1. veg says

    I agree with Gaylib completely.

    Eminem is a multimillionaire homophobe black wannabe.

    His justifications for using anti-gay language and for being a homophobe are incredibly asinine: (1) everybody else used the word and it was said constantly around him so I used it in my lyrics in the worse possible ways; (2) I am the victim and because I am a white rapper the world is attacking me for being a homophobe.


    I fervently believe that all homophobic rappers need to be euthanized immediately and then all masters and copies of their music need to be permanently destroyed so no one is able to hear it again.

  2. candideinnc says

    Matty has it right. This fool talks like a immature prepubescent little girl. He is careless, thoughtless, and infantile. Why he has a following is beyond me…but, then again, I hate all rap music anyway.

  3. Tone says

    I do not agree that Eminem is untalented. He’s proven his talent. Nevertheless I am unwilling to participate in my own oppression by supporting him in any way.

  4. Dback says

    Eminem is right on one thing: he is indeed singled out more often for his homophobia than many other hip-hop artists are. However, his brand of homophobia has often been more aggressively violent, going beyond “the f-word” to openly advocating physical attacks on gay people. The “victim” approach doesn’t look good on him.

    Having said that, Fifty Cent is just as aggressively homophobic and stupid as Eminem is, and doesn’t seem to get called on it nearly as often (except here and on AfterElton). Very few people seem willing to explore what it does to our young men’s psyches to be listening to such aggressive mysogeny, homophobia, etc. on a regular basis.

  5. says

    I kind of look at it this way: Eminem is to rap what McDonald’s is to burgers. The bigger you are, the more likely you’re going to be attacked. You can dress it all up and even offer a cup of fruit on the side with your 2,000 calorie burger and fries; but at the end of the day, you’re still poisoning the minds and bodies of the all-to-willing idiots of consumption.

    Burger King and Wendy’s don’t come under this type of scrutiny, but they’re still equally vile.

  6. says

    If any other minority was treated the way rappers treat gays, it would not be tolerated for a second. Eminem and all the rest are evil and spread the disease of HATE to our youth. Period.

    PS: Mr. Cooper needs to grow a set of testicles.

  7. says

    This interview begs the question: Are we at all sure that Anderson Cooper isn’t a shill for GOProud?

    It seems odd to me that someone with so much courage in their lyrics should prove to be such a coward.

  8. Joe says

    He didn’t invent saying it and their are other rappers who say these things, but he is the most popular and mainstream to get these words across, which is why he has a responsibility to own up to what he did.

    He’s right that he was undereducated and in a community that allowed him to say these things, but he should have actually apologize for his actions. He has stopped using those words and themes now (right)?

    Also, does anderson cooper only own suits and black polo/t-shirts?

  9. pete says

    The newspeople are such pussies… they’re afraid to ask direct questions b/c if they do, they’ll be denied access in the future. Accountability is SO unpleasant.

    Palladino was on the AM chat shows & the interviewers were totally rolled by him. Cooper’s no different- each time they let an implausible answer roll-on-by, they implicitly endorse that drip-drip-drip of trickle-down homophobia.

  10. crispy says

    Good grief, I feel like a bipolar schizophrenic with a meth problem who’s been dropped in a room full of squirrels!

    Last week, Anderson Cooper was a gay hero becoming one of our biggest advocates, and this week he’s a “shill for GOProud”?

    Ya’ll are some fickle bitches!

  11. terry says

    Crispy, tell me about it! Cooper was asking him questions as a reporter, not as a correspondent for Faux news. Give him a break. Besides, he was giving Eminem the chance to explaing himself (he didn’t). He didn’t try to nag or egg him on for some hyped up answer. Jesus, people give it a break!

