1. alguien says

    douchebag cooley is also responsible for spending millions of my tax dollars in doing sweeps of the cannibis dispensaries in town and shutting down most of them.

  2. Paul R says

    Sorry, but I don’t think “millions of dollars” means crap in a state with a deficit of more than $20 billion, and I don’t think a single-issue ad is going to resonate with most voters.

    Most gays aren’t going to vote for these losers, and most straights aren’t going to vote based on marriage equality or the cost of one lawsuit.

    Maybe my outlook would be brighter if the Dem candidate for governor weren’t Jerry Brown.

  3. Rocco says

    It’s about fucking time! Maybe if they had listened to more Rex Wockners we wouldn’t be in this mess.I have seen a couple good ads from Babs…maybe other Dems are listening?

  4. ronnykmarshall says

    And douchebag Cooley wasted millions of dollars “going after Roman Polanski” when he knew damn good and well Polanski would never be sent back to LA.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Many of us have advocated for the “down and dirty in the fight to win” strategy for years, but we were called down and dirty. I guess LGBT Americans are tired of losing the fight. Remember kids, in a REAL fight there are no rules except to be the last one standing.

  6. Bart says

    Only thing I wish they had done was use the words “multi-millions of dollars,” because it isn’t going to take one or two or three million to fight the recent prop 8 verdict, it will take 20 to 50 million to fight it and the longer it goes and the further up it goes, especially if it goes to the Supreme Court, it will take hundreds of millions to fight it on both sides.

    Meg Whitman is just a henious human being. She will ruin California for the average citizen, lowering the quality of life for most while catering to the very wealthy who are expected to trickle down their wealth, and we all know how well that’s been working.

  7. ohplease says

    Geoff Kors is a truly nice guy, which is great for him as a human being and lousy for what he does for a living. I’m thrilled to see he’s overcoming his greatest weakness as an advocate/activist. May the handing over a victory to the Prop 8 lunatics through completely worthless ads and ineffective outreach never, never, never be repeated.

  8. Brian says

    Sorry, but I think these ads are just awful. I cringed when I saw the cheesy photo of the guy clutching a couple of five dollar bills. The tinny music and melodramatic narration make the ads seem amateurish, and the fact that Whitman and Cooley’s threats are hollow (they can’t participate in the Prop 8 appeal) make the ads misleading.

    It’s nice that the gloves are finally coming off, but this is not the way to do it.

  9. TANK says

    More dramatic music and unflattering images, please. Throw in some slippery slope consequences, too, and some leading questions (e.g., does x hate american families?).

    Consensus negates both accountability and effectiveness.

  10. Craig says

    These won’t change anybody’s vote. Unfortuntely Californians have really poor choices once again for governator (are we still calling it that after Arnie leaves?). While Brown is a great ally, he isn’t much beyond that.

  11. John says


    That might seem like a lot.

    But keep in mind that San Francisco alone has an annual budget of 7 billion dollars (assuming it is properly balanced). And it consists of less than 50 square miles of land. Even with the recession and all the deficit spending, California is still a very wealthy state. A Governor Whitman would have more than enough money to defend Prop. 8 in court.

    But ultimately, the worse enemy of Meg Whitman the politician is Meg Whitman the billionaire. She has some serious entitlement issues and acts like a spoiled brat whenever throwing money at a problem doesn’t work. If she wins, she will soon realize that throwing a temper tantrum isn’t a winning strategy when talking to lawmakers. You can’t govern without “supply” and the Democrats control the Assembly.

  12. Keith says

    I agree with Brian, these ads suck. The hokey music and the fake modulated “welcome to movie phone” voice? Guaran-fuckin-tee you some high priced political advertising house sold this crap to EQCA for a boatload of money too.

    Maybe that piece of shit Ken Mehlman could open up his trust fund the slushed up during the Bush years bashing gays. Maybe he’d like to buy some “gay cred” and bash Meg Whitman. AFER, maybe you want to spend some of Kenny’s money on an ad?

  13. Patric says

    Keith, you really expect that slimebag Mehlman to bash Whitman? He’s supporting and donating funds to anti-gay Republicans in numerous races around the country this fall (Blount in Missouri, etc., etc.) who are even worse than the awful, awful anti-gay Whitman.

  14. stephen says

    I like the ad, but the people we need to influence couldn’t give a damn about Meg & what she thinks about gays.

    Sad but true.

    It needs to hit harder.

  15. Paul R says

    Well Red Devil, how about Feinstein, Newsom, or my frigging dog? I might respect Brown more if he’d even *started* to run a campaign. Instead he comes off as an aged, entitled idiot.

    Because that’s exactly what he is. Going from governor to presidential candidate to mayor to attorney general back to governor? It’s pathetic and he hasn’t said crap about how he’d be governor. He thinks his name is enough for everything. I agree with his views but have zero respect for him and think he’s an undeniable opportunist.

  16. Tom in Long Beach says

    Too bad they did not make adds like this during the prop 8 campaign. The Princess add should have been called the bold faced lie that it was. There should have been an add showing the president of the Mormon church/ Big organised religion using a marionettes to represent what they did in this state. They should have had the actor say ” I can not admit I want gays to stay second class citizens so I have my puppets say “what about the children?”

  17. fred says

    I hate how the gay community just assumes all gay people in California will blindly vote Dem. Let’s not forget that 1/3 of gay people in CA voted Republican in 2008. ONE-THIRD! They need to hear ads like this on loop until Election Day.

    P.S. The voiceover dude’s inflection is a bit much, but the ads are effective.

  18. wimsy says

    I love it when you artistes offer your criticisms … tinny music….cheesy photo…..blah, blah, blah. The fact is that this is the first time a gay organization has stopped acting like a whipped dog begging for a bone, and showed its teeth. It’s about fuckin’ time!

  19. mad1026 says

    About damned time!!! Impressive ads. Glad to see EQCA with balls. And including the Phelps footage is genius. Right the fuck on!!!!

  20. Ted says

    Totally agree with Paul R and Brian and all the rest that think these ads stink.

    If Meg Whitman were to order the AG’s office to defend Prop 8, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. What?! One more lawsuit to defend? Big deal. It’s just another lawsuit among many. It will not require the state to spend millions and millions of dollars. And even if it did, that cost is drop in the bucket for our state.

    We need more effective ads that normalize gay relationships and we need to show that Whitman does not support an institution which which promotes stability, economic prosperity, and general well-being for one segment of the population.

  21. JT says

    Thank You Wimsy! Couldnt agree more. The “experts” in here love to take things apart. How would they have done it? Im sure they would love to reach into their wallets and pull out a few hundred grand to make the commercial THEY feel is good enough, but we dont see you guys doing that, do we? Take it as a step in the right direction, and get off your useless high horses. Besides, whatever you feel about Jerry Brown, and believe me, im not thrilled, he is leading in the polls here in California, and frankly I would still take him over Whitman. She’s just another GOP power grabber using money to buy an election.

  22. StillmarriedinCA says

    These are “hard hitting”???
    The ads should say:
    “Meg Whitman and Steve Cooley have aligned themselves with religious fanatics from the Mormon Church and their extreme views are in violation of the United States Constitution. All Californians should be frightened by their attempts to take over our state, ruin people’s lives, and harm our children.”

    That would be more on a par with what the other side has been doing to us all along and would actually be a hard hitting ad.
    This is pablum.

  23. Jay says

    Even the man who hired Meg Whitman to run ebay says he would not vote for to be governor and says she is unqualified for the job.