1. Matt26 says

    I liked Ricky Martin’s speech, down to earth, humble. And first time in a long time I thought he looked very good.

  2. Kurt says

    Nice words Valerie. Now will our fierce advocate get down from his eleven-dimensional cloud long enough to lift a finger and do any damn thing about repealing DOMA, for example? Or is this just more empty speechifying from our Homophobe in Chief?

    His inaction has real consequences; real people are killing themselves rather than wanting to continue living in Obama’s Homophobic America.

  3. Sheeple says

    Remember suicide victims …. according to Ricky, Neil, Anderson, and the other glitter gays, “It gets better!”

  4. VaVa says

    @Kurt – you really diminish the strength of the word “homophobe” when you use it so freely, especially on a President who is absolutely not a homophobe. Grow up a bit, shall we?

  5. TANK says

    But anyone who publicly opposes gay equality is a homophobe, whatever the reasons or motivation.

  6. TANK says

    This dinner is…beyond the pale. Backslapping and fundraising for NO RESULTS. It ought make one cringe to look at this dais of self congratulatory drivel and empty rhetoric. This…is apparently the best we can do. Don’t make Roy Cohn right…

  7. Skeptical Cicada says

    @ VAVA, grow up and have a critical thought. Barack Obama is not your messiah; Barack Obama sold you out.

  8. says

    You got it, Tank — backslapping and fundraising for NADA.

    Jarrett really gets me. The way she talks about Justin Aaberg’s parents you’d swear the kid won the Nobel Prize. HE KILLED HIMSELF BECAUSE OF THE SYSTEM YOU SUPPORT, BITCH!!!!!!

  9. Gridlock says

    He’s not a homophobe? Really? Why is his Dept of Justice fighting against us in relation to DADT and DOMA in court?

    He doesn’t support gay marriage.. he used to, till he had the chance to become president.. his marriage is special and unique because “god is in the mix” as he put it.

    He’s a homophobe. The Democratic party sold you out.

  10. X says

    AUGH I just want to scream in response to her: so DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM!! America is such a lie. Right now it’s just freedom for homophobes, no freedom for their gay children. “Unless you’re gay” qualifies too many of America’s rights and privileges.

  11. Terry says

    The A-Listers in their tuxes, sipping champagne, as been said…patting each other on the back at a $275 a plate dinner…they have no relevance to me whatsoever. And to have that dinner in a recent period where there have been a rash of gay kids killing themselves…and a horrific crime in the Bronx…it’s worse than tacky. It’s tone deaf.

    I’m sure they had a swell time at their soiree last night.

  12. jason says

    President Obama is a homophobe with Muslim connections. I’m not saying he’s a Muslim but he has a lot of empathy for the Muslim faith, one of the most homophobic faiths in the world.

    As for the HRC dinner, it was simply a talk-fest designed to get us to like the Democrats. Think votes, people.

    I certainly won’t be voting for any Democrat. My relationship with the Democratic Party is over.

  13. jersey says

    I knew a bunch of people going to this but couldn’t bring myself to support this dog and pony show. Valerie Jarrett should have been booed off the stage.

  14. Real says

    You people are hilarious. It’s like your some little band of bitter bitches furiously typing away from your computers at home as if your little temper tantrum comments on a gay blog will really make a change. “Grrr I was sold out! The President is a Muslim and that’s why he’s a homophobe and hates me!” Really?… Really???? God, take this Tea Party to Glenn Beck’s backyard, please. The fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of work to do including getting the machine moving on DADT, DOMA, and ENDA… but calling the President a Muslim homophobe is ridiculous and does nothing but attack the advocates we DO have. I mean, really, is this some GetEQUAL rally in here? Attacking the advocates and not the real enemies in the House and Senate – typical.

  15. Chris says

    Ok, a homophobe is a person attacking you for being gay. A homophobe is a person rallying against you in the streets for loving who you love. A homophobe calls you faggot, dyke, and queer. A homophobe commits hate crimes, says gays can’t teach in schools, gays can’t be religious, gays are pedophiles, and gays are destroying the fabric of America and the world. Those are all stances right-wing religious extremists and Republican politicians take against gays. Those are the ignorant homophobes. VAVA is right. Calling the President a homophobe because he isn’t working fast enough on our legislation is STUPID and ill-informed. Using that word so freely really does retract from its power and meaning.