  12. bobo says

    The lyric is, “…stab you in the head whether you’re a fag or a lez. Hate fags? The answer’s yes.”
    Has Anderson never heard of a follow up question? Was the only reason to ask the question to get Eminem off the hook?
    Have to wonder….
    Plus if Andy doesn’t push too hard then no one is going to suspect Anderson of being gay. Oh wait, I seem to remember reading in these comment sections on other AC stories that he is out, so then he must just be a really bad journalist. Hack!

  13. J.T. says

    At the end of the article, Eminem offers his help to those going through tough times. If he really wants to prove that he’s there to help people, and doesn’t care if a person is gay or straight, he should make an “It Gets Better” video to show his commitment to that idea.

  14. fern says

    The N word also gets “thrown around” a lot in rap.

    But Enimen says will never use the “N” word in his lyrics out of respect for the black community.

    Which pretty much shows he uses the “F” word out of DISrespect for the gay community, and also because he likes easy targets.

  15. says

    DBACK’s comment: Eminem is right on one thing: he is indeed singled out more often for his homophobia than many other hip-hop artists are.

    That’s why it’s NEVER ok. Now people are desensitized and it’s not a big deal. Eminem should have just waited for other artists (as big as he was) to do it first.

    And then just wait for Elton John to ok it away. You know, because Elton speaks for every gay person.

  16. HP says

    Anderson did a perfectly fine interview. He asked several questions on the subject of Eminem’s misogynistic and homophobic lyrics, and got clear, insightful answers back. Answers which were pretty much stupid, but that’s Eminem’s reasoning apparently. Yeah, I’m not a fan.

  17. Evan says

    Jeez, people, this was meant to be a 10 minute profile of all of Eminem, not a debate/thorough investigation into homophobia in his rap music. In doing this profile, Anderson asked the relevant questions on this subject, and we learned how Eminem feels about using gay slurs, his response to criticism because of it, his responsibility to kids hearing these things, and that he is an asshole. Wait, we knew that last one already. Point is, Anderson is not lame/testicle-less/GOProud/a hack/whatever, he’s good people and there was nothing wrong with his questions. Are you guys this critical of yourselves? That must suck.

    @Crispy: Seriously.

  18. Giosue says

    as a Gay man, I can’t deny his use of the word, and what that promotes, but at the same time I can’t deny that I am a fan. His music is some of the best hip hop ever made, but his lyrics, however hateful they are towards the LGBT community are no where near as hateful as others. Take Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye” as an prime example, which explicitly condones the act of throwing acid on the faces of gays. None of Eminem’s lyrics even come close to that. I wonder if Cooper tried to interview Banton or any other hip hop/rap artist before setting his sights on Eminem. At the very least Eminem agreed to the interview, which I have to admire.

  19. markm says

    Anderson dealt with the issue appropriately. It was a profile not a topical debate or throwdown. The lyrics and resulting outcry they were discussing are also about ten years old.

    If he turned the piece into an excuse to rant his personal views about things from ten years ago that have already been discussed extensively in the media long ago, he would have been viewed as letting his sexuality interfere with his job of presenting a portrait of his subject, alienated a lot of viewers, and risked his employers losing the confidence in him.

    We also are seeing this piece through the lens of current events which was not the context it was created in. This was mostly filmed in July except for the concert part in September.

  20. Gypsy says

    @CRISPY, you are so right, he’s doing an interview, doesn’t mean he is going to disrespect the interviewee (word?) and be rude and obnoxious to him, yall are some fickle fuckers, either you love him for everything he does, or you dont like him at all.
    You dont pick and choose what you like that he does, he’s doing his J-O-B! I personally love the Coop.

  21. KevMusic says

    The “N word” is also thrown around a lot in Hip Hop but you don’t hear that coming out of his mouth. As a matter of fact, he has made a conscious decision not to use the “N word”. His excuse is as lame as his extremely disposable music.

  22. freestuffffff says

    Why does this little poser always get a pass? My guess is because he has been constructed from the ground up by Velvet Mafia stylists, managers, and producers who make big bucks from every “faggot” he spews into a microphone. Eminem and his creators, like all good televangelists, have learned the secret of success: you never go broke pandering to America’s ignorance and darkest fears. Anderson Cooper’s first job out of college was with the CIA by the way. Why HE always gets a pass is a mystery to me too.

