1. Bart says

    Great, six Republicans are for marriage equality. Yeah, that’s going to sway the evangelical/tea partier/Beck-Palin neo-Christian haters that make up a HUGE part of the Republican voting base.

    I’m not buying that the Republicans are going to get behind this enmass. At all. It’s actually laughable.

    This is either a Karl Rove-ian ruse or it will divide the Republican party into factions. (Which wouldn’t be a bad thing.)

    After being the repugnant party that says they believe in liberty for all…except for gay and anyone else that isn’t white, straight and Christian conservative, I can’t quite buy htis new embracable you happy face they are trying to put on this disgusting tribe of “I’ve Got Mine, So Fuck You.” As I’ve stated before, buying this line of crap from them now is like falling for the abusive boyfriend knowing that sooner or later he’s going to punch you in the face.

  2. Tim says

    please notice that NONE of the republicans that now support marriage equality are actually running for elective office.

    Also note that they aren’t expressing support for ENDA, UAFA, repeal of DOMA or repeal of DADT.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    Actually Charlie Baker is running for governor of Massachusetts and he supports marriage equality.

    But…duh, it’s Massachusetts (+ Baker has a gay brother, I believe).

    Lincoln Chafee is a former Republican, running for governor of Rhode Island now an independent and he supports marriage equality unlike that hateful governor they have now.

  4. RJP3 says

    This is all an act to get people to feel LESS guilty about voting in the political representatives of those who promote the ideal of an anti-gay Christianist theocracy.

    Any Gay person who falls for this because acceptance the GOP means equality was never a progress or a liberal – just a conservative minority member – who is hoping to jump in bed with the elites, and keep people down as the 1 percent of America with MOST of the wealth try to go from what 90 Percent to 94 Percent no matter how many other citizens it hurts.

    No once these gay GOP folks come out – they are are the enemy of progress. Welcome out boys good to know who you are – so you can do LESS damage = because you will be watched now.

  5. Tony C says

    Actually Charlie Baker is running for governor of Massachusetts and he supports marriage equality.

    But…duh, it’s Massachusetts (+ Baker has a gay brother, I believe).

    — Charlie Baker is an Elitist from the word go … destroyed many jobs at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Look up those stories – he drove that company into the ground — and got rich enough to run for Gov.

  6. voet says

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the Republicans used the “gay” issue for strategic advantage in the the 2004 election and they are using it now for the same reason. The only difference is that public opionion has come over to our side. If Republicans win big in November, do not count for any more support for our cause than we have now from Obama.

  7. reality bites says

    WTF! last i checked all repub candidates for house rep , senate, governor, etc all are publicly against us gays

    The repubs have already stated very loudly that if they win control of congress they will nix any talk of revoking DADT

    ken slimeball came out of the closet, whip de doo = it means squat and not a total reversal of the repub party hating us

  8. johnosahon says

    I am really getting PISSED about this shit, what is this crap and where did it start? which support are you people talking about?

    if you are counting republicans who are either out-of-office or where-never-were (meghan) as the republican support, you people are nuts.

    wake me up, when they are actually doing the real support, like let’s see helping pass the laws such as repelling DADT or DOM, then we can talk.


  9. Ken P. says

    Gay GOPers are coming out. Get used to it. There are a lot of us. Ok gay marriage. Yes we’re fighting for gay marriage and gays in the military. But what this country really needs is jobs. We need to turn the economy around. Nothing is more important than that right now.

  10. Anderson says

    What Johnosahon said.

    There’s a huge cognitive dissonance on this blog and other leading gay blogs about this “huge groundswell of Republican support for gay marriage.”

    The wives and daughters of former politicians are hardly a critical mass. A few former campaign chairmen are hardly a groundswell. But these are some prominent names and will eventually help convert some people. But they’re opinion leaders or vote managers.

    And it is very telling that most of the high profile GOP support has come after they leave positions of power. And they say nothing about ENDA.

  11. MarkDC says

    Today it was reported Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski conceded to Alaska GOP Senate Primary To Joe Miller.

