1. Patrick says

    Strange how you can carry a sign saying not to monkey with the state constitution and at the same time support a referendum to do just that yourself.

  2. Ben says

    Angry, paunchy middle-class white dudes. Forget the children – who will think of them?!?! Life is so hard for them.

  3. Brad says

    The guy is so brave hiding behind his hooodie and big dark glasses. He’s so sure of his stand he’s going incognito. He also sets off my gaydar big time. I think we have a closeted homosexual, yes we do.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Bless their hearts. It’s like watching someone try to have a discussion about physics and they’ve never had a math class in their life. If you don’t know a gay, or have them in your life somehow, I don’t want to listen to what you have to say.

  5. patrick nyc says

    BRAD my first thought too. The irony of calling themselves ‘Courage Campaign’ yet hiding behind a hood and dark glasses. If this nut job was put before any competent judge he’d be put away for life. Let’s just hope he’s not breeding.

  6. mike says

    Love it when Miss Wing-Nut’s clip-on shades flip up in the wind. Priceless! Miss Wing-Nut also gets my evangelical gaydar tilting into the red zone.

  7. CoMo'mo says

    I spent way too much time last week trying to engage some folks on the DES MOINES REIGISTER’s website comments section in reasonable discussion of the issue. I’m sure that at least one of these guys was there. It wasn’t productive. I should have sought some “homosexual entertainment” instead.

    I greatly hope that Miss Hoodie didn’t spend much time in med school, not enough to become a practitioner of anything involving either humans or animals.

  8. AgBoiNV says

    I’m sorry, but, is Miss Thang in the first vid like….a plant or something? Did GetQual place him there and just not send out the secret mauve-sheet memo?

    I’m just saying, Miss Unibomber Boi is sending out (unfortunately) some MAJOR closet-case vibes…..

    It’s so sad when someone is this self-loathing they dress like a mass terrorist, make monkey signs and rant utter non-sense with a lisp that would make Beverly Leslie, Mr Humphries and Uncle Arthur proud. Well, I mean, if we believe their stereotypes of what A Gay supposedly is….

  9. Rich says

    If anyone is a danger to this society, it’s these pathetic, ignorant, bigoted fools and the simple minded fear mongers that feed their sick minds. These people have no respect for the legal processes or institutions in this country, or the ideals our nation was founded on.

  10. Raincheck says

    Wow, hoodie guy was actually quite interesting. I’ve never heard anyone cite that evolutionary theory about the utility of gays in society, then turn around and argue against equal rights! And I’m not real clear how reducing the discrimination and stigma faced by gays is going to *increase* the number of blackmailed closet cases going on murder sprees, but hey, food for thought, right?

  11. CoMo'mo says

    I will make a single point in defense of Miss Hoodie’s outfit. The day was sunny, with a chilly wind. I probably would have dressed that way, though more colorfully, perhaps with a Dramatic Scarf as accent.