1. rascal says

    On paper, this guy is gorgeous – in other words, if your take each component on it’s own, it’s very nearly perfect. But somehow, in the execution, it just doesn’t add up. He always winds up looking a douchebag.

  2. Terrance says

    Hah…! The harder he tries to de-twink-ify himself, the more he looks like a pixie…!

    Maybe he should just embrace the twink, own the twink, “be the twink”…

    I think he’s very pretty and certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him in more movies and tv shows, but the “butch” thing just ain’t sticking. Sorry. I think he’ll realize this and either (a) “embrace the twink” and show up on Glee! or (b) try to fight the twink and get married/separated/divorced to a woman (within 2 years) before he finally comes out….

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