Andrew Shirvell Taking Leave Of Absence Over Anti-Gay Blog

6a00d8341c730253ef013487d29060970c-800wi-1 Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has finally done the right thing and suspended Andrew Shirvell, his staffer who has been harassing Chris Armstrong, the openly gay president of the University of Michigan's student body.

Cox has consistently said that Shirvell was protected by the First Amendment, and told Anderson Cooper that very thing on Wednesday. Apparently public pressure proved to much, however, and now Cox announced that Shirvell is being reprimanded Shirvell's taking a leave of absence.

Meanwhile, Armstrong has taken Cox's advice and is pursuing a protective order against Shirvell, and the University has banned him from campus.

UPDATE: Original reports out of Michigan described Shirvell's situation as a "suspension." Turns out he's taking a voluntary leave of absence.


  1. Michael Crawford says

    Suspension is not enough. Shirvell has proven himself incapable of defending and representing all of the citizens of Michigan especially the LGBT citizens.

    His crusade against Chris shows him to be homophobic, lacking in judgement, and extremist in his right-wing views.

    In his interview with Anderson Cooper, Shirvell kept saying its a political campaign and in a political campaign harassment tactics like those he’s using against Chris are common place. Then, let’s show Shirvell a political campaign that costs him his job and ensures that he never works as a public servant ever again.

  2. DN says

    So as much as I think the suspension, the restraining order, and banning Shirvell from campus are all very good things…

    I’m worried this guy will become a martyr a la Matt Barber. OK so the guy no longer works for the AG, but will CWA pick him up with enthusiasm? Will anti-gays flock to him as an example of a decent Christian persecuted for simply expressing his beliefs?

  3. says

    It’s being reported now that Mike Cox did NOT suspend Shirvell, but that Shirvell took a leave – which means that Cox is spinning the story in his favor when really he still hasn’t done a damn thing.

  4. rascal says

    Such a weak disciplinary response would never be tolerated if Shirvell’s abominable behavior was directed toward any other minority group.

    There ought now to be calls for the Michigan Attorney General himself to resign.

  5. rascal says

    I can just imagine Cox’s discussion with Shirvell:

    “Hey, Andy, you know I’m on your side, but these disgusting homos wield a lot of power in the media these days… Entertainment people, you know. What can I do? They leave me no choice, Andy, it’s politics. Just take it as one more reason to crush those filthy perverts.”

  6. Bob R says

    From all the accounts that I’ve read about this guy and his history (there’s a lot more than just this case of harassment)the man appears to be a sociopath and absolutely obsessed with either hate for his victim (or maybe even lust? There is a fine line.)that could have deadly consequences.

    The victim should at the very least obtain a restraining order and then seek any civil legal redress he might have. It seems there are no criminal avenues open and that is sad. The victim may even consider turning the tables. I wonder how Mr. Shirvell would react to similar treatment? The man looks like a wimp, a freightened little weenie who enjoys being a bully. As with most bullies, he can dish it out, but I wonder how he would like to take it for awhile? He should be subjected to widespread ridicule and harassment in kind. Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire.

  7. Dxx says

    Shirvell is about as stable as a bowl of jell-o on a waterbed. I fear for Chris Armstrong now that this loon is not only possessed of free time, but will, as most stalkers/crazy people do, blame Chris for his professional issues as opposed to his own unacceptable behavior.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t advocate Chris changing his day-to-day, as it is a form of letting Shirvell win, but at the same time, Chris, please, be extra careful.

  8. walter says

    this man sure looks like a very serious closet case and dangerous. this man needs some very serious mental health intervention
    as does his boss who seems to push this aside the boss needs to held accountable at the same time.the ag doesn’t seem all that bright he is opening the state up to lawsuits and other actions. this man is supposedto be a lawyer

  9. Acronym Jim says

    One smell test I haven’t seen anyone use (because, you know, I can’t read ALL the Internet). Nobody asked either Shirvell or Cox if Shirvell would have kept his job if he had taken the exact same actions toward a heterosexual, female student body president who advocated later hours of operation for campus amenities and gender-neutral housing.

    An (honest) “no” answer would have proved that Cox is not interested in providing equal protection under the law.

    Slightly off-topic – My inner thirteen year old did get a vicarious thrill from hearing Anderson Cooper repeat the words “Mike Cox” over and over again during his interview. If the media spotlight doesn’t result in fair action against Cox and Shirvell, at least one of my fantasies has been partially fulfilled.

  10. matt says

    Cox is a conservative nut himself. He’s out of a job in 3 months and lost his bid for governor. I’m sure he’s received some pressure over this but he’s not going to do anything to jeopardize his future prospects among the right wing. He and Shirvell will both be hailed as heroes and land positions with some fundie org like Focus on the Family which is fine by me as long as the taxpayers aren’t paying for their upkeep anymore. Good riddance!

