1. Disgusted American says

    ahh Tennessee….why can’t I stand southern aaccents…? Half those chicks will be pregnant within a few yrs…while thier menfolk go off to the GOP run mines.

  2. alpha says

    Oh Tennessee, you’re so funny.

    “Now there’s nothing to worry about” What exactly were you concerned about? I could totally see a boy being prettier than a woman in Tennessee.

  3. gary j says

    Nice, upstanding looking group of kinfolk, um, er, I mean students. Immediately afterwards, Barbra Jean and Sammy Jo went to Wal-Mart for some lipliner and Joe Bob and Billy Mac set out fer some deer skinnin’.

  4. jason says

    These students are turds. The females in this group are hypocrites. Don’t they realize that the Bible expressly forbids women from dressing in manly clothes such as jeans? Why the hey are these women wearing jeans if they’re so religious?

    They’re selective Christian hypocrites, nuff said.

  5. arch says

    hate dressed up as prayer – dreadful people – this is the sort of thing people did in Spain during the inquisition…and you know where that ended up – get out the stakes in the town square…

  6. Fenrox says

    I like this alot! The bigoted kids did a nice simple protest of something they hated, The school didnt have any archaic and stupid problem with the guy running, And the protesters get in trouble for disruption, ITS LIKE ITS HIGH SCHOOL OR SOMETHING.

  7. says

    “the definition of a homecoming queen has always been…”

    First they’re telling us the definition of marriage and now homecoming queens?

    What’s next…the definition of how a real man takes a piss? Sitting or standing?

  8. Tone says

    For once a Tennessee school administrator is trying to do the right thing by seeing past gender and prejudice, and the protests of toxic and bigoted x-tians. I have to applaud the school for not caving to the pressure.

    As tolerance and acceptance of LGBT people increases these religious wackadoodles will look more and more bigoted and out of place in society, just as racial bigots did in the wake of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. In time the majority of fair-minded people will look at protesters like this with pity and judgment.

  9. tony x says

    If you wanted to know what happened to the American Peasantry — just look at that picture, they are still with us and due to successful GOP fiscal policy to kill the middle class, dumbing down American curriculum and promoting home schooling —
    this kind of radicalized religious low level citizen is what you get by design.

  10. Joe says

    Who would pray over something like this?

    Why is it that “Christians” in our country care about bullshit issues like some kid (likely mocking the system in his running) making a go for homecoming queen instead of trying to help feed/pray for the poor, the sick, and those in need.

    Jesus isn’t listening to their prayers because it’s a waste of his time. Idiots.

  11. Shawn says

    I started reading the first few posts and it was just about bashing TN and the people in the state..nothing really related to the article–Gary J, Alpha, and Disgusted American could all learn a lesson in bigotry, ignorance, and tolerance..along with the prayer group

  12. says

    “These students are bigots but why would a male student want to be homecoming queen?”

    My sentiments exactly! What’s with these teenage boys wanting to run for homecoming queen? I wouldn’t have any problem with it if it were a transsexual student, but Gay guys competing against Straight girls for this traditional female honor is sexist, stereotypical and f*cked up.

  13. jakeinlove says

    Although I think a prayer vigil is about as useful in this situation as a cotton swab in the recent gulf oil spill. Why does a guy/male/man need to run for homecoming QUEEEN.

    Ugh – at that point it’s not equality, it’s just rubbing people’s noses in your gayness.

  14. Gavin says

    I’m trying to figure out what they were praying to fill up an entire HOUR. After the first fifteen seconds it must have gotten really repetitive. If God was listening, He had to have put them on mute about two minutes in, went to the Kitchen for a Snapple, and came back to see if He’d missed anything.

  15. Keith says

    I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Only 15 students showed up for this “prayer” meeting, and the male student was allowed to put in his candidacy for homecoming queen (and there were people who probably voted for him too!). That’s a huge leap in progress, in my book, compared to what Tennessee used to be like when I lived in the Midwest 20 years ago. It’s these small changes that matter. Kudos to the student who ran, and I wish him every success in this world.

  16. Chaq says

    “Why does a guy/male/man need to run for homecoming QUEEEN…UGH…it’s just rubbing people’s noses in your gayness.”

    Are you a self-loathing fag, scared of effeminacy, “straight acting”, or just plain fucking stupid and a bigot yourself?
    It’s “rubbing people’s noses in [our] gayness” that got us out of our closets, arsehole, and it was those who were brave enough to do so who got our mugs in the media and who got us challenging our shame and fear of ourselves – our diversity and our differences are to be celebrated. not hidden.
    That’s what the rainbow means, in case you missed it.

