with Arthur. The real asshat in all of this is Obama.

    He is allowing himself to be the go-to guy for every anti-gay right-wing and religious nut in America when discussing gay rights and equality.

    Fiorina is a normal Republican. What more should we expect from her on the question of marriage equality? But Obama? Shame, shame, shame on him for playing cutesy with our civil rights and allowing himself to be an anti-gay talking point.

  7. CKNJ says

    FUCK YOU, CARLY… you certainly don’t speak for ME!!!!! Get on your broom and fuck off! Barbara has always been for us and what’s good for us… I certainly hope that all the gay boys and girls in CA will get off their asses come election day and make sure that Fiorina tool does NOT under ANY circumstance get elected!

  8. Max says

    Just pulled this from Wiki, so grain of salt:

    / Fiorina said: “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore. We have to compete for jobs as a nation.” /

    True or not, I don’t think that’s something a state with double-digit unemployment and an endless supply of cheap, undocumented labor wants to hear.

    Fiorina sold out employees to cheap labor before, and I’m sure she’d have no second thoughts about doing the same to California at the federal level.

    Vote Boxer.

  9. Mark says

    It feels very isolating to hear that both Obama and Fiorina are on the civil union side of the debate.

    Especially so since the Democrats have not yet passed ENDA or repealed DADT.

    Things feel out of order…and that adds to the malaise this go around.

    Please wake me when it’s over.

  10. Johan says

    Fiorina’s actually misrepresenting the President’s position.

    President Obama supports the *repeal* of DOMA. Or, he says he does, at any rate. Why? Because DOMA blocks the federal government from even recognizing civil unions for the purposes of granting equivalent rights to gay and lesbian couples.

    I still find it very disappointing that our President takes the position that he does, but he needs to be more aggressive in countering the lies about where he stands on this issue. That’s his responsibility, if he so chooses to take such a nuanced position. Otherwise, the Carly Fiorinas and Rush Limbaughs of this country will continue to justify their bigotry using his words.

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