    Republicans are terrified that the Tea Party they helped create and promote has now become it’s biggest threat.

    So, what to do? Start courting The Gays. Start softening that social conservative hostility. PURE CALCULATION.

    While some may see little difference between Democrats and Republicans there is a huge difference between Democrats and Tea Partiers. In that scenario the Republicans become irrelevant.

    They’re trying to stay relevant. It’s all calculated strategy.

  12. says

    I’m sorry. That Log Cabinette made my skin crawl.
    And I agree that this is a tactical move by the GOP to paint themselves as less heartless and cruel than they are.

  13. MarkDC says

    It’s not a question of whether the Republicans embrace The Gays. It’s their motivation that should concern you.

    The ONLY way they’ll take The Gays is if doing so gives them more power. They have no interest in human rights or Gay people. They just want to prevent the Tea Party from getting to popular.

  14. says

    @ KEN P. What do the repugs offer for jobs? Oh right, a tax cut sonthe rich can keep even more. That does shit for the economy cuz they can already buy what they need. Stimulus spending on our electric infrastructure would be aigret start and set us up well for the future, but the repugs will block it, because their war in Iraq with it’s outsourced flunkies raking in the dough has bankrupted the nation and the treasury. Just not the top 1%, they got rich off it all.

  15. says

    Sorry for the typos, very tired, using iPad. “sonthe” should have been “so the”; “aigret” should have been “a great”; and “it’s” “its”.

  16. LincolnLounger says

    “We want acceptance, damn it!” “We want tolerance, damn it.!” Until you start giving it to us, and then we’ll piss and moan and bitch and it will never be good enough.

    Go back to your “Fierce Advocate” and the huge Democrat veto-proof majorities that brought the gay community next to nothing except a pretty part invitation to the White House. No action on DADT. No end to ENDA. How about DOMA.

    Keep writing those checks to Democrats who don’t deliver. Keep getting taken for granted because of the overwhelming support for a single party. And then bitch because Republicans have no reason to talk to us.

    Get off the cross, ladies. We need the wood.

  17. Chris says

    PLEASE..This is poison candy….I don’t buy iy. If they really want to impress then fight for support for ENDA, UAFA, repeal of DOMA and repeal of DADT.


  18. Ken says

    Here’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats on gay issues: The Republicans are like the kid in school who’d beat up up every day and tell you to you face how much he hates you. The Democrats are like the kid in school who’d act like your friend when no one was around but would constantly undermine you behind your back and could never be counted on when you needed him. Which is worse?

  19. Joe says

    What’s all this “Glenn Beck is for gay marriage” stuff. All he said was that it’s not a concern at this time and isn’t a focus. He didn’t say “yes, let’s have it.”

    And, Glenn Beck is pushing such a hard line on religion and politics by creating religious culture warriors that he’s energizing people to fight marriage equality, no matter what his stance is on the issue.

    People need to call the LOG Cabin republicans out on this everytime they say it and emphasize that while their might be a few republicans for marriage equality, not all (like the Cheney’s and Laura Bush) are actively pursuing/fighting for it.

  20. says

    As the saying goes:
    Throw a dog a bone.

    A handful of Repubs who suddenly have changed their tune out of how many? But nothing being said about the other issues of civil rights: DADT, EDNA, UAFA.

    They’re playing the LBGT community as fools ‘n’ tools.

  21. TANK says

    This is mostly bait and switch. The next republican presidential nominee will be a bigoted homophobic demagogue. It is as certain as death and taxes. Changing that party will take years to effect. But, there’s a slowly growing, powerless movement right now that anticipates the future, and wants a place for the republican party at the table….which the current trajectory is eliminating.

  22. Philo says

    Gay GOPers are salivating over Young Guns, the upcoming book with a movie trailer [ ] of the coming to power in the next Congress of Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy. It’s like a trailer for a William Higgins (“Big Guns”) film. But when these three get into power, the prospects for gay rights get better? Give me a break.

