1. queenzafrona says

    Piers Morgan showed his intelligence when he rang the buzzer. He always thinks it is just about him. Nick Cannon said that the judging was over and they would just offer comments. He buzzed the Prince and was not supposed to. I think everyone should call the studio, and say that he was prejudice.

  2. TampaZeke says

    I agree that he shouldn’t have buzzed him. It was disrespectful of a finalist and rude, but I agreed with everything he said about the performance. It was good but totally out of character, the character that everyone has grown to love about Poppycock. His whole shtick has been about being outrageous and humorous, even doing opera. For the final dance he should have stuck with the one that brung ’em, as they say, and saved this spectacular, but serious, number for his act in Vegas, which he will have whether he wins or not.

    I still LOVE him!

  3. says

    I live in Central America. I saw the show live from Hollywood last night…I was deeply offended by Piers Morgan and his buzzing B.S….he clearly was defending the ¨other classic music contestantant¨ that was to appear…then, if he hadn´t been vilespirited enough he DEFENDED his buzzing when praising the next contestant…this revealation of personal BAD JUDGMENT ought make CNN very concerned about hiring him to replace Larry King to objectively interview guests…his ego running wild did, in fact, ¨kick his ass¨…

  4. Allen says

    He got there by doing Opera. There are not a lot of “Fun” songs in Opera. Least not recognizable ones and “Nessun Dorma” maybe one of the greatest arias written for men ever.

    Poppycock had a ton of trouble before he went on and during. According to him his armor ripped as he was going up the stairs before he started and had to be taped in. As well as the audio in his ear pieces was wrong and that’s why you see him taking them out.

    But even with all that he was amazing.

    Jackie Evanco is stunning but she is too young to headline a show in Vegas as well as tour. But I can’t wait to hear her in a few years as her voice matures she is going to be amazing!

  5. Chandler In Las Vegas says

    I think that they should outlaw Nessun Dorma from ALL vocal competitions. Tired, tired tired. Years ago it was killed effectively on a PBS reality show called Operatunity. Never again. However, PP is a wonderful showman.

  6. stephen says

    I love that Prince PC is making opera more approachable to a huge audience… whatever the judges think, that crowd was riveted to the performance & ON THEIR FEET with applause for the artist…

    so there! lol

  7. Philo says

    Can we buzz Piers Morgan when he’s hosting in the Larry King slot? Oh yeah, it’s called the channel changer.

  8. Chaq says

    Wow, I’ve never seen this performer (we don’t have this American version showing in Australia), and he is amazing! A very attractive man (VERY), an impressive showman, and a beautiful voice! But how RUDE was that judge buzzing in just before the crescendo?? I think this “Piers” is a little bitter and envious of someone who is clearly camper, wittier and younger than he, and certainly with his finger on the pulse of today’s breed of new glam excess. Poor Piers is suffering from relevancy deprivation, me thinks 😉

  9. CKNJ says

    Piers was just a fucking idiot in doing that… right at the climactic moment of the aria, to buzz, must really throw the performer off, and as has been stated it was NOT a judges night… fucking prick should have that buzzer shoved up his ass and buzzed incessantly for a day!

  10. Rann says

    Prince P is so talented and so handsome out of costume! I would love to see him win but do not think he will. Second choice is Defying Gravity. They are great too!! I agree a child should not be headlining a Las Vegas act. Jackie will most likely win but should not. She will be a huge star regardless. Michael Grimm is very good but too much like Michael Bolton. Plus last year’s winner was a lot like him.

  11. Sean Mac says

    I couldn’t get through to vote for PPC – anyone else have that problem? The lines were busy every time I called.

  12. Jack M says

    Piers is such a twat. I’m amazed that he is replacing Larry King. I’ll make a point not to watch it. Even Larry has a personality!

  13. says

    Piers was a jerk for buzzing in, but what’s new. I love Prince Poppycock, but I have to agree with Piers that he blew it last night. It lacked everything that made his previous performances so special. In my opinion, the only act last night that lived up to its potential was Michael Grimm.

  14. Randy says

    I’ll tell you what is absolutely disgustingly wrong… the winner of the competition only gets $250,000… NOT the $1,000,000 they so proclaim. I read the small print disclaimer at the end of the show last night. The winner gets an annuity of $1,000,000 spread over… wait for it.. 40 years! The present value of that is only $250k. Talk about absolute deceptive advertising. The big multi-state lotteries don’t even pay out over that long of period.

  15. romeo says

    He should not have been buzzed; that was just tacky at this point in the show. However, PP’s instincts were off in selecting a serious piece and doing it seriously when that is not where his talents lie. Exuberance and eye-popping spectacle are his forte. Not to mention, beyond it being cliched now, that aria is one of the most difficult to do well. Bad choices all around. Too bad, I think he’a a hoot.

  16. AJ says

    Sad that Turandot has been reduced to vaudevillian shock-value entertainment. How many steps down did he have to take that aria to woof through it as a second-rate baritone using a mic? The worst part is that we ignorant Americans eat it up like it’s candy and think it’s “opera”. Disgusting.

    Thank you Piers for showing some culture.

  17. Smartypants says

    Good for Sharon ripping Piers. And Poppycock for smacking down with his spot on comment, “Piers, it looks like you’ve been sucking on a lemon”. It’s great to see him stay in-your-face. Whether he wins AGT or not, he’s got a career as the 21st century’s answer to Liberace.

  18. Adrian says


    So Piers buzzing the Prince on his final act, thereby ruining it for every viewer in America who does the JUDGING, was the “cultured” thing to do? Couldn’t he have waited to critique him at the end of the performance instead?

    Yeah, right. Piers showed some culture indeed. /[sarcasm]

  19. SKOC211 says


    I’m totally with you. While I don’t think Piers should have buzzed him – that was just rude – I am truly sick of people butchering “Nessun Dorma.” An early live recording of Pavarotti singing it came onto my iPod the other day and it was breathtaking in its power and beauty.

    Then having to hear that annoying little blonde girl Jackie whatever warbling her way through Ave Maria was almost too much to handle. At least the Prince is a fabulous performer with a good voice when he sticks to the right material.

    Unfortunately, most Americans think that’s what real opera singing is….

  20. Perry says

    I fail to see the “talent” in this execrable rendition. All I saw was a wooden, cartoonish fop totally eviscerate one of the most beautiful opera arias ever conceived. How could he even presume to sing such a monumental piece of music?

    This was my first time viewing PP, after being urged to by several friends.

    What a waste of 6 minutes.

  21. says

    PP did stick to what he was doing… his character is based on the old pantomime/ Commedia dell’arte troupes that included characters like Harlequin, etc. There was comedy plus tragedy in their performances…

    Piers just wanted him to stick to one side of PP’s ‘masks’ because it was ‘funny’ to him. Guess being a “dandy” is okay as long as you keep it ‘funny’.

    Believe you me… there would never be a dull moment being in the audience of a John Quale show… he is multi-talented and can go beyond just Prince Poppycock.

    But whether he ‘clowned’ enough for people to vote him #1… I think Sharon Osborne is smitten enough that she’ll probably take his career under her wing.