1. ratbastard says

    Protesting IN AN OBNOXIOUS MANNER (like dudes in nun gear drag) achieves NOTHING. There are only three effective methods that work:

    1) Work diligently within the system, especially behind the scenes, where you get bigger bang for your buck.

    2) If you must protest publicly, be as polite and sane as possible. The most effective public demonstrations I’ve experienced are Quakers / pacifists who will simply stand quietly in a line with a (polite,non-vulgar) protest sign for hours at a time. People always notice them because they are the opposite of typical loud, obnoxious, rude demonstrations.

    3) Disciplined violence. Empires, for example, have never been brought down through words alone; violence has always been necessary. The United States of America was achieved through violence. Ditto the French Republic and many others.

  2. TANK says

    Oh yeah, rb, you hit the nail on the head with 1). Closeted homosexual priests have been working assiduously “behind the scenes” for centuries in the catholic church to get us to “inherently disordered”. WTG, DOUCHEBAGS! Your not-achievement will be forgotten. As to the bang, the pedophilia scandal more than makes up for that. And the buck that paid for it came from STUPID FUCKING HACKS who promote “working behind the scenes” to promote change and tolerance in bigoted institutions.

    Seriously, I feel like my IQ takes a hit whenever I read a lot of the comments here.

  3. daniel says

    Like it or not, the Vatican is recognized as an independent entity, ergo has nation status and all that comes with it.

  4. Jacknasty says

    An independent nation that’s harboring hundreds of known and suspected child rapists.

    We’d order a military strike on any other country harboring a similar percentage of fugitive child rapists.

    NAMBLA should declare itself a religion and setup shop as an independent state.

  5. ratbastard says


    I’m not defending at all what this organization, the RC Church, has tolerated and enabled, regarding abuse. It’s unbelievable state and federal prosecutors haven’t done much more. NOBODY should be above the law.

    BTW: The main reason why New England as a region has statistically the least religious people in America (because of the huge number of Irish, Italian, French-Canadian, Portuguese, Polish, and other ethnic whites, Catholicism is/was the dominant religion in N.E.) has a lot to do with people born and raised Catholic but who are no longer religious because of the various scandals and unacceptable ideology. It’s interesting that the region of America probably most nominally Catholic is also the most gay friendly and politically so-called progressive.

    Organized religions IMO get away with far too much in America and elsewhere, and I’m just talking about abuse, but also things like financial fraud.

    And of course I understand why many gays are at the forefront of anti-religious activity since 99% of religions basically condemn homosexuality.

    But I still think a lot of these street protests and demonstrations are obnoxious bullshit that achieve nothing really positive…might make those demonstrating feel good about themselves, that’s about it.

  6. says

    If you haven’t seen it, here is a song written for the (at the time…upcoming) Pope’s visit to the UK. It is hilarious!!

  7. stephen says

    Any voice of opposition has barely been mentioned in US media… I’m SOooo glad these people protested. If any other “world leader” called gay people an evil threat on modern society they would be met with ridicule & ostracism, not a f’n parade & a visit w/ Queen!

    He keeps apologizing for abuse, while protecting perpetrators & their enablers from prosecution… and demanding that people not use condoms regardless of all we know about HIV… he should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    I’m surprised the crowd of protest wasn’t larger!

  8. Good Riddance says

    The Roman Catholic church today is a mere shadow of its former self — politically, financially and in size.

    Mark Twain predicted it would disappear and it is ahead of schedule.

    The protests do have an effect — they wake people up!

  9. BobN says

    It’s a shame the protests are portrayed as secularist and humanist protests. I suspect there are quite a few devout Catholics unhappy about the Pope’s visit.

  10. ratbastard says

    let me again preface my comment: I am not religious, and certainly don’t approve of the RC church, or any other Christian denominations demonizing homosexuals; ditto any other religion or groups demonizing gays, such as Jews or Muslims.

    That said, you’re delusional if you think the Catholic Church is going anywhere or seriously about to collapse. It’s existed for 2000 years and survived and prospered long after great empires have come and gone. The atheistic worker’s paradise of the Soviet Union lasted 80 odd years, the thousand year Third Reich around 11.5 years..a blink of an eye. The British Empire lasted perhaps 200 years,but really only thrived and reached it’s zenith and collapsed in a span of roughly 100 years. The RC church is larger than all Protestant denominations combined and it’s still fabulously wealthy and influential.