  16. Apples says

    This entire forum has become childish – mostly from those calling President Obama a “Muslim homophobe” – – It’s like the Tea Party is in here trying to recruit. When Obama became President the LGBT community had 4 major issues to tackle. DOMA, Hate Crimes, DADT, and ENDA. President Obama got Hate Crimes passed and we’re slowly moving on DADT. In 2 years nearly 1/2 of the biggest issues have been tackled. How does that compare to the rest of Presidential history? I don’t feel sold out.

  17. Will says

    The HRC/DNC Polyanna’s are way too much

    Lets just look at facts

    Obama/DNC sold us a bill of goods and made promised to get out support. They didn;t push, they didn;t fight for us. And either HRC went along with it or was too stupid to realize it. And either of those are entiorely unsuitable.

    These are facts, pure and simple.

    Just like the Dems are going to get slaughtered in Midterms and now all chances of any advances will probably be off the table due to the mishandeling of an Congress, administraion and a Bi-racial President who doesn;t seem to think that Equal Rights is a priority and the leading and ONLY LGBT Rights lobbying group.

    That is part of the problem. HRC has no competition.v

  18. Pears says

    @WILL and JASON: The two of you are what’s wrong. You bring up the President being “bi-racial”, “muslim” and a “homophobe” as if this helps your argument. It just makes it look like you’re a Tea Bagger grabbing at straws and looking for offensive words. You’re kicking up dust over nothing. Same goes for @KURT who is most definitely the dumb cow in this forum.

  19. TANK says

    Is that so…A real homophobe isn’t someone who reverses their endorsement of same sex marriage to win cheap political points, opposing it by saying “god’s in the mix”? That’s not a real homophobe? That belief and attitude’s gonna win us some rights huh? Douchebags. Do someone’s hair or decorate their home and shut the fuck up.

  20. says

    “His inaction has real consequences; real people are killing themselves rather than wanting to continue living in Obama’s Homophobic America.”

    Is 10/10/10 Insane Day on Towleroad? Get a grip. We all know Jason’s looney tunes, but comments on this and other threads would lead one to think the Teabaggers rally is happening here.

    The Obama administration deserves plenty of criticism for their ineffectiveness at fulfilling their gay rights promises, but they are also the least homophobic administration in history. (Not that that’s saying much after Bush etc.) To think that kids are killing themselves because of Obama–when there are truly homophobic bullies all over the US and have been since long before Obama took office–is pure political propaganda. (Truly homophobic administrations don’t include anti-bullying crusaders like Kevin Jennings, who was targeted, unsuccessfully, for dismissal by the right-wing zealots who would replace Obama.) If you make such ludicrous claims, then explain how a more conservative administration (the only alternative we have till 2016) would be less homophobic and would prevent gay suicides. Otherwise, it carries as much weight as soap bubbles.

    We can and should pressure the administration to fulfill their promises, but anyone who really wants to tackle the problem of gay suicides needs to look deeper than gratuitous swipes at Obama. Obama isn’t that important. Neither is the HRC. Focusing endlessly on them is a distraction from the real work of stopping bullying in its tracks, which means getting a message to every parent (Obama one of many many millions), teacher, and student in the land that if they bully or witness bullying and allow it to continue, they will be held responsible.

  21. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Too bad Valerie’s speech wasn’t given at the White House (and delivered by our “Fierce Advocate” to the American people) instead of buried at an HRC dinner. The President speaking out about gay kids committing suicide would actually start to accomplish something. Instead we have more appeasement by the HRC elite and more delay by our political allies. There are only 82 days left for Obama to meet his promise of repeal of DADT “in this year.”

  22. darkmoonman says

    HRC needs to be replaced by an organization that merits our support by seriously fighting for our rights.

  23. Danny says

    HRC is just a sickening Impressed-with-themselves-for-no-apparent-reason self-congratulatory bunch of self-styled “experts”. I’ve never forgiven them for endorsing Alphonse D’Amato. And they continue to use their out-of-touch logarithms to determine whom to endorse without troubling themselves to find out what the implicated constituency actually thinks of the candidates or the issues important to them

    HRC is a bunch of “experts.” That’s enough for me to know I wouldn’t piss on’em.