Lady Gaga Tops Ellen DeGeneres In ‘Forbes’ Power List


Singer Lady Gaga has amassed so much fame and influence that she earned the number 7 slot on Forbes magazine's "most powerful women" round-up. Gaga came in ahead of Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce and, yes, even Cristina Kirchner, president of Argentina.

So, who's the world's most powerful woman? First Lady Michelle Obama. The second? Irene Rosenfeld, chief executive of Kraft.


  1. Ciaran says

    Good for laugh if you are non-american. International political leaders can’t compete with Ellen being on US Television. Even within the US rankings it’s a joke to suggest Michelle Obama is more powerful than Hilary Clinton – According to Forbes Obama knows how to wear nice clothes and has 2 kids alongside her Harvard Law Degree. The reality is that Clinton does one of the most important jobs in the world by international (that is the bit outside US borders) standards. I’m sure if we scroll down the list, the cast of Glee will be in there somewhere.

  2. Kamikapse says

    Look.. I like Michelle Obama.. but how she can end up at #1 and Angela Merkel at #4 is ridiculous.
    Typical american exceptionalism bullcrap :

  3. Paul R says

    This list is ridiculous. I like Gaga but what power does she hold in the world besides entertaining people and earning money? Ditto with Ellen and Beyonce.

    And I follow business closely, and have never heard of the head of Kraft. It’s a company that makes a ton of food products and owns a lot of subsidiaries, but that hardly makes her a powerful global figure.

  4. @di_NYC says

    Honestly, no damn celebrity should be on this list at all. All because these little prima donnas can demand anything they want like flowers backstage or the top suite in a hotel and get it doesn’t not qualify as power at all.

    It’s things like these that make the would think my country is crap; America puts more value in celebrities than the people who are out there doing something to help the nation and the international community

    I like Michelle Obama but all she has is start her campaign against Childhood Obsesity and even that is not completely off the ground and it is gaining national attention

  5. Andreas says

    I love Oprah as much as the next person but more powerful than the German chancellor? I’m not sure…

  6. Drew says

    Yes, and James Cameron is King of the World, so my search for truth is now complete. Thanks for the help, Forbes!

  7. Tone says

    Michelle Obama is #1 because she’s fucking the president? I don’t take anything away from her accomplishments or her personal initiatives as first lady, but most of the women on that list are doing more for LGBT folks. It is gratifying to see such diversity among the names on the list.

    Any of the entertainers on that list have more media clout, and they can truly speak their minds, something Ms Obama cannot do while her husband is in office. Come November 3rd I suspect she’ll be fucking a lame duck, what a pity.