1. JOE 2 says

    Thank you, Lance Bass! The scientific consensus is pretty clear: evidence shows that self-identified heterosexuals who are homophobic are highly likely to be exhibiting a reaction formation against their own same-sex erotic leanings. I’ve long wondered why more isn’t made of this information. If, instead of teaching kids (thanks a pantload, religion) that same-sex orientations are evil and sick, we as a society taught kids that anti-gay bullying pretty much means that you’re a big ole pole-smokin’ wannabe, you can bet the bullying would stop.

  2. audiguy says

    Great post. I hope young gay people will listen to this message and use it as inspiration for their own lives. Be proud of who you are. You may not seem like part of the normal crown but when you are standing tall in that crowd everyone will look up to you and see an amazing individual.

  3. ratbastard says

    Neil Patrick Harris comes across as sincere and genuinely emotive. Of course he’s a good, professional actor!

    Seriously, this is a cool little clip. People like him don’t have to involve themselves in stuff like this. It’s nice he’s thoughtful and takes the time to intelligently involve himself in our gay community.

  4. Tone says

    The stronger the call for tolerance and acceptance, and zero tolerance for ALL bullying, the quicker we will negate the hate from pulpits and religulous idiots who put their own need to cling to dogma above the life of a teen. Well Done Neil!

  5. Sheeple says

    Sorry, Neil. Not all of us can live in New York and mingle with the glitter gays on Broadway. Try talking about finding “people with different points of view” to the kids in Tulsa or Billings. All that’s missing are the shirtless poses from the NOH8 campaign to make this message as ridiculous.

  6. Mike says

    Love the effort, but WHY WHY WHY did Neil have to say the “people who choose interesting and differnt choices for them” in there? I know it’s not how he meant it, but still…it is dialogue like that that people will use to say “see, you chose to be gay…you get what you deserve.”
    This bullying issue is second to the real issue – making people UNDERSTAND that these kids did nothing to be gay. NOTHING!
    It’s inherent to they are as a human.
    It sickens me to know that adults are the real reason behind the bullying…what do you expect from kids, when all they hear and see are adults speaking and acting in ways which marginalize gay adults.
    What a mess.

  7. Jonathan says

    @sheeple – you speak truth. The kids in Wichita, Florida and Georgia, Indiana and elsewhere don’t have hollywood careers and gay friendly peers.

    They have mean spirited little Christian monsters who are filled with messages from parent and pulpit. These feel good videos may have some impact but for many The despair is just too much.

  8. Tammy says

    OMG! Some of you people are posting about “christian monsters” and saying “thanks religion”. You are just as bad as the bullies!!! I am a christian and I believe in God, I do NOT force that opinion down anyones throat! God knows what is in everyones heart deep down. I support gays in everyway I can, and I am from Arkansas! Not every christian is mean, or anti- gay. I believe that everyone should have the right to love and marry whom ever they want regardless of race, sex, creed, or color! No one should live in fear because of who they are. (Unless they are terrorists, sorry my hubby is in the Army)! My own husband is from the south, alpha male, Army type and he said that he would gladly fight along side ANY gay guy as long as they knew their job and wanted to fight! Bullying is wrong no matter who it is aimed at. GOD BLESS EVERYONE EQUALLY!

  9. TANK says

    Oh, and ignore DE…the guy’s about as in touch with reality as puff the magic dragon. It’s time for him to add more clippings and self written articles to his rock hudson scrapbook. Do tell, DE…how rough it was for closeted celebs back in the 1820s…so sad for them!

  10. says

    @ Tammy….

    At least 95% of the U.S. is Christian. No one is blaming ALL Christians, we generalize since we can’t name every individual, every organization or every church heirarchy. Not all Christians are bigoted, but the most vocal use the Bible as a weapon. NOM, AFA, Focus On The Family, Fred Phelps (and his Baptist followers), OK Rep. Sally Kern, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, etc. etc. etc (I can’t list them all)… Those organizations ‘preach’ hate to their followers and congregations, which in turn, seems to make it alright for those believers to hurl their bigotry at gays. Some of these organizations are now trying to put the blame of suicides amongst gay teens due to the gay ‘lifestyle’.

