Ann Coulter: “Maybe I Am Getting Too Into Being Hated By Liberals”

The New York Times profiles Ann Coulter in a new piece today. Sounds like she was interviewed on the day of her speech at Homocon last month (“I wrote a new speech for the gays and I don’t have it memorized yet!” she says).

AnnCoulter who reveals something very few people experience – how it feels it be hated by so many people:

On a recent Thursday, after a late taping of “The Sean Hannity Show,” Ms. Coulter sounded almost weary discussing her critics. “It was more fun when I was lesser known,” she said. “The rule of the road is you never attack down, you always attack up. Now I have all these peons attacking me and I have to not respond. And it’s fun to respond.” She said she recently got an e-mail from a friend who was chastised for taking a public position on a Christian issue. “He said, ‘How do you get used to being hated by so many people?’ ” Ms. Coulter said.

She had some trouble with her reply. “My first paragraph was bubbling over with how fun it was to be hated by liberals,” she said. “And then I realized, at the end of it, maybe I am getting too into being hated by liberals.”


  1. Paul R says

    Wow, so she basically admitted that a lot of the utter crap she says is simply to make money and attract attention? Is she having a Barry Goldwater moment?

    I really don’t care about anything she has to say about anything.

  2. Paul R says

    Or maybe she’s just upset because her plastic surgery work looks awful and needs to be redone.

  3. says

    She’s getting too into the *idea* of being hated by liberals. For someone to hate you means he or she has to give a shit. I’m personally just repulsed by her.

    I read somewhere a while back that she used to wear fur coats in college to inflame animal rights advocates. Sounds to me like her entire self-image is based on how others view her.

  4. LiamB says

    Yeah, can’t really say that I invest enough thought into her to hate. Sad that she derives her entire self image on what others think.

  5. John Normile says

    She makes me feel like I have the Flu a toothache and recent chemotherapy all at the same time

  6. Ben says

    Good Lord. The realization that “so many people hate you” would cause any rational, reasonable, sane, well-brought person to examine their role in that and perhaps change something. Not this pathetic woman.

    And boo to those idiot gay republicans who seem enthralled by her.

  7. Bart says

    Dear Anne,

    We don’t hate you, we pity your obsessive need for attention and find everything you say utterly trivial. It could actually replace the sound of television static if your voice itself were less grating.

    And as far as being attacked by peons…Anne, sweetie, you would have to up your game by about 1000% to even be considered mediocre. So go ahead and fight back, we aren’t listening anyway.

    Don’t go away mad, just go away.


    Everyone on Earth

  8. Pitbull says

    Ann, we figured you out a long time ago. You’re not about intellect and conviction — you’re only about ego. Hence your compulsion to grab as much of the limelight as often as possible by saying anything, no matter how outrageous or heartless it may be. Normal, well-adjusted people don’t live like that.

  9. says

    Ann should be given partial credit for helping destroy “christianity”. All these preachers and church leaders have been following in her footsteps for years, trying to say the most outrageous things and drawing attention to themselves, no matter how small of a church they belong to. Some of them wear black dresses too.

  10. FunMe says


    Can we stop reporting anything having to do with this CHINO (Christian in Name Only).

    Who cares what this crystal meth hateful thing has to say?

  11. Troy says

    I love how she throws around the word “peons” to describe the people below her in her kingdom of bloated self-importance. How appropriate for the “screw you, I’ve got mine” brand of conservative. Surprised the NYT wasted the ink.

  12. Forrestabbey2 says

    Here we have the perfect example of the Ayn Rand wannabee. Attention is the name of the game. Good, bad or indifferent, as long as people talk about you. Her first book is the only book I have ever thrown away. Too much trouble even to burn it.

  13. Esteban says

    A few years ago, while waiting at baggage claim, I realized I was standing right next to Ms Coulter who must have been on the same flight.

    The three things that struck me the most about her were
    1) she was a lot prettier in person,
    2) she was a lot shorter than I had imagined she’d be and
    3) how much I had never wanted to push someone onto the revolving baggage claim belt as much as I did her.

    I will go to my grave regretting that I hadn’t knocked over that bitch when I had the chance!