  11. says

    Personally I believe the guy (Shirvell) should be prosecuted for a hate crime and go to prison. Not for a few days, weeks or months but for many years. Let him live in that world. He is a pompous, pious, pitiful punk.

    And Cox, who took FAR TOO MUCH TIME to take action, should be barred from holding any other civil service or public job again. Ever.

  12. Michael says

    Just to clarify, Armstrong had filed for an order of protection on September 13th, well before Cooper’s interview with Cox. It’s unclear at this point if Cox was aware of this step already being taken. The decision on whether such order will be granted is set to be determined at a hearing on Monday.

  13. Brian says

    The whole thing saddens and sickens me. Shirvell has no place in public office and Cox has already said he’s leaving office in 3 months, so why should he care? You can bet if the shoe was on the other foot, and Armstrong was stalking Shirvell in the same way, Armstrong would have been jailed long ago.

  14. TANK says

    Shirvell is protected by the first amendment, as we all are. But it fails to apply to this case, because nowhere in the first amendment is the right to a job, which he does not have; in fact, none of us have. He should be fired, not suspended. This purely political.

  15. Scott Rose says

    At this next link, you can see the Michigan Penal Code definitions for criminal stalking:

    Shirvell’s stalking of Armstrong fits those definitions. The question is, why has Armstrong not received world-class guidance on his legal rights in this? The mere fact that he is having to wait so long for a protection order against his stalker is disturbing. I saw his written statement requesting the order of protection; it’s sincere, it’s even persuasive, but, it very obviously is written without the least input from somebody who knows what elements of a stalking to include to most quickly gain a judge’s protection against a worrisome stalker. Beyond that, really, Shirvell should have been arrested for stalking and the request for an order of protection granted at the time of his arraignment. For Cox as Attorney General to mislead the public by saying that stalking is protected by the first amendment is obscene. What we have witnessed and continue to witness in this is a gay victim of stalking not receiving equal protection under the law.

  16. tweedle says

    “Shrivell” seems capable of anything at this point. Everyone on this site knows that he lies awake at night wanking furiously to fantasies of Mr. Armstrong. There is good reason to be concerned for Armstrong’s safety. Hopefully this can be stopped before “Shrivell’s” fatal attraction takes a deadly turn.

  17. Jonathan says

    Shirvell is the poster boy for anti-gay hatred by a person who is himself homosexual and cannot accept it. He’s insane. This isn’t a “political campaign”. This guy is an imbalanced stalker who should be considered capable of murder.

  18. Vickif says

    This man should not be in any position of authority. He abused his office by stalking Chris Armstrong. Unfortunately one of those so called Christian groups will hire him as he is a lawyer. What were the people of Michigan thinking when they voted in these creeps.

  19. TANK says

    What were they thinking? Do you know the demographics in michigan? It’s horrendous. These people are bigots. I’ve never encountered a state so segregated…and I mean segregated. The jews live in their area, the italians in theirs, and black people in detroit…it’s like stepping into a time machine. Ann Arbour is no measure of how backward that primitive state is.

    And the upper peninsula? Forget about it! LOL! Survivalist nutjobs. You want to get into a bar fight in michigan? Mention that you’re jewish, or gay–it’ll happen.

  20. says

    Shirvell looks and acts like avery disturbed person, and is clearly obsessed with Mr. Armstrong. I hope that Mr. Armstrong’s university takes the necessary steps to protect him from any retaliatory action that Shirvell may attempt.

    Best of luck to you, Mr. Armstrong!

  21. Daniel says

    Lets face it, Andrew Shrivell is a closeted gay man, like so many
    radical christians (small c). His attacks against Armstrong are merely defecting the fact that Armstrong truly is the object of his affection. Sorry, but even at 4am closing time of a gay bar, Andrew Shivrell would shrivel even a trolls dick. This guy, like Phelps and all the other rabid right wing nut jobs, need to get fucked and see what they are missing instead of fucking with America.

  22. BobN says

    Is three weeks the typical waiting time for a hearing for a restraining order in Michigan?

    Seems way out of line to me.

    As to my inner thirteen year old, I wish Cox’s first name was Jack.

  23. Carl says

    Well Shirvell took leave of his senses a long time ago, finally he will take a leave off abscence from his job.
    Just a couple months more of Cox as AG in Michigan. He is not up for election as he tried and failed to get Republican nomination for Governor. Hopefully we will get a Democrat AG in place in November!

  24. EJ says

    Am I the only one who thinks Andrew Shirwell is really Peewee Herman, but without the brains or humor, just a great pile of hate, Consider the action, “The gentleman doth protest too much”, Gay . . . very possibly, too bad for our team!

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