  23. Joe says

    @Philo, especially because Cantor has a 0% rating from the HRC and a 7% rating from the ACLU. He’s voted for the anti-gay position every chance he’s gotten.

    We are a few generations away from a GOP that supports gay – as in those political leaders are probably playing in the sandbox right now.

  24. nic says

    you can smell that repug whore, LINCOLN LOUNGER, from a mile away. douche every now and again, pardner. repuglicanism can be toxic. you might soon die of sepsis, otherwise.

  25. galore says

    Obama is against gay marriage and so is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    If the Republicans stop being actively seeking to revoke existing rights and mute their anti gay rhetoric, then there is no difference between them and Democrats on the federal level.

    I don’t consider Obama’s insulting DADT survey strategy any better than the Republican’s DADT attitude.

    The Republicans play it exactly right. Be a tad less anti gay in an environment where Democrats betrayed and disappointed LGBTs. Takes the “where else do you have to go?” scare out of the equation.

  26. says

    Wow, this completely manufactured idea that conservatives are suddenly becoming pro-marriage-equality is really making the rounds.

    As others have said, look at who among the Republicans are on our side. None of them are in office, or even running for office. (Except 1 or 2 NE candidates who’ve always been moderate.) This sudden “groundswell” of support is coming from recently uncloseted gay people looking for a new gig, Republicans with gay relatives (Steve Schmidt), young Republicans who know it’s uncool to be anti-gay (Meghan McCain), and the LCR. None of this means diddly-squat to the Tea-Party Religious-Wingnut Anti-Gay Repub majority running for office and voting in elections.

    But, if people keep talking about this, maybe the Dem’s as a whole and more than 6 Repub’s will buy the current propaganda and fall all over themselves to make our equality a reality. In the meanwhile, pay attention to each candidate’s real views not some LCR/Mehlman/Schmidt fantasy of them.

  27. MarkDC says

    Now the Republicans are attacking Tea Bagger Christine O’Donnell.

    Republicans are terrified that the Tea Party THEY HELPED CREATE AND PROMOTE has now become it’s biggest threat.

    While some may see little difference between Democrats and Republicans there is a huge difference between Democrats and Tea Partiers. In that scenario the Republicans become irrelevant.

    They’re trying to stay relevant. Support of Gay Rights is nothing but calculated strategy.

  28. ThomT says

    The party of NO has suddenly decided to support marriage equity? Not likely. Yes, a few Republicans are supporting gay related issues but they are far outnumbered by the remainder of the party who are not supportive. Already the religious right as busy denouncing Ken Mehlman and accusing him of tying to highjack THEIR party. When they change the platform and field a national level candidate who is willing to stand up and support equality for gay people I “might” believe they really want to change and become a big tent.

  29. Jason says

    I was, for 15 years, a Democrat only voter b/c of the gay issue. I am now primarily a Republican voter as I agree with 80-90% of the Republican agenda. I have absolutely nothing in common with the Bolshevik(Progressive) movement. I like my guns,my right to hunt, my right to fish, my right to burn lots of gas in my boat, my belief that this is a Christian nation and I want Government out of my pants and my wallet. The Republicans have made greater strides to remove their negative aspects than the Socialist Party of America(Democrats). I personally have never been discriminated against in my Southern family; by any member; or by anyone at work. So, I realized that I was fighting a non-existent Bogey man and followed my true beliefs with the knowledge that the Gay issue would eventually become a non-issue.

  30. LincolnLounger says

    Careful, Jason. You have to march lockstep over the cliff here or you get called a “repug whore” like me.

    One question. Where has a Democrat president and huge, veto-proof Democrat majorities in Congress gotten us?

    Not all Democrats are right on gay issues, and not all Republicans are wrong. The more the gay community is a Hallelujah Chorus for the Democrats, the more we are taken for granted.

    November’s a-comin’, Nic.

  31. TANK says

    Yah, jason, because antigay discrimination is make believe, right? Christ, you’re a moron…an absolutely moron. Vanish, degenerate, and take LL with ya.

