1. gregv says

    Should we heed the warnings of NOM supporters and of Wisconsin AG candidate Kleefisch? After all, we’ve seen the evidence throughout history!

    When blacks got the right to vote, wasn’t it harder to keep goats from wandering in on voting day with their drivers’ licences in hoof, demanding to vote? And when women got the right to go to medical school, didn’t we have to start admitting all the clocks that wanted to become doctors?

    Is there really any logical reason that would stop a wild mountain goat from deciding to hire a clock as its lawyer to sue for the right to sign marriage contracts or any other kind of contract it wants to sign?

    If the gays are treated as if they were humans, then where, really, do we draw the line? Where??

    /scarcasm (It’s disheartening to think that I have to specify that the preceding is sarcasm because, well, apparently, there really are people who are just that stupid…. and some are running for office??!!)

  2. walter says

    i hope the people of iowa are smart enough to see through the bullshit put out by the hate spewing people of nom. these bigots are the ones who lead to teen suicides with all the their speech.I hope there is a dark corner in hell for these bigots and the soone they get there the better. the elections in the us have become nothing more than the people of iowa stand up for separation of powers and elect the deidicated judges who actually had the balls to do the right thing.

  3. gaytheist says

    Since goats are property, a goat cannot enter into a legal contract for marriage. Now in the Bible, women were considered property so by following Biblical traditional marriage practices, marrying a goat would be possible. But the real question is if the woman looks like a goat, can you still marry her?

  4. Baby Jane says

    And, the whole notion of gays not being able to marry because “things don’t fit like that / square peg vs. round hole” doesn’t quite fit in itself into a logical argument, because the next step would be to say that men and women can’t marry unless their genitals fit exactly;
    that men w/big dicks can’t marry women w/tight vaginas.

  5. says

    We need to ban hetero-marriage right away! It will no doubt lead to rampant marriages between men and octopus, men and nuclear power plants, and…gasp…women and high end designer furniture! Why just the other day I saw my wife giving that divan the once over…

    Why will this happen? Well, because I put on my crazy hat and said it would!

  6. mike says

    These goddam NOM people are really getting my goat!

    (I work 3rd shift, OK? I just got off work, OK?)

    Um, methinks that this Iowa Dave guy probably knows a LOT more about goats than he’s letting on. That was a goat-mating call if I ever heard one. He’s probably a closet goat-f*cker.

  7. Steve says

    While we can assume that most people will see through this ad, it does border on parody.

    So then are GLBT being ridiculed by being compared to goats? This is soooo wrong on soooo many levels.

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