  23. ratbastard says

    Rap has been and is brutally,violently homophobic,anti-homosexual. It’s based on extreme machismo and misogyny so this is not surprising. Marshall Mathers has become very wealthy often through very nasty,vicious, violent anti-homosexual lyrics. It is what it is. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  24. Rin says

    Considering that he also wrote songs about killing the woman he was married to and apparently loved enough to marry twice I’d just put this in the corner of trying to get a rise out of people and it working.

    He wanted to shock people and he did.

    If we didn’t live in a country where we were all so titillated by assholes and didn’t love to be offended people like this wouldn’t make a dime.

  25. Bryan says

    Is he disingenuous or actually stupid? Hard to tell, but as he’s essentially claiming that slurs against minorities cease to be offensive with repetition, he’s got to be either or both.

    For all his bleeding-edge urban image, at heart he’s just another rich, straight, entitled white guy who promotes himself by any means necessary.

  26. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Eminem like all other low-class rappers whether crackers or niggers always use excuses to use insulting language.I do not find faggot insulting because I do not let it be insulting.My father used to say:Insults are never given,only taken.If these excuses for humans use those words I do not accpt them as insulting.Words are words and the best response to them is to ignore them.I expect if they use them to also take them.If they can’t take it,F*ck them.

  27. Rob says

    All of you need to jump back into reality. None of this really matters in the big picture, because all of our so called rights are being stripped away little by little. When the economy and banks really fail this time next time around, you’ll all be scratching your heads wondering what happened. What’s happening in Greece and Spain will happen here. Our Government will fall. You cannot just keep printing money with no consequence. Good luck to you all.

  28. steffa says

    would just like to point out:
    he has not used any homophobic language for yearssssss people.
    and if you paid any attention to him what so ever, you would know this.
    he stopped after all the backlash around 2001- latest

  29. wimsy says

    I don’t see how anybody can be a fan of this trailer trash black wannabe. He just another bigot who belches murderous hate, then whines when he gets called on it. Meanwhile, millions of halfwits who listen to his fulminations think it’s a fine idea to slug the nearest gay guy. Fuck him, and fuck his so-called music.

  30. Mariella says

    WTF?! Poor Eminem… his white privilege afforded him way more media attention and success than other rappers, and his white privilege meant that more people cared about what he said. His life must be so difficult. What. The. Fuck.

  31. Shane says

    The fact that Anderson Cooper, an intelligent, educated journalist, is in the closet is way more disturbing to me than anything Eminem, or any other dumb ass rapper, could ever say.

  32. Jeff says

    Eminem’s never been a great interviewer, so his defence wasn’t great, but seriously, people need to stop taking his lyrics out of context. Yes, he uses the “f” word a lot, but the the essence of any word is created by the context it’s used in. In the context he used it for all of his underground career and for the Slim Shady LP, it was nothing but an insulting word to another, generally heterosexual, human being. Then when he got criticized by the uptight American media for using it too much, on his follow up album, he really played with the critics, just edging them on. He’s always been edgy and his Slim Shady alter ego is nothing short of a psycho path. That’s what makes him entertaining because he takes the thoughts which most people would repress and shoves them in your face. If it scares you he’ll do it more and more. The “Hate fags the answer’s yes” quote is also followed by, “relax God, I like gay men.” Clearly, this is not spewing hatred towards them. I sympathize with the gay community, but anyone who is prejudiced after hearing and Eminem record is already prejudiced. People hear what they want to hear, but from my perspective, it’s not hatred.

  33. Saria says

    Evan’s right. -_- This shouldn’t come up into a huge debate. If gay people don’t like Eminem and know that his music has some homophobic lyrics in it…then don’t listen to it! However, I don’t have anything against either person. I’m just stating my opinion like everyone else.