  14. Todd E. says

    As most of the commenters above said much better than I ever could, oh, Ann, poor delusional Ann…what a pathetic soul. I don’t hate her…that would require me to give two shits. I don’t.

  15. says

    One day, she may find that black hooker’s dress makes her look like Grandmama Addams. However, Grandmama had more class.

  16. Dave says

    The only question I have for Ann Coulter is how the hell she can be a Grateful Dead fan while remaining sober. Noodle dancing to 15:00 acid rock guitar solos & not showering for 5 days straight is not fun unless you are f*cked up too.

  17. Bobby Tan says

    /Ann Coulter has proven again and again She is an Ahole with no asshole…all the shit she spews are through her only hole in her face.

  18. Von Lmo says

    Ann’s career has been eclipsed by the Momma Grizzly & the Tea Party crazies & there ain’t nut’n she can do ’bout it. Hence she takes crap bookings like HomoCon. What next Annie, grand openings of grocery stores?

  19. patrick nyc says

    Funny how she always is wearing the black party dress, even in her morning appearances as Kathy Griffith pointed out on the Today show. She is clueless.

  20. Baron says


  21. Bad Humor Boy says

    Timothy Leary once observed that every synapse in the human brain has some 25,000 connections and when you’re talking billions of such phenomena as the supporting base for our capacity to rationalize, the prospects for that are approximately infinite. Ms. Coulter has no restraint and has yet to discover any limit to her own. Common decency once provided that, but decency is gone.

    Coulter’s career has been devoted to exploiting what remains, i.e., the common, and that has led her to a mastery of “the stupid.” Liberals and Progressives do hate “the stupid” – but, we merely pity the practitioners of it. If reactions to “hateful messages” appear as responses in kind, such messengers should take stock of the fact that they are still thriving and doing well.

    If Ms. Coulter is going soft or getting “girlish” about the muscular Christian stance, she is setting herself to get a good dose of what she’s been dishing out – and not from liberals, but from her own fellow culture warriors of the religious right. She has a lot to learn about being the target of hate!

  22. Jim in St Louis says

    Have any of you bitches actually ever read anything that Ann has written? I can answer that question myself since its clear from the comments that none of you ever have. At most you could claim to have read a two line out-of-context snippet. I think Coulter is very funny and very smart, of course I don’t agree with her on everything (or even on most things) but I can see where she is coming from and she has made me think twice about an issue before making up my mind. And even at her worst or even if you disagree with her that much- what makes her deserve the tone of the comments above? Sure if you want to be catty or witty that is your right. But these comments are hate speech and woman bashing, and down right nasty.

  23. Jonathan says

    I went to college with Ann Coulter. And I was very good friends with two of her roommates. She is soooo not religious. Every time they say she is an Evangelican Christian I just laugh. She has always been a right wing wacko. But the religion thing is all made up. The other constant is that she has always been full of shit. It’s amazing how all that hate can show in your face. In her late teens and early 20s she was exceptionally beautiful (and she had a much better hair colorist). She a little freaky looking now.

  24. says

    Calling criticism of Ann Coulter hate speech and woman bashing is an affront to people who have actually endured hatred and misogyny in their lives.

    The thing that makes Ann Coulter deserving of the scorn and pity of the nation is her incessant need for attention at any cost. Her tendency to call people names can only elicit an in-kind response. If she doesn’t like being called a deranged bitch, then maybe she should stop calling people faggots. There is no way that word can be taken out of context.

    What Jim in St Lous doesn’t appear to understand is that not all opinions are worthy of equal time and consideration. If she actually has a reasonable point, it’s drowned out by her continuous need to mock and belittle people on the left who are simply advocating for equal civil and human rights. She is clearly a deeply narcissistic woman who has made the decision to grab the easy buck by allowing any thoughtful insight she might have to be utterly overshadowed by her pathetic and obviously insincere bullshit. Someone like that simply does not have an opinion that is worth anyone’s time or consideration.

  25. says

    Why is the media paying attention to her again? It seemed like, for a few years there, they had agreed to just ignore her (as they should).

  26. says

    Anyone who compares Coulter to Ayn Rand displays their ignorance about of them.

