News: NPR, Chris Colfer, Calvin Klein, Shark Attack, Finland

 road NPR on its recent canning of Juan Williams: “He had several times in the past violated our news code of ethics with things that he had said on other people’s air.”

Cc  road For whatever reason, Glee's Chris Colfer doesn't come across as narcissistic with this statement: "If somebody had to be a role model, I think I'm a good candidate, in the sense that I really don't do anything obviously stupid or wrong, and I'm pretty smart with my judgments."

 road Rick Sanchez lives to tweet again.

 road The NY Times reports on why the creators of South Park plagiarized jokes on this week's episode: "When Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone could not find a movie theater showing 'Inception,' and were unable to get a DVD of the film (or find a watchable version on BitTorrent), they turned to other parodies of the film on the Web, and found the CollegeHumor video." Still sounds fishy to me.

 road A whole lotta green eggs and ham: The 19-page manuscript of a previously unpublished Dr. Seuss manuscript is sold at auction for a cool $34,000.

 road Prosecutors in Vancouver want a man accused of attacking a 62-year-old at a gay bar charged with a hate crime. The victim was left with permanent brain damage.

 road Anti-gay comments spark mass exodus from Finnish church: "The number leaving increased sharply on 12 October following the broadcast of a debate programme focused on gay rights on Network 2 of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). By Monday 18 October, more than 24,000 people had left Finland’s Evangelical-Lutheran and Orthodox Churches."

Weather  road Weather forecast for some red states is a giant hovering red penis.

 road Katy Perry and Russell brand got hitched.

 road Calvin Kelin ads can't seem to stay away from controversy.

 road The video game Fable III is about to become very gay-friendly: "We don't require you to be of a certain type to get married," said Peter Molyneux, creative director at Microsoft Game Studios Europe. "You can be gay. You can be bisexual. You can get married as many times as you like. It's up to you. My fascination is with what that means to people. It means they can be who they are rather than who I require them to be."

 road The digital age has officially killed the Sony Walkman.

 road Shark attack that killed a 19-year-old in California was most likely involved a Great White.


  1. Andy says

    Chris is a doll. The next sentence is that article:
    “But I’m a very, very strange, awkward person,” Colfer says. “So I don’t know why anybody would want to be me.”

  2. says

    Just to clarify, the first two FABLE videogames allowed for gay marriage, too. In the first, there were only a couple of likely candidates roaming the land, but in the second, gay and bi-curious characters were everywhere. Added bonus: the sex scenes are pretty damn amusing.

  3. Paul R says

    Actually, $34K for an unpublished, partly handwritten Dr. Seuss manuscript sounded like an incredible deal to me….until I read that it was incomplete and he considered it unworthy of publication. Still, given the (higher) amounts people pay for, say, locks of Elvis hair or the suits worn in the Blues Brothers, it still seems like a deal if you’re a wealthy fan of the man.

    As for the Calvin Klein ad, like it’s anything new? