1. nick says

    Not interested in advice or counsel from the other-white meat Christians- the Mormons- stick to your magic underwear and disavowing (falsely) polygamy. They will one day start tolerating gays-just like they had to tolerate other minorities after a while -tell us about your previous positions re: blacks and other non-white folks of a couple decades ago-supposedly supported by your fictional dogma?

  2. Disgusted American says

    …ahh I love it….this old coot might as well be saying…God likes men to eat & pound pussy, and likes women to lay there in missionary position and take the mans cock…(no oral, thats a sin LOL) ….lets face it folks – it basically comes down to the ICK Factor…for these people, they don’t give a crap about 2 people making a commitment / legal Contract…to all comes down to women being subserviant to men/under the guise of some Sky God’s wishes..LOL ahh this old coot will be dead soon enough!

  3. dizzy spins says

    Their doctrine commands polygamy!! They may have stepped away from it to get statehood but its still their heritage. God I hope John Stewart calls BS on this MoFo

  4. arch says

    Theocracy rules OK.

    It was creepy 2000 years ago and it still is – old men telling others what they may do in bed – smacks of jealousy – why do old church types take so much interest in what younger folk do in bed ?

  5. patrick nyc says

    “shared only and solely between man and woman, husband and wife.”

    Seeing their religion was based on polygamy, shouldn’t that read ‘shared only between a man and women, husband and wives’?

    The Moron church was founded by a con man named Joseph Smith, who was hunted down and killed in a jail where he was arrested for multiple crimes and killed by a mob of his victims. Every time these douche bags open their mouths that point should be brought up.

  6. says

    2 things would have to occur first

    1- the IRS threatening to remove their tax exempt status over accepting gays in like when the IRS went after them about their racist teachings and not allowing African Americans into their crazy church. All of a sudden the mormon president had a divine revelation from Holy Father that Blacks were now considered people and allowed in

    2- and this bit is what will make it never happen = We gays can pop out kids from our bums and settle on which husband will be the Lead husband Master in the afterlife with the other popping out the multiple spirit babies to populate the couples own world/another earth planet with said spiritual babies forvever and ever (yes, that is the mormon afterlife for good mormons LOL and makes even crazy evangelicals think mormons went a step too far into crazy town)

  7. B says

    Boyd KKK Packer is an idiot. He claims there is no scientific evidence that homosexuality is inborn yet he encourages the members of this corporate cult to ignore the mountains of scientific evidence that proves his sad excuse of a religion is complete bullshit.

  8. TonyJazz says

    The South Park gang has an upcoming musical on the Mormon church, probably to illustrate the ridiculousness of the entire premise of the Mormon church….

    As a former Catholic myself, they are giving the pope a good run for ‘most hateful so-called Christian leadership’.

  9. Miles says

    He should be referred to as a “radical Mormon cleric”

    And we should find a name for fucktarded Christian religious law to parallel the term Sharia for fucktarded Muslim religious law.

    We also don’t know whether domestic terrorists are funding the Mormons, and they won’t let us look at their books. The only way to safeguard our security is to use unmanned drone strikes against known Mormon sites.

  10. Uluwehi says

    Thank B! I agree.

    And my devout Mormon mother wonders why I don’t feel like calling her. Ummm… how can you “love” me and think this guy is a prophet? Disgusting.

    I am so sick of Mormons fucking up my life.

  11. TANK says

    This says it all about what mormons actually subscribe…

    Loony tunes like this have no business preaching about the immorality of others, especially when you include the horror stories of polygamy which are abundant. Thanks, but I’ll not be lectured at about who I am by the warren jeffs crowd. Freaks.

  12. homomo says

    Radical Mormon cleric, indeed! What a brilliant suggestion.

    Boyd Packer has made a career of hurting people like this. When I was a student at Brigham Young University in the 1970s, he made a speech to the student body telling us that homosexuality was caused by being selfish. I spent the next year questioning my life and wondering what was so selfish about the way I lived? Thankfully I got a good therapist who helped me pull my head out of my ass and see Boyd Packer for the hate-monger that he is … and *poof*, another happy homo out of the closet, and out of the Mormon Church. I’m embarrassed I ever gave Boyd Packer the time of day.

  13. Joe says

    With Salt Lake City so infested with Mormans, I made a decision not to spend any money shopping with companies that are headquartered there.

    Morman leaders are very creepy, indeed.

  14. LDS the only way so listen says

    I loved the talk by Elder Packer. It was right on the spot and was totally correct in all it said. What is amazing to me is that this stupid faggot site doesn’t even get the facts straight about the man they are complaining about. You state here that he is the President of the church…..Do you homework you stupid faggot and get it right. He is NOT the president and none of you will ever be as near to eternal salvation as he is. You should be so blessed to know what he knows. You don’t even realize that your bodily plumbing is so mixed up that you don’t know what pipe fits into what hole so you stick it where ever you think it should and you get it WRONG! Faggots!

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