  17. TANK says

    Wow, this became a referendum on the masculine hangups of many posters right quick, lickity split. So tedious and predictable. You’re all man, right? Uh huh, uh huh…which has probly never been tested, as is the case with most “manly men”. But feel free to flame away and voice your petty disapproval at a HS student who likely went through more of the fun stuff in his rural outpost than you ever did.

  18. Ari says

    If it were a transexual student I would totally get it. But a gay guy? Really, let a girl who has been dreaming about this get that spot. Also just just seems to add to the stereotype that gay men want to be women. Makes us look really bad. Just as people start to accept us, this guy makes it harder…

  19. Ari says

    And not negating that these people are bigots. I’m referring to middle america. There is room for gays of all types in our community but a shame that he wanted to take that spot from a girl. Imagine the impact it would have if a guy guy got Homecoming King? This unfortunately sets us back… right or wrong.

  20. Kim (a Crockett Parent) says

    This article is so inflammatory and disgusting and only meant to start trouble. These parents were NOT praying against this child. They were praying FOR their children, Crockett, and this Child. Get a grip, report facts, and quit stirring up problems that aren’t there. In the “south,” parents pray for our kids and the decisions they make. You know what else…we parents pray for YOUR kids and the decisions that they make as well. In spite of what you say or how you feel, you will not deter nor stop us from doing so. We don’t answer to you. We answer to God on how we raise His precious children and they don’t have to be ours to do that. We implore you to help us pray for them. Instead of inflaming the public, help us. Bring us together for a cause. Pray for the future of our sons and daughter that they know the Lord and lead this world in His will.

  21. sebastien says

    Why would a student want be come homecoming queen ??? Why ? Only in America a teen would want to do that … And those morons… praying….I’m baffled!!! Seriously , aren’t americans fed up to be the joke of the rest of the world? In europe , we think you’re freaks !!…In this story , both sides are ridiculous !

    Grow up!

  22. TANK says

    And that “praying for children” is based on homophobic, bigoted supserstition and baseless politicized fear mongering, kimmy. That IS inflaming the public, as we are just as much members of it as you consider yourself to be. Get a grip, and get some fucking class while you’re at it.

  23. Joe says

    Um… there is no indication that this kid is Gay. Anywhere. Why is everyone assuming he is some gay guy teenage queen.

    I actually thought it was just a teen guy who was cynical and saw the entire system as so silly that he wanted to disrupt it. Kind of a funny prank. Then that sent the bigoted Christians off.

    I’m pretty sure if he was gay those nice christian teens would have called him out for pushing his homosexuality in our face.

  24. GregV says

    @ StuffedAnimal /JakeInLove /Eric:

    Where did you get the idea /infdormation that the student is gay? That isn’t suggested in the TV report or print article at all.

    @Brad: Why would a male want to be homecoming queen? The reports (perhaps strangely) don’t tell us why. But we could guess.

    We do know that only females can be elected to that position at the school, and the “king” has to be selected by her.

    Maybe the point the guy is making is that if there is to be a contest, it should be open to everyone.

    Maybe he wants to reign with his girlfriend, but she won’t run a campaign so this is the only way.

    Maybe he’s doing it on a dare.

    I can only guess. But I would liken it to if the school had a racist tradition of an elected “Homecoming White Monarch” that no black student had ever run for. Why would a black student run when it doesn’t say “black” in the title? Maybe to make a point that the school shouldn’t promote elected positions open only to a certain class of student.

    The whole sexist charade is very antiquated, so I can imagine a number of reasons some students would want it changed.

  25. Skooter McGoo says

    @Kim (a Crockett Parent) | Sep 20, 2010 3:14:44 PM I don’t see how you think this is inflammatory? It states the situation and that’s about it. You state that in the “south” people pray for their children but that does not apply to all people of the “south”, just the one’s that practice a Christian faith. There are many religions practiced in this country and Christianity is not the only one.

    @GregV I agree with all that you stated. But most of all, “The whole sexist charade is very antiquated, so I can imagine a number of reasons some students would want it changed.” Well put sir.

  26. says

    The school was simply trying to avoid any further problems or controversy but what they got was even more publicity as a result of their attempt to brush this issue under the rug. Either the male queen candidate was really serious, was attempting to make a statement or he was attempting to pull off a prank. Either way, he got his wish, even though he didn’t win.

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