    In the same tone, we also put a lot of blame on the Republicans, Tea Party and Conservatives, FOX News, because their leaders are against any type of gay rights (ie. they have voted NO on DADT, NO on DOMA, NO on Gay Marriage, NO on the Matthew Shepard Act). READ the TEXAS STATE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. This is not to say that the Democrats are pure, but they are far more apt to vote for civil rights.

    Throughout history, a MAJORITY of wars are/were, in many ways, religion based. Take a look at the Middle East right now, ask Jews if they weren’t ‘targeted’ during WWII, the Spanish Inquisition, even the U.S. Civil War (where many believed that according to the Bible, slavery was acceptable).

    They do not want to accept that they have blood on their hands due to ‘cherry-picking’ the Bible to fit their bigotry. WE ARE BORN PURE, WE ARE TAUGHT HATE!

    So, even though you believe in God, which I do too, it is not your beliefs that we are questioning, but those of organized religions heirarchy, who, instead of promoting love and acceptance, and promoting hate and division.

  11. jason says

    Do we really need celeb-retards like Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris making comments on our behalf? I think not.

    As for MTV airing these announcements, my goodness, have we lost the plot? MTV has done more than any other media organization to promote homophobia in music. Look at how MTV has supported Eminem and 50 Cent as well as many other homophobic hip hoppers and rappers. MTV is the guilty party.

    MTV is truly a disgraceful organization which has helped to make homophobia hip in music – unless, of course, you’re a “hot” lesbian or bi chick who markets herself to sleazy straight guys.

  12. ratbastard says

    Holy shit. That was a TOTALLY inoffensive, short and to the point clip. Harris and other out of the closet, well known gay celebrities and what not are not obligated to do shit for the gay so-called community. He seems like a genuinely decent guy, and at least he’s not afraid to be out, unlike most celebrities and other well known people. Take it for what it’s worth. He certainly doesn’t appear to have any other agenda [$$$] unlike some so-called friends of gays.

  13. JOE 2 says

    @TAMMY: As one of those cited in your post (“thanks, religion” – actually, I said “thanks a pantload, religion”), I must say that I certainly understand where you’re coming from. Not only do I understand it, but I truly appreciate it. It is so rare to come across someone who identifies as Christian who “gets it” about sexual orientation – particularly if, like your husband, that someone is a heterosexual male. People like the two of you are a fairly rare breed, and I, for one, truly appreciate your support. For the most part, as others have pointed out, those who identify as Christian tend to be extremely arbitrary in their interpretations of the Bible (e.g. gay is bad, shellfish and polyester are fine). At least, that’s what we see in the media, and that’s been my personal experience as well. The Eddie Longs, the Ted Haggards, the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells, and all of their legions of followers have blood on their hands as far as I’m concerned, because they are the ones who have so distorted the teachings of Christ as to inspire the kind of hatred and self-hatred that has led to the suicides and homicides of thousands and thousands of LGBT kids. Occasionally we see something in the media about religious organizations taking a stand in favor of the LGBT population, but this pales in comparison to the onslaught of ignorance, stupidity, and hatred that predominates. And, at least since the 13th century (St. Thomas Aquinas), Christian religions as a whole have been largely responsible for the anguish of LGBT folks worldwide. You are right, though; not everyone who is religious is sexually prejudiced, and I’m sorry if my comment offended you. We need more people like you and your husband on our side and, again, I very much appreciate your support.

    @JASON: The very few performers who have come out while they still have active careers have, I think, been hugely responsible for the rapid pace of improvement in our society’s attitudes toward gay people. So, yes, we do need people like Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris speaking on our behalf. The reality is that, in the entertainment business (particularly for men), coming out is a serious career threat; so I, for one, have great respect and gratitude for those who have put their livelihoods on the line. As for MTV, I agree with you about their promotion of idiots like Eminem and his ilk; but at least they’re doing something positive now by airing the NPH spot. People and organizations do have the capacity to change and evolve and, when they do, they deserve our appreciation and encouragement, not name-calling.

