1. ravewulf says

    “Alcohol affects your whole body, and so does sexual behavior”

    You know what else affects your whole body? Water, food, oxygen, chemicals, radiation, etc. Such idiotic statements these people make.

  2. David in Houston says

    Jeff Johnston, Focus on the Family social policy analyst, said Monday, “Alcohol affects your whole body, and so does sexual behavior. The highly addictive (aspect of both) is an apt comparison.”

    So how would Jeff know that homosexual behavior is highly addictive unless he were a closeted gay guy trying to refrain from the addiction. Sorry sweetie, but you’ve just outed yourself ;o)

  3. Bob says

    This is OT but am I the only one who thinks that “alcoholism is a disease” is just made up BS in the first place.

    Regardless, the point here is that ONCE AGAIN the right is breaking down homosex to be about nothing but sexual acts. Like as long as I dont engage in sexual acts I’m not gay.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    Misquote on Ed Show segment, Andy.

    Istook continues to say, gay activists say that being gay is NOT a choice in order to help their legal arguments.

    Actually a good segment and exposes the stupidity of Buck’s “not-ready-for-primetime” distortions.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    RAVEWULF, you’re right. Those right-wingers keep making absurd statements. Here’s another: “For years conservative Springs ministry leaders have compared alcoholism to homosexuality,” — as if some ministers saying something improves the claim’s truth value!

    The real fallacy here is the implicit claim that both behaviors are voluntary. Science actually shows that at least some individuals are born with a predisposition to alcoholism. Of course the right wing can’t concede that point or they’d have no basis for choosing to hate alcoholics, too. (And let’s not get started on the whole “hate the sin, love the sinner” nonsense.)

  6. Steve says

    Exactly my thought. This isn’t the first time one of these characters commented in the addictive and exciting properties of gay sex. It’s like they are constantly tempted themselves.

  7. Bob says


    Funsy side of the family fully embraces the Love the Sinner Hate the Sin concept. Mainly because gays are open now and they have to deal with gay family members!

    The question I always have is what exactly is the sin. Is it just the sex? SO if I dont bump nasties I am not sinning. What if I love a guy but dont have sex? Is that a sin?

  8. says

    Being Gay is never a choice. Being Hateful is.

    And I, too, immediately picked up on that telling “highly addictive” statement – I guess we’ve got something good going on.

  9. jtaskw says

    The thing I found most insulting:
    “There are those in the same sex community who don’t like being told ‘you can’t help it’ and ‘you have no choice'”
    As if acknowledging that certain traits are inborn or develop independent of conscious choice or behavior was anything like saying you have a problem or issue you need to help! Listen you idiot, I don’t NEED help!

  10. PhilipMe says

    Homosexual sex is to Homosexuality as Drinking is to Alcoholism, as Heterosexual sex is to Heterosexuality, as Abstinance is to All of the above.
    Some people believe that Homosexuality is a sin, others not. Some people believe that Alcoholism is a disease, others not.
    Homosexuality, Heterosexuality and Alcoholism are not, in my opinion, choices; acting or abstaining from acts are choices.
    Some religions or philosophies teach that drinking alcohol is a sin, others speak so of homosexuality, and some sects or orders believe all sexual acts are inappropriate and that celibacy is the only righteous practice. But believing in those religions or philosophies is also a choice, and our Constitution does not let other people’s religious or philosophical choices dictate our own.

  11. latebrosus says

    @David, @Steve: as a recent comment I read somewhere goes, conservatives treat homosexuality as only about sex, but heterosexuality is about love.

    @Ravewulf: like pregnancy is 100% safe, you know?

  12. Bob says

    Ok… using this guys logic SEX w/ chicks is ICKY gross.

    Because if hetro sex were more or just as addictive as homo sex, then just banging a girl or two should put us all on the straight and narrow. Or at least be kind of a methadone treatment

    Also by his logic homo-sex has the power to make “normal” men grow addicted and not engage in “natural” sex. So homo-sex must be way better than “normal” sex which apparently doesnt effect your whole body. Given the choice – teehee- I would definatly choose the full body option rather than the mild vanilla one.

  13. BobN says

    “But Buck’s views are closer to the mainstream in Colorado Springs. For years conservative Springs ministry leaders have compared alcoholism to homosexuality.”

    Gotta love Focus on the Family for this one. Most other Coloradoans view the residents of Colorado Springs as religious nutjobs.

    Way to go, FotF!