  34. says

    When I watched this, i didn’t think that Eminem was actaully answering the question, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear he said no before he said that he didn’t have a problem with nobody. but most rappers are homophobic anyway, but they are better at hiding it than Eminem is-he probably doesn’t hide it. I mean-hate fags? Come on. And in business he says thathye and Elton Joh n played character Russian Roulette. Not the words of someone who is gay-friendly. Having said that, I am a hige fan of Eminem’s music. The man is good. But far from perfect.

  35. Josh says

    Really? It is funny how we declare people slanderous by slandering them. Funny the pedestal we perch ourselves upon. I listened to Judas Priest growing up. Judas Priest did not raise me or create my life’s platform or direction, they were merely songs that I listened to. My person was built off my parents and their parents with a mix of my teachers and friends. I never once remember asking myself in a situation what would Rob Halford do? (<– Judas Priest lead singer). No I held myself responsible based on my close interactions with ‘real’ people and models. Where I do agree that these singers need to be accountable for their lyrics whether it be good or bad, I really think as a society we need to start taking responsibility for raising ourselves and our kids and stop trying to blame musicians and actors. Accept the fact that we failed in ourselves or in our friends and family and fix something tangible. The whole society seems to lack responsibility of self. Lets start there and maybe it will trickle down to those you all seem to hold so dear. Eminem seems to be an idiot but he too is a victim of his surroundings. Lets start with the surroundings then work on eminem.


  36. Blah says

    To the people saying eminem is stupid are obviously stupid themselves. Why don’t you sit down and listen to an eminem song and hear how genius his songs are. He doesn’t hate gay people and when he uses the word faggot it isn’t to attack anyone. He said faggot so much because people like you couldn’t look past the word faggot and actually listen to what he had to say. He is extremely talented and people who say otherwise are ignorant of hip hop music. His music is very intelligent. It takes an intelligent mind to read through the lines to understand where he’s coming from.

  37. Shucky says

    Eminem may be insensitive and may be a bigot, but so are all of his critics, which also makes them hypocrites. Rap is a symptom of the devolution of civilization, and wiggers such as eminem make fools of themselves, but the same applies to people who take pride in and celebrate sex acts. Both are a spectacle viewed with amusement and disdain by a large majority of people.

  38. Justin says

    I don’t know, I’ve been listening to him since I was around 13 and he is the last one who has ever offended me because most of his music doesn’t have a serious note in it……

  39. Me says

    quit crying faggots. he’s not a homophobe. in fact, he performed with that homo Elton John. it’s just music. if it offends you, good, stop listening to it. sensitive little girls need to quit crying over rap lyrics

  40. benjaminjacobi says

    i like anderson copper. i think its important not to be biased or one sided. plus you cant blame eminem for using the fa word. if you grew up hearing that word you would probably use it. hes not a homophobic person. i truly think that glaad is racest because they expect black people to use homophobia but not a decent white guy. news to glaad white people can be homophobic too.

  41. Sandra says

    I do not know if I should believe that Eminem is homophobic, because the word “Faggot” and “Gay” in a negative way is thrown out so much for nothing and does not always have anything to do with homosexuals.

    But I am surprised at his answer….
    He is apparently the “Rap god” as he call himself and we all have to agree that he has some amazing lyrics… that he write himself.. but still he can not answer in a more mature way than he did?

    If he wasn’t homophobic and just threw that word around, I would think that he had come up with a new meaning to the word faggot, because that word has to mean something to him since he uses it alot in his songs… it might not have to do with Homosexuals and he might not be homophobic, but than I would think he has his own meaning to the word…

    No, I am not buying that answer from him at all, but I am still not sure if he is homophobic….
    But I don’t follow eminem more than his songs… XD So I don’t know how he speaks online and on alot of otheri nterviews and stuff, so I wouldn’t really know anyway..

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