Watch: Sally Kern Says Gays Worse Than Terrorists…Again


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern is back comparing gays to terrorists again — saying gays are actually worse because they're everywhere, "bombarding" the nation with homosexuality — while the country has only had three terrorist attacks.

FOX25 (via dallas voice):

When you mention the name Sally Kern, most people think of the now-infamous speech she gave two years ago, declaring homosexuals more dangerous to America than terrorists. But that is the first of many misconceptions Kern says she wants to clear up.

“Here in America we’ve had what maybe three known real big terrorist attacks on our nation,” Kern said. “But every day our young people especially, all of us, but our young people especially are in a sense bombarded with the message that homosexuality is normal and natural.”

Watch the video HERE.


  1. Rob says

    I lived in OKC for several years in the early 80s and never heard or read about such overt homophobia from Oklahomans. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it existed but at least local and state politicians were more discrete in voicing their feelings. I suppose this era of the “new” GOP being controlled by the Tea Partiers and the religious far right wing extremists have given an open voice to these nuts. I continually find it amazing that any rational citizen can elect people like Kern to any governmental office to represent “all the people” in their constituency. On the other hand, I continually lose faith in so many of my fellow citizens who are, dare I say it, so dumb to believe AND promote so much of the crap these nut jobs put out these days. Are there so few common sense self-thinkers left in this country today? Does Faux News REALLY speak for the majority of our population?? What a sad state of affairs our great country is in these days. Now, if only we had some truly progressive fierce leadership in Washington DC…..

  2. nic says

    which one is tansgender? sally kern has man hands. so my money is on her. and, boy howdy, that face from hell could stop traffic in the Chinese way. “hi, honey boy, i’ll see you in 9 days. keep the home fires burning.”

  3. Disgusted Gay American says

    Kern: Gays are a Threat cause they don’t pound or eat pussy…..and lesbians are a threat cause they don’t suck cock, or let men penetrate them in the missionary position.

    …Basically she might as well say these things…cause thats what her craziness boils down too….she’s obsessed with other peoples sex lives.

  4. Bart says

    Maybe Mehlman can sit down with Sally Kern and have a chat since the Republicans are now all for marriage equality.

    Cross-eyed Sally says what a majority of the Republican party thinks but won’t speak. While some in that party are paying lip service to marriage equality (which I read as “We want your political donations to go to us, not the Democrats) but the majority are just like crazy Sally.

  5. SFshawn says

    It’s amazing when the inside of somebody is reflected by their outer appearance.
    She looks like a witch outside and is a witch on the inside. She should be burned at the stake and purified for her GAWD.

  6. JH says

    I live in OKC not far from Kern’s district. Fortunately I live in Al McAffery’s district, and he is the first openly gay person in our legislature.

    Some things you need to understand about OKC: Our demographics here are VERY segregated. Generally, the south side is poor, black, or redneck. The east side is poor and black. The southwest side is Hispanic. The downtown/midtown areas are generally affluent and liberal, and the far north side is where you find a church every mile (literally) and all the neocon suburbanites. There is very little integration, which is why Kern will never lose her seat. Most people in OKC are outraged by her ignorance, but the people in her district are mostly just like her.

  7. JH says

    I neglected to mention that her district is in suburbs called Bethany (where I went to high school) and Warr Acres. Both of these suburbs are basically owned and operated by the Nazarene church. There is also a sizable fundamentalist Pentecostal church and unaccredited “university” there.

    These people outlawed liquor sales in their municipalities, don’t allow school “dances” at PUBLIC schools in the district (they are all parent-funded “formals” hosted off campus), teach abstinence only, teach evolution as an equal theory to intelligent design, and hold graduation and extra curricular public school activities in the CHURCH SANCTUARY.

    Just thought I should paint a little portrait of exactly what we’re dealing with here.

  8. dorothy m raftery says

    This Idiot belongs in a mental hospital –but throw away the key–Where does all that hate come from –she probley thinks shes going to heaven The sooner the better –but Im sure it wont be heaven ——

  9. John says

    She needs to put on some lipstick/brush her hair and see theres a new day coming! -Open up her heart shakras/sing a happy song and realize the new day wont follow her rules of hate/judgement and vitriol—and then SPREAD THAT WORD to her other hateful friends so we can all live happily ever after.

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