1. HawaiiBill says

    Interestingly, they are not targeting Sen. Inouye since he will sail to victory once again in November (he’s like the political God/Rock Star here).

    BUT…for those of you who are disgusted with the DNCC, our fierce advocate, HRC, and most of the Democrats who have let us down, remember Senators Boxer and Feingold with your money and votes. They stood with us way back then when it was even harder to cast that vote and have been with us ever since. These are good allies that we can’t afford to lose.

    My husband and I have cut off the organizations that “broadly” support the Democratic Party and they get none of our money, but let’s not cut off our noses to spite our faces by letting allies like this down.

    And… our ally Neil Abercrombie is running against a hard core anti-civil union, Mormon opponent in the primary for Governor here next week and the Republican is a fundamentalist Catholic “warrior” who wants Hawaii to be “the tip of the spear” that makes Hawaii the first step in making the country a Christian nation again. Neil needs $$$ to counter these forces and would not hesitate to sign Civil Unions legislation the next time it passes(he’s also expressed repeatedly that full marriage equality is his goal… in a state where that ain’t popular!)

  2. Patric says

    Agree with you completely, HawaiiBill, that all of those who’ve understandably determined that they will no longer be donating to the DNC should find other deserving pro-equality candidates to whom they can direct resources.

    Agree that Rep. Abercrombie’s race against that awful Hannemann in next Tuesday’s Hawaii primary is one of the most important races in the country this year in terms of its potential impact on the struggle to extend the reach of marriage equality and I hope that we all will remind our Hawaiian friends to get out and vote next Tuesday.

    I do wonder, though, whether support for marriage equality really is such an unpopular position in Hawaii. Polls on this topic are not always reliable, and I understand that the wingnuts have been particularly vocal in Hawaii, but the linked article suggests that many Hawaiians are ready for full equality. In any event, I think that Rep. Abercrombie is playing this correctly: given how right-wing his opponents are, there is no need to talk about anything other than civil unions prior to the election.

    I would add the following as candidates to whom donations should be directed this fall. NOM is donating thousands to the anti-equality candidates in these races:

    Governor of Minnesota: The DFL (Democratic) candidate is former U.S. Senator Mark Dayton, an enthusiastic supporter of marriage equality. The Republican is a particularly homophobic favorite of Sarah Palin who is closely associated with a “Christian” rock band whose leader has called for the execution of gay people, prompting the candidate to refer to members of the band as “nice kids”. Donate to Mark Dayton here:

    Governor of Maryland: The Dem incumbent has now said that he will sign marriage equality legislation if it is passed by the legislature. His opponent, the former incumbent whom he beat in 2006, opposes equality.

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