News: New York Arrests, Brett Favre And Playing Gay In Israel

Sampage Towlesmall New York City police have arrested seven people for their alleged roles in two separate but related anti-gay attacks last week. The men, part of the "Latin King Goonies" gang reportedly robbed one victim and held three others against their will early Sunday morning. The details are horrifying: "[Police Commisioner Ray] Kelly says the crew forced [a] 17-year-old into an unoccupied ground-floor apartment on Osborne Place, where he was thrown into a wall, made to strip naked, hit in the head with a beer can, cut with a box cutter and sodomized with the wooden handle of a plunger."

Towlesmall Mad Men and Desperative Housewives actor Sam Page says it's hard not to have a crush on Blake Lively, with whom he'll appear on Gossip Girl. Page should be on every show ever, in my opinion. [On a related note: Mad Men and Desperate share a lot of actors: Page, John Slattery and Mark Moses. Any I'm missing?]

Towlesmall A love letter to Martha Plimpton.

Towlesmall Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger's all over the place: in the Washington Blade and in U.S. News and World Report. Of his GOP candidacy, Karger remarks, "I'm probably the most radical gay activist we have, even though I wear blue suits."

Towlesmall Jon Hamm's pants perpetually leave little to the imagination. And you know what? That's more than okay.

Towlesmall Tea Party Congressional candidate Art Robinson of Oregon doesn't want to listen to what Rachel Maddow has to say, even though she's quoting his paper about global warming.

Northstar Towlesmall A note on the shortage of gay comic book characters: "Here’s the great gay paradox; homophobia is best tackled by greater gay visibility, and gay visibility is held back because of homophobia – most notably the pernicious claim that homosexuality does not belong in any medium that might be seen by children. This is grounded in a great misconception; that homosexuality is all about sex, while heterosexuality is all about love."

Towlesmall The ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, the nation's largest such collection, have been donated to USC. I bet they have plenty of information on the Ariston Baths.

Towlesmall National Security Adviser Gen. James L. Jones has stepped down, and will be replaced by Thomas E. Donilon.

Towlesmall Former Senator Rick Santorum, long an anti-gay crusader, has been stepping up his political action in Iowa, leading many to suspect he's plotting a 2012 presidential run.

Towlesmall Illinois Governor Pat Quinn thinks that he and his peers can win civil unions by the end of the year.

Towlesmall Ick. Walmart is currently selling an anti-gay children's book. "The number of our young people involved in sexual sins has greatly increased in recent years.  Some of the most stalwart-seeming youth find themselves involved in pornography, fornication, promiscuity, homosexuality, and the like," explained author Janice Barrett Graham of the book, entitled Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality.

Hungaryspill Towlesmall Religious leaders have come out against Serbia's gay pride parade, which will be held this weekend.

Towlesmall The NFL has launched an investigation into a report that football player Brett Favre sent pictures of his penis to a New York Jets staffer.

Towlesmall Gays in New Zealand defend a cruising area on Rabbit Island, calling it an "asset."

Towlesmall Has Hungary been concealing the truth about the toxicity of the waste that spilled this week? Greenpeace says "yes."

Towlesmall Actor Jamil Khoury will play a gay Arab on the Israeli version of The Office, and the response hasn't always been good: "People say shame on you, how can you do this? Just for acting it. It's not so common. I know there are a lot of Arab gays here but nobody knows about them; they stay closed."


  1. ratbastard says

    Not that all ethnicities and races aren’t guilty of institutionalized homophobia, but the Latin King stuff will be down played by the media. Too un-PC. The story about the 2 white ‘boys’ out of S.I. will be played up (I’m NOT defending them!), the Latin Kings story will be told, but played down.

    Same old,same old.

    ‘All animals are created equal; but some are more equal than others’

    ….Animal Farm [George Orwell]

  2. BobN says

    The female author of the article on John Hamm’s package seems to be unfamiliar with boxers. There’s no proof Hamm is going commando in those photos. Mind you, I think some in depth investigation should commence forthwith.

  3. ratbastard says

    Paul R:

    I’m well hung, if you consider a little over 8″ and pretty thick hung. I’m not bragging, just stating a fact. I wear briefs, boxer briefs or boxers…whatever available when I check my underwear draw. I don’t find any of them uncomfortable except sometimes boxers are too loose and my piece swings around too much.

  4. Anti-Tank Rocket says

    Eww, Brett Favre is a married grandfather. Will these pampered pro athletes never tire of shallow babes of the Hebrew variety (think Tiger Woods and mistress you know who) with surgically enhanced breasts? But you can bet there will be some Reverend Billy Bob out there in Michelle Bachmann country praying for old Brett cuz he’s just a misunderstood good ole (straight) boy. Can you imagine the NFL’s reaction if the recipient of the wiener pics was the sideline ball boy?

  5. CoMo'mo says

    does John the Ham dress right or left? the Hambone seems to move side to side in these pix–meaning he’s wearing boxers, run the risk of chafing involved in Commando, or just likes to let the hog have different breathing space time to time.

  6. SizeRulz says

    Crispy, you perpetually unsatisfied size queen! If you take into account that Brett Favre is much taller than your average gay porn star and that his thighs and hands are much larger, then he’s a true Packer!

  7. Paul R says

    @Ratbastard: I’ll wear boxer briefs if I’m going to a formal occasion (like an interview or a funeral), but I stopped wearing underwear for the most part when I was 11, to my mother’s dismay. I absolutely cannot imagine wearing briefs. It would either hurt like hell or I’d be scratching and readjusting myself all day, looking like a perv.

    Not to mention, Hamm seems to favor rather tight-fitting pants, which is a major cause of the discomfort. I can’t even count the number of men who have told me I hang to the right, but I can’t and wouldn’t change my assets. I’ve worried that it would make me less “sensitive,” but underwear is really something I cannot consider on an even weekly basis.

    If it works for you, great! Everyone has a different physiology.

  8. says

    “In some ways, gays and lesbians such as M are lucky: While homosexuality isn’t illegal in the Palestinian Authority, as it is in most surrounding Arab nations, gays and lesbians have virtually no place to express their sexuality in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Several gay Palestinians have been arrested, beaten by Palestinian Authority intelligence and forced to flee, gay activists said.

    For most, though, there’s no refuge. While West Bank Palestinians once could sneak into Tel Aviv easily, Israel’s construction of a separation barrier between Israelis and Palestinians and tighter restrictions on travel have made that all but impossible.
    Artistic expression
    The Tel Aviv shows, which draw a few hundred people each night, blend enticing belly-dancing numbers with overtly political performances. Most of the shows have taken place in a central Tel Aviv basement club not far from Israeli military headquarters.

    To keep them under the radar, organizers don’t advertise the shows. At one show last fall, M. starred as a butch militant in fatigues preparing to leave her lover for a suicide mission.

    The piece grew out of the pair’s attempts to wrestle with being patriotic Palestinians growing up around Arab-phobic Israelis, and lesbians in a largely homophobic Arab community.”

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