Accused Stonewall Attacker Refuses To Apologize: ‘I Don’t Know What I Should Be Sorry For’

Amd_benjamin_carver-1 Matthew Francis, one of the men accused of attacking Ben Carver, pictured, at the Stonewall Inn last week, refuses to apologize for his alleged actions, because he has no regrets.

"I'm not going to say sorry, because I don't know what I should be sorry for," said Francis, who also insisted he's not a homophobe. "I don't hate gay people. I don't hate anybody."

According to target Carver, however, Francis and his friend, Christopher Orlando, asked him whether he was gay and then allegedly used that as an excuse to pummel him. And, not surprisingly, Carver's astonished by Francis' latest remark: "I'm very surprised to hear that. [Francis] was the one who was hitting me, and then the other young man was the one who pinned me."

Francis, meanwhile, has decided to use his lesbian sister as part of his defense: "I'm not a thug," he said. "My sister's a full-blown lesbian." Not like those half-blown lesbians…


  1. Chris K says

    Oh so he knows a gay person? Haha, and here I thought he was homophobic!

    I once was friends with a guy named Matthew so I think I’m entitled to beat up mister Francis without having to feel any remorse.

  2. Moo says

    Who freakin’ cares what his stance on gay people is – the point still stands. Him and his retarded, immature friend physically attacked someone! He should be sorry for THAT.

  3. Peter says

    Riiiigghhhhttt, Mr. Francis. Beating the crap out of Ben Carver and in front of the Stonewall Inn is just your way of showing how much you and your friend love teh gayz. Excuse me while I get a very big shovel to scoop up your bits of verbal horse manure.

  4. says

    No wonder he’s a homophobe – he obviously hates his “full-blown lesbian” sister. Now as Andy notes, had she been a “half-blown lesbian” there might be a slip of believability to the attacker’s claim.

    He beat up Ben because he hates gay people. Plain and simple. We’ve all seen it over and over. ‘I don’t hate anybody (publicly) but (privately) I hate those damn gays who keep looking at my little weeny when I pee …’

  5. Zlick says

    I’m trying not to think Carver’s total hottie cuteness is influencing me to believe his story that he was slurred and attempted robberied and attacked, or to judge “I’m not a thug” by his total Thug-Look – but I just find Carver’s tale believable, and anyone accused who says opposite is, unfortunately, assumed by me to be ass-saving attempting.

  6. Zlick says

    Yeah, Jerry, that’s Carver in the photo with this story. Photos of him BEFORE the nasty attack show him to be quite the cutie (but that doesn’t automatically make him honest) and photos easily found elsewhere of one of the perps, Matthew Francis, looking all thug don’t automatically make him a thug.

    But it’s funny how you can smell the truth right through the internet.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Would it be asking too much for you people to actually READ the story before posting your bitchy comments?

    It would? Okay, never mind then. As you were….

  8. patrick nyc says

    My former best friend of 40 plus years was very gay positive, even having many of my friends fly out to his wedding and 40th Birthday party. That was before his homophobic melt down, the day after my mother’s funeral. We have not spoken in three years since.

    Just because people feign support, it is not true until it is proven.

  9. TANK says

    And another sociopath is heard from. At the least, he doesn’t see his assault of another person as something he should apologize for… Well, if he should ever meet with the displeasure of having a pool cue taken to the side of his head by, shall we say, me, then I feel obligated to also refuse to apologize…for though there may not be a reason to compell the amoral and immoral to behave ethically, not playing by the rules of the game rescinds any claim they may have to be treated as if they were. And, in that game, wearing annoying shoes counts as grounds to harm.

  10. Chitown Kev says

    “My sister’s a full-blown lesbian,” he said, explaining he sometimes shows up at the Staten Island bar Blackdog on “lesbian night” because his sister bartends. “I don’t discriminate against gay people.”

    Well alrighty, then.

    Still, does this mean that his sister is a “diesel dyke?”

    Does this means that he prefers his gay guys to be “faggy?”

    Or is it all about the free (or reduced price) booze?

    And what does he do after he gets all toasted?

  11. DCerrrr says

    I have known Ben Carver for almost a decade and I can assure you, he isn’t making anything up. He’s one of the most genuine, honest people I know. And yes, he’s hot to boot. And he absolutely isn’t the type to start anything with a stranger, though I am not at all surprised that he defended himself when pushed around. Francis’ apology or regret is irrelevant. He attacked someone and now should suffer the consequences.

  12. JBMinDC says

    When things are good. “I’m don’t hate gay people.” But if something goes south involving this type of straight person and a gay individual, anti gay slurs are the very first thing that comes to their lips. You never really know how a person feels about homosexuality until they are mad at a person is who a homosexual. Thats the true test. Is the gay man just an “a$$hole” to you right now or a “Fu#&ing Fa$$ot”? This jerk knows he has hate inside.

  13. jakeinlove says

    So he didn’t beat him up because he’s gay. Yipee! So does he randomly going around beating people up? Children? old people? girlfriends? I guess he thinks that what EVERYONE does. Randomly searching for people to beat up.

    I guess if you’re gonna play stupid, you may as do it full tilt!

  14. walter says

    why us ut after these attacks the family and friends always say the attackers are not homophobic and wouldn’t do such things but they the lawyer for the women at rutgers.she is a nice girl wuth a great future. too bad the young man doesn]t have that chance

  15. Kyle says

    I was Christopher Orlando”s high school teacher last year.
    He was always complaining about Gays and anyone who disagreed with him on anything he would call them a “faggot”.
    I contacted his mother and she felt that it was not her concern and brushed me off by saying “Well, he is just saying names and he didn”t hit anyone.” She reported me to the Principal stating that I was harrassing her by contacting her about her son.

  16. FunMe says

    “I’m not racist! Some of my best friends are black!”

    FREAKING HOMOPHOBE! He is going to pay big time, just wait and see. He basically is giving the prosecution enough to have him pay.

    Karma always gets these jerks, trust me you.

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