    If Coulter thinks it good to be hated by liberals then she should be ecstatic to know that she is hated by libertarians as well. She is dishonest, obnoxious and repulsive.

  27. Jim in St Louis says

    Of course not all opinions are of equal weight- my point was that you have no idea what her opinions really are- do you?

  28. Bart says

    Jim in St. Louis, this is Bart in St. Louis. Most of the comments here have been very clear about one thing: they don’t care about what this person has to say. She’s inconsequential. Be she male or female (she happens to be female.) Her opinion — and sadly, I have read her and even more sadly, I’ve seen her speak, is without substance, merit or wit.

    You can heap praise on her for making you “think twice about issues” before making up your mind. I don’t need this person’s non-consequential input into any decision, political or social. You can find her funny. I can assure you, I have never, not once, found this writer/speaker funny. Desperate? Absolutely. Snarky? For sure. Snotty. Many times. Lame. Almost always. But never funny. I like funny. I find Dennis Miller funny (I disagree with him almost all the time.) I find Christine O’Donnell charming (a step away from being completely insane but charming.) As for Ms. Coulter, she completely lacks subtlety, wit or grace. She’s obtuse and obvious, attention-starved, humorless, dopey, overtly smug (self-important)as if that is the only way anyone will take her serious, immature, with a gloomy, sad cloud hanging over her as if she deep down knows that there’s no there there. She reminds me of that annoying six year old at a party who bothers you and bothers you and bothers you to watch her sing and dance, neither of which she does well. And then when you politely clap and turn away, she continues to vamp for attention with either tears or screams. Eventually she resorts to spitting and name calling. And then full on tantrums until everyone is looking at her.

    If I lived in NYC and read the Sunday Times, I would have skipped right over the article. She’s that unimportant. Has nothing to do with “women bashing.” (Like the use of the word “bitches”… Very telling when someone uses a derogatory term while complaining about derogatory remarks.)

    When people are desperate to make themselves known and needily crave a spotlight so much so as to make a living mocking and deriding people she disagrees with, don’t be surprised, Jim in St. Louis, when people pull up a chair at Anne’s table and sit down opposite her and start spewing back. I wish I could work up the energy to do much more than feel sorry for her but she doesn’t matter enough for much more than pity.

  29. Ryan says

    Hate to tell you guys but Coulter is a fake, a phony, a fraud. She doesn’t even believe half of what she says herself. She loves the publicity and the notoriety that comes with it. It’s all an act – admittedly a hate filled act but an act no less. As long as she’s raking in the dough she’s going to keep the performance going – the meaner she is the more she’s in demand and the greater the demand the higher her asking price. She is addicted to the spotlight – a true media whore if you will.

    Sooner or later she will cross that very fine line and her fans will finally turn on her. Nothing makes the little guy happier than to knock someone off the pedestal they placed them on. She’ll either go soft on something for the “wrong” reason, be caught on tape mocking or otherwise making fun of her fans or someone else they idolize, or she’ll get caught up in the middle of someone else’s ugly mess – it’s going to happen and I just can’t wait until it does. Until then the best thing to do is to ignore her and her despicable routine.

  30. nic says

    her raison d-etre is polemics. she has said as much, herself. i wonder how that might serve her in hell. might eating the shit she vomits be an appropriate penance? maybe not. god, how i hate that woman(?).

  31. wimsy says

    She’s a yawn-provoking irrelevancy, and I can’t be bothered caring about her. What’s interesting about an aging loudmouth bottle blonde?

  32. Jerry6 says

    The phrase “Gay Republican” is an oxymoron. Such a person is imaginary; it cannot exist in reality.

  33. Michael says

    I, for one, don’t think about her at all. The people who spew forth outrageous and illogical claims only do so to reinforce their own twisted sense of self-importance. She’s a twit.

  34. EJ says

    Does she really matter; I have friends who are staunch Republican (I do hate to admit that) who fine her a total embarrassment. Can you imagine having sex with that bag of very ugly bones; in time she will talk herself into her own grave. Let’s not give her more credit for her unfortunate view on America and the wife’s of dead 9/11 victims. That she should be called on. Evil is truly evil, let’s not support her in any way, she just loves that, let’s just kill her with silent.