  14. says

    “Do we really need celeb-retards like Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris making comments on our behalf? I think not.”

    NPH wasn’t making “comments” on YOUR behalf. He was telling young people, who may feel alone and in despair, that they are not alone. He was telling them that, even though the world can seem a hateful place if you’re bullied in school, that life gets better when you’re old enough to design your own life. He was using his celebrity for a good cause because he’s a decent human being. It has nothing to do with “glitter gays on Broadway,” as someone else put it, unless you’re the kid in Tulsa who wants to glitter on Broadway. It’s amazing that people can find the negative in even the most positive things.

  15. says

    I love him. Did you notice the wedding ring? Professionally he doesn’t wear it but here he is wearing it. Also, he and David (Burtka, his husband) are expecting twins through a surrogate this month (boy and girl).

    David already has two children (boy and girl about to enter their teens) from a previous gay marriage.

    I do love him and thank him profusely (along with Ellen) for speaking out so publicly. I am totally fed up with bullying.

  16. says

    BTW – to those of you complaining – this was obviously ‘off the cuff’ and certainly not scripted. As a gay man he, like so many of us, had to have felt alienated, detached, not-one-of-the-group during his teen years even though he was a big star (Doogie) during that time.

    And YES – we really need ALL celebrities to speak out about this issue. If it was your son, daughter, brother, sister, best friend or someone you actually knew who took his/her life because of the crap you dumped on him day in/day out then you might have a little more compassion. Life is tough enough. I’ve been openly gay all my freaking life, grew up downtown SF, and it wasn’t any easier for me then it is for the kid in Buxton, Utah. I got beat up, called more names then I care to remember, was shuned and laughed at and always felt pretty much alone. But then I graduated and went on to College, met my husband (who was straight when we met) and life has been wonderful. So it DOES get better. But I promise you, there were times when I believed it would never get better and I would never be happy.

  17. CanGal says

    I think this is a great message. To everyone who thinks you have to live in a big city to find people with different views, there are always people in small towns. They may not be out yet but they are there.

    Also, with teenagers these days, we live in a virtual world. You can log on and talk to anyone in any country with any belief. You just have to look. People need to know they aren’t alone, and people need to know you can’t get away with bullying. It’s unfortunate that cyberbullying is such a commonplace occurrence these days. Einstein’s quote “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” rings true now more than ever. I don’t know what we did to our society, to our children, where they feel that this is an acceptable way to treat other human beings, but it is disgusting. All of life deserves respect.

  18. GaryJ says

    Neil Patrick Harris is great to help the kids.
    Gay kids don’t kill yourself. All bullies are cowards within. I know some won’t like this, learn self defense. I’ve learned you beat a bully up, they leave you alone.

  19. Frederick says

    I believe that Neil Patrick Harris’s heart is definitely in the right place, as is the case with all the LGBT people who’ve been involved in the recent “It Gets Better” campaign; they have my utmost respect for attempting to reach out to LGBT teens who are being bullied in school.However, speaking as both a parent and a former middle school teacher, I have to say that it’s a very rare adolescent who can picture how his/her life will be different ten to twenty years in the future. Yes, it does get better, but to most middle school students their upcoming summer vacation seems like it’s a lifetime away…much less imagining how their lives will improve in a decade or more, especially when they’re being tormented in school day in and day out. The reality is we need tougher national laws on bullying, especially as it pertains to LGBT students since they are soem of the highest at-risk pupils for bullying. I believe the time and efforts put into producing these feel-good videos would be much better spent contacting people in Washington, DC, who have the power and influence to push for stronger nationwide bullying laws. For starters, I would suggest writing to the following two people who are part of the Obama administration:Kevin Jennings,National Director of GLSEN,email and Arne Duncan, Education Secretary,mailing address-Dept. of Education Building, 400 Maryland Ave., S.W. Washington, DC 20202.

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