1. Guy from DC says

    It’s cool that his anti-gay attack failed so spectacularly, but it’s a shame that this guy turned out to be such an asshat…I would have enjoyed looking at his great abs and hot nipples for a few more weeks.

  2. Drew Z says

    I’m from Lafayette and I seriously hope I never run into this guy on the street. And he’s an idiot because there is a large and vibrant gay community in Lafayette. I’d think he’d know that since I just noticed on Facebook that our only mutual friend is transgendered.

  3. Troy says

    Ohhhh the guy with the BANDANA is supposed to be gay? I thought it was the mouthy dude with brown hair until he asked the question. Guess I didn’t read the transcript closely enough.

    Wait, he’s from Louisiana and has never been camping a day in his life? Wha????

  4. Chan says

    Just incredible that he would think that a comment like that would raise his stock with the others. I wonder if he even realizes how badly he humiliated himself.

  5. johnny says

    This guy was a supreme tool. Pretty to look at, but a total redneck homophobe. I told my partner, “watch, he’ll turn out to be an idiot” and I was right. His stupidity is only matched by his audacity, trying to out someone at Tribal Council? A perfect way to gain millions of instant enemies nationwide.

  6. Toto says

    Wow, not only did he demonstrate his stupendous amount of ignorance, but revealed his teammate’s suspicions which I assume they gave in confidence. Yeah, keep this half-wit around for an easy win.

  7. David in Houston says

    It really doesn’t get more homophobic than that, does it? — Lesson: pretty guys can be bigoted assholes too.

  8. Terry says

    Yet another reason for me not to watch this stupid show. And that’s so wonderful that the host is apparently enabling this homophobic crap.

  9. Jack M says

    The more opportunities that ignorant people like him have to show themselves as they really are in public, the better. Perhaps exposure to the fresh air will kill them off. It gave me great pleasure to see him voted off. Now he can go back to his little hometown and continue on with his pathetic life.

  10. Disgusted American says

    he’s telling other people that they’re gay…with a name like “shannon”? GIRLS name! If I was that other guy – I woulda’ said- don’t deflect dude…you’re the one with the girls name.

  11. Bart says

    If any of you who have seen this clip want more of an insight of this guy there is a hilarious interview on HULU…punch in Survivor and go to the five minute interview with Shannon (SPOILER!!!) after he’s been voted off.

    Highlights: He’s from Louisiana and has never eaten seafood or rice. Say what?!

    He talks about how everyone else is the tribe is a “child” (part of the hilarity.)

    Scarily, he has children of his own.

    There is a jaw droppingly funny clip of him talking about stupid people…and then he says (I’m paraphrasing,) “There’s people uglier than me that win this, stupid people win this…” Ugly people?! He thinks this is about being pretty? And as far as stupid…wow, he’s certainly a tea party member.

    You gotta watch it…just to know what we’re all up against in the world. Dumb as post.

  12. RW says

    Can anyone seriously have a discussion about a “reality” show that has been edited into oblivion? I mean, really.

  13. B-rord says

    I watched the show all the time. First, his outburst sealed his fate. Everyone there just froze for a second when he blurted that out. You could see the looks on their faces “ok, homophobe in the tribe”. Then the crack about NYC being gay and the host, Jeff, was incredulous he would say that and then he kept digging himself deeper with more comments. It was enjoyable to watch him get booted out and they all seemed to really enjoy doing it to him too. Oh, delicious karma. Once in a while, it’s nice to see the homophobes come out of their caves and get the sting of society’s disapproval. Checkmate.

    His rant at the end after being voted off came down to “I’m the best, and they’re losers and now they won’t win without me” … total high school. The guy hasn’t matured a day past 15. Buh-bye.

  14. wonderer says

    ROTFL!!! I thought he was dating the guy on his right and he was jealous of the girl in front of him…

  15. Brian says

    Okay, sitting at home watching, as I have for every season of this show, early in the program when Sash (!) was talking to NaOnka (!!!) I said to my daughter “I wonder if he’s gay?” So I was actually hoping when Shannon made his idiotic comment at Tribal Council that Sash would’ve actually come out and said, “I’m gay and I’m kicking your ass, so think about that on the flight back to Louisiana, you idiot.”

    It is funny that the guy’s name is “Shannon” and he apparently refers to himself all the time as “pretty.” He apparently got his girlfriend pregnant and then got married at 19, so maybe if he’d had a few more years of singlehood, he would have figured out that he could easily be a Chelsea muscle queen.

  16. Lexxvs says

    This guy is a loser that saw this lame show as his only hope to make it big in life. There is no doubt that he was the biggest bully and the biggest jerk back in school, if he ever went o one.
    So there you have, an empty shell. My mistake, not empty. Full of sh1t.
    But make no mistake; he is representative of legions of bigoted simpletons.

  17. Dustin :) says

    the vote was 5-5 before they got to tribal con, but after the dumb guy opened his mouth, the vote went 7-3 and he was voted out. Turns out being a bigot doesnt pay you a million dollars.

  18. Beef and Fur says

    He sounds like he is bitter over a jilted bromance.

    Priceless retort from Probst: “New York is full of gay people?” (making note to self…)

  19. Tone says

    The producers seed the tribes with asshats like Shannon to create division and drama. It has worked pretty well so far. I’m pleased that Shannon is gone, talk about an adult child.

    If previous seasons are any indication, the younger tribe is going down. They’ll probably lose half their tribe by merge. Never mind that they’re stronger (maybe) and younger. With that much strife they have no chance of pulling together as a team and they will continue to lose challenges.

  20. Hamp says

    I grew up 70 miles west of Lafayette and even in the 60’s, Lafayette had the best and hottest gay bars in southwest Louisiana. Sure, there’s more gay people in NYC than in Louisiana. That’s because there are more people in NYC than Louisiana. Dude’s cute but dumb. And he’s seriously never eaten seafood or rice in Lafayette? He’s an idiot. Lafayette has some of the best seafood restaurants in the worlds and cajun food is all about the rice. Poor baby.