1. P says

    Ah, yes despite being well aware of the spelling of the website’s name, I’ve always pronounced it in my head as ‘towel road’…

  2. MT says


    And for the record, I have taught quite a few people to pronounce it ‘toll’ ‘Towel’road didn’t make much sense to me when I first started reading. And if memory serves me you had some sort of road sign up in the banner back in the day (?). Or did I totally make that last part up . . .

    Either way Kylie knows your name! I would faint!

  3. Charlie says

    Well, I had always assumed it was pronounced tollroad, since otherwise the name made no sense. If it were pronounced towel then this would probably be

    But I tend to pronounce it wrong in my head, but say it right when referring to it in conversation.