  32. says

    “The more the gay community is a Hallelujah Chorus for the Democrats, the more we are taken for granted.”

    Pointing out that nearly every Republican who holds public office is anti-gay isn’t saying anything about the Democrats; it simply reflects reality that this alleged conservative movement towards marriage equality denies. Name the conservatives actually in or running for office who will be Yes votes on our issues . . . long list, eh? The few that are deserve kudos. But they’re a rare orchid in a field of Repub homophobes.

    I am a Hallelujah chorus for the Dem’s who represent me. They are Yes votes on all gay issues, Yes votes on Supreme Court justices I want, and, at the state level, got marriage equality past our bigoted Republican governor’s veto.

  33. Jason says


    Rather than call me a moron. Please explain how I am a moron. I bet my knowledge of history, politics and our great Republic exceeds yours on a grand scale. I have been called many things; ass****, prick etc but any one who knows me would never accuse me of being a moron.

    Thank you for participating.

  34. Dave says

    The GOP is a fraud. There are only two kinds of Republicans, those with real wealth and power and those that think that if they work hard enough, invest their money and hate the right people that they too can have real wealth and power. Those that actually control the GOP want nothing to do with the later, but they will gladly take their vote, while shipping all of our job overseas to increase their bottom line. Now that the former has achieved their victory of the SCOTUS ruling in Citizens United they don’t need any money from the peasants in the rank and file GOP. They are sufficiently scared however, now that they realize that their grip on power is no longer assured as we don’t appear to be as scared as we used to be of their stories of the boogie man and demographically they know they cannot win clean elections, they just don’t have the numbers. While they do own the corporations including those that produce the electronic voting machines as well as the ever corporately concentrated media, it’s hard to steal an election that before election day looks like a landslide. That said they are masters as sowing the seeds of obfuscation and confusion, “forget what we have said and done, don’t judge us by our deeds, were really with you on this..” The more they can make it seem that the public is split on issues, the easier it is for them to steal elections. The GOP is a sick group of scared old men and their sycophant slaves that would have you believe that the government is not We The People, US you and me, they want you to feel that the government is out of YOUR control and not directly reportable to YOU. If you believe it, it is theirs and in the hands of their multi-national corporate masters who have been stealing our country out from under us as we fight for the crumbs. Gay brothers and sisters we must continue to stand together and fight for what is right. If Lincoln were alive today, he would be a Progressive. Don’t buy for a second the lies of the GOP, they build cages, the Democratic Party makes keys.

  35. TANK says

    Well, if you believe that this is a christian nation (and are ignorant, then, of this nation’s history, and specifically, the faith–or lack thereof–of the founding fathers who were deists, agnostics, and atheists…these were largely educated men–patrick henry being an exception, but you can have him…– who would laugh at what passes for the religious right today–laugh at the idiocy promoted as “truth”. They were sharply opposed to dominionism), how can you hold that dominionist view and expect the government to not regulate what you do behind closed doors? That doesn’t add up. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t jump through a hoop, juggle puppies, and otherwise tap dance your way around the truth to justify your bizarre and warped interpretation of reality (entirely ad hoc, I’d like to add)…I’m saying I won’t bother reading your pretzel logic to justify your sham understanding of the constitution and “christian faith”.

    Further, you seem to imply that because you have never experienced homophobia on either an institutional or interpersonal level, that it doesn’t exist, and that lgbt people are actively discriminated against everyday in this country simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Have you ever had the butt of a rifle crack your skull in six places? No? Well, I guess you don’t believe it could, then…HOLD STILL! that’s how stupid it sounds. So your EVIDENCE for being a republican doesn’t square with your choice to vote republican. it’s a series of invalid arguments, and patently false claims.

  36. Dave says

    The GOP is actively engaging is a disinformation campaign focusing on the gay community this election cycle and I would not doubt if there are paid posters to this an other blogs. And Tank, today we are in complete agreement, God bless!