News: Isaac Katz, Bloomberg Won’t Dignify Paladino’s Remarks, And GOP Tequila Shots

Obamastreaker Towlesmall Isaac Katz, son of Jonathan Katz, the Washington University professor whose essay, "In Defense of Homophobia" got him booted from the government's oil spill team, has come out of the closet: "When I told my dad I was gay, his immediate response was, "No, you're not." (My mom, by the way, was and is more supportive.) When my insistence finally overrode his denials, he echoed his online essay that I should deny who I am rather than to engage in an act so abhorrent as to love another man… To me, though, it is undeniable that removing him from the team for reasons unrelated to his scientific knowledge, academic credentials or intellectual capacity was a mistake."

Towlesmall The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund has named "Ten Races to Watch," which means the candidates are LGBT and could use a little boost.

Towlesmall President Obama and Joe Biden's rally in Philadelphia was quite a scene: first there was a streaker, and then someone threw a book at the President's head. Guess which one was arrested? [Answer: the streaker.]

Towlesmall New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, suddenly infamous for his gay "brainwashing" remark, has some allies. Unfortunately, they're people like anti-gay activist Bryan Fischer, who thinks believes everything Paladino said "is so true and so evident and so obvious that the real controversy here is that there is any controversy at all."

Towlesmall New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg does not approve of Carl Paladino's remarks, saying, "[His speech is] not what America stands for and it's not what New York stands for, and I won't dignify it with anything else." The Mayor was then asked whether he thinks Paladino's fit to serve, to which Bloomberg replied, "I don't think I want to dignify comments like he's made, and I'll leave it at that." That's saying enough…

Towlesmall Will future generation of smart phones be "squishy?"

Chadallen-1Towlesmall  Actor Chad Allen has a message for coming out day: "I have long held the belief that those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender have been given an extraordinary gift. We are forced to go inside ourselves and determine, once and for all, that we are good. If we have anything at all to give the world, we are going to find it somewhere along that journey."

Towlesmall Diana Ross also has something to say about "coming out."

Towlesmall Sarah Palin hinted at a White House run this weekend, when she compared herself to another "unelectable" politician, Ronald Reagan. She also invoked the conservative icon in a message for Carly Fiorina: "This is still Reagan Country," she said of California.

Towlesmall Congratulations Joe Jervis for winning the Ali Forney Center Advocate Award.

Towlesmall Authorities describe a fire at a gay bar in Knoxville, Tennessee, as "suspicious."

Towlesmall Speaking of Carly Fiorina, the California Senate candidate spent some of her weekend downing tequila with Latino voters and another Republican candidate, Meg Whitman, who's running for Governor. Yes, beer on blue-collar "Main Street" and tequila with Latinos: the tradition of getting drunk with constituents just gets better and better…

Towlesmall Sjp-1 European Union officials say that Serbia's "failure" to prevent anti-gay riots during pride this weekend may hinder its chances at joining the Union. The United State embassy, meanwhile, praised Serbian authorities for protecting gay rights marchers.

Towlesmall Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, the Saudi prince accused of murdering his servant and alleged lover, had an erotic massage just three days before the incident – yes, with a male masseuse – say witnesses at his trial, where he denied being gay.

Towlesmall Sarah Jessica Parker left the option of a third Sex and The City movie open…

Towlesmall Take a first look at Glee's homage to Rocky Horror, guest starring John Stamos.


  1. Matt26 says

    Chad Allen’s message is beautiful and mindful.
    SATC movies: I haven’t watched them. The series was so good it didn’t need any movies. They is no point going and doing one after another.

  2. crispy says

    You can tell Andy is still out because there’s been no mention of the amazing Banksy couch-gag on last night’s The Simpsons. I used to chide Andy for the frequent Banksy posts, but I’m a convert!

  3. says

    How intellectual (defined as “the triumph of the rational over the animal side of man”) can the man be if he’s arguing for homophobia? He may have the entire volume of every written word in his head, but his flawed reasoning makes him a liability in any profession.

  4. Abel says

    Let’s get the word right, okay? There’s no such thing as a “male masseuse” because a masseuse is, by definition, a female massager. A male massager is called a masseur. Okay? Got that? I’m seeing this error everywhere and it’s unnecessary.

  5. SKOC211 says


    1)While I’m excited to see Glee’s take on Rocky I am not excited to have to listen to Kurt and his near castrato voice ruin “Time Warp.” He’s a great actor but an awful singer.

    2)While I actually quite enjoyed the first Sex and the City movie the second was a cinematic abortion. Even I couldn’t get behind a third.

  6. Yeek says

    Good for you for coming out, Isaac Katz.

    But, unless your father had some unparalleled insight into undersea oil rig dynamics that **couldn’t be matched,** I see no reason why he should have been fired in favor of a similarly-qualified alternate. Oil being the big business it is, I think it’s pretty unlikely that there wasn’t a single engineer/physicist in the country who could do the job just as well without the public embarrassment that your father provided.

    After all, the Government is in the business of solving problems, but is also in the business of winning the trust and respect of its citizens unless there is no other alternative. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for your dad, there was another alternative.

  7. caro nome says

    I’m surprised there has been no mention of the great late Joan Sutherland’s death yesterday in Switzerland. Certainly of interest to opera queens everywhere who must be plunged deep in mourning. No opera queens here? Oh well, RIP Dame Joan.

  8. BobN says

    At some point in the trial, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saudi prince changed pleas. Better an English prison for murder than a return to Saudi Arabia after testimony like that…

  9. Mark in ATL says

    Re: Isaac Katz

    That’s nice. It’s called a gym.

    Re: Chad Allen

    I don’t think it matters how old he gets, I’m still going to want to get nasty with him.

  10. mboaz says

    SJP – A third SATC movie would be a big mistake – the second one was atrocious. Not funny, often offensive and not set in NYC. What the fuck were ya’ll thinking?!

  11. KJD says

    I am not the slightest bit surprised that Isaac Katz had to be hospitalized for depression and a suicide attempt. His father is a vile, homophobic monster, and that fact must be incredibly hard to face. What an absolutely rotten circumstance for Isaac.

    I hope Isaac Katz can meet Jamiel Terry and Maya Keyes.