1. db says

    I love how they always mention a gay relative as though that somehow is supposed to make us think better of them. That he could have a gay nephew and still be this much of a homophobic jerk just says even more about him.

  2. Aron says

    I’ll never understand how a straight person thinks he or she would have more insight than an actual gay person into why someone is gay. It’s like believing I know more about how the stock market works than a trader because I went to beauty school. D’uh.

  3. Jonster says

    “… But they wear these little Speedos and they grind against each other, and it’s just a terrible thing.”

    OMG. Best laugh of the day!!!

  4. walter says

    he’s a good catholic right down to his bastard kid. what does the bible say about extramarital affairs children out of wedlock. fuck the self righteous. how many candles did he have to pay for so he wasn’t xcommunicated or did he blow the bishop

  5. niles says

    Actually, his views are not that different from the rest of the Tea Party crowd. He just happened to put them into words. The rest are biding their time until they get into office.

  6. says

    Two things:

    Matt Lauer is a much better interviewer than George Stephanopoulos. And Carl Paladino is right about one thing: his views are indeed the same as the Catholic Church.

  7. Rich says

    Paladino: “I’m not a hompophobic.”

    Paladino: “I don’t think it’s proper for them to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other. I don’t think that’s proper. I think it’s disgusting.”

    You know… if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

  8. jerry says

    Couple of things
    1: He seems really obsessed about men in speedos grinding against each other. Seems a repressed fantasy to me, though he should know the sight of him in a speedo would only cause retching and no grinding.
    2:As for his assertion as to a young person and choice it’s not difficult if when you are 14 or 15 and you consistently get a major woody contemplating your school’s quarterback and zero when contemplating the head cheerleader, not a real big question as to which team nature intended you to play for.

  9. Tone says

    Apologies to Rich, who posted the duck thing first. I should have read some of the prior replies fist. On the other hand, imitation *is* the sincerest form of flattery!

  10. says

    I met him at a family wedding 5 years ago. I’m generally a polite person, but he was such a blowhard that I just walked away from him mid-conversation, no “excuse me” or anything. I had no idea he had these “insights” about gay culture. It makes me doubly proud I walked away.

  11. TJ says

    I think heterosexuality is a lifestyle to which children should not be exposed. It leads to adultary, children born to mistresses, multiple marriages, divorce, listening to country music, and attending monster truck rallies (CLEARLY an abomination!).

  12. Jared says

    Anyone notice his use of adjectives in place of nouns? Even if he’s not a “homophobic” or an “anti-semitic”, at least we know now that he’s not a high school diploma holder either.

  13. Rob says

    I wonder what this GOP homophobic Tea Bagger thinks about young kids seeing a good ol’ co-ed wet t-shirt contest during spring break. You know, the “Girls Gone Wild” kind where the females wear skimpy bikinis and t-shirts while bumping and grinding against each other while being hosed down by the males? Oh, wait, he probably has videos of such events that he has emailed to all his friends and buds (whether they wanted them or not)!

  14. Joe says

    First saying “I’m not a homophobic” isn’t grammatically correct. Why doesn’t anyone ever point out how foolish and terrible there people are at speaking. He sounds like a dumbass.

    I think he would be better off saying “I don’t want kids seeing people grinding.” If he said something like that he could say he isn’t hateful, but HE IS.

    Also, I’m really frustrated that he can’t see how he is creating hate. Of course it would be easier for us Gays to live straight lifestyles… if it were NOT for BIGOTS like him. It is only a hurtful lifestyle because of people like him. He talks about his nephew living with discrimination – but can’t realize he is a huge part of the problem. Terrible.

  15. Steven says

    He has no problem with the gays… just our equal rights: to marry, public assembly, public displays of affection, in public education. No, no problems with the gays. Hope Andrew already has his team of gays redecorating the Governor’s Mansion.

  16. secure214 says

    If gay pride parades are bad, then lets also say Spring Break parties are bad too.

    Girls in bikini’s grinding…
    Everyone getting drunk…
    Everyone making out….
    Everyone puking…
    Doing drugs….
    Getting arrested…
    Dancing to Satanic Rock N Roll Music…
    Having public sex…
    Blowjobs in the bathrooms…
    Guys fighting…
    …and volleyball…

  17. Disgusted American says

    all I knlw – IF I was his nephew – Id tell him in NO uncertain terms- to STFU about me….STOP mentioning me, and stay the Eff out of my life forever you asshole.

  18. Andy says

    I agree that Matt Lauer totally did a better job than George Stephanopoulos. Lauer kept hitting Palladino with questions whereas Stephanopoulos spent too much time digesting the responses.

  19. malo says

    OK, I understand now. Stupid he is not. He used our community to be in all the news/TV shows. After all we are a minority, a small group, attack and then apologize after. More people know about him. The exposure and name recognition is wider than before and free. He played us.

  20. SKOC211 says

    For the love of God people VOTE VOTE VOTE. Even if you don’t live in New York VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2ND because there are Republicans all across the country that share the same views. The Democrats may not be great but they sure as hell beat Paladino and his ilk.

  21. shannon says


  22. BobN says

    “And what does “I sensitize with it totally” mean?”

    I’m almost certain he meant to say moisturize…

  23. SteveMD2 says

    RE Paladino…………

    Yes he’s not homophobic. And hitler so loved the Jews etc etc etc.

    If there was a god, these scum would long ago have been nothing but an abortion.

  24. FunMe says

    Shannon aren’t you the one who just left West Hollywood? Geez, you sound more homophobic than some straights!

    Have you ever seen what happens at the straight pride events? Check out any Spring Break and get a clue!

    Geez, the GLBTs that become CONservative in the old age!

  25. ratbastard says

    The phrases ‘whack job’ and ‘wing nut’ are over-used, but in the case of Paladino, right on the money.

    Just one more individual who gets off quoting the bible but has his own dirty background. He’s so obvious it makes you wonder if his whole campaign isn’t a straw dog.

  26. ted says

    TEA party is about taxation, government excess. Niles’ attempt to slur tea party folks with anti gay bias is a crock. I spoke as an openly gay person at the New Orleans TEA Party rally over a year ago and got a lot of kudos from the crowd. And no opposition. Paladino is just another inarticulate person who does not know the proper language with which he should use to speak to “enlightened gay folks”. But seeing as he is a republican, no enlightened gay person would ever give him a chance, irrespective of his comments. Were he of the opposite poitical stripe, any seeming indication he made towards backing off would have been heralded as complete and acceptable contrition. Posed with the same scenario, but a straight guy and a bikini clad babe grinding on each other suggestively, I would think that he would find that disgusting as well, and inappropriate for children to watch. Better question: Why do we want our sexually suggestive friends wearing little speedos to grind on each other in our parades? Answer: Obviously, Gay Pride is only about sex, and anyone watching better like it. I like it so I watch. (I would not like my kids to see it had I any.)

  27. wimsy says

    This guy is a complete idiot. It never ceases to amaze me how such intellectual midgets climb to the top rungs of the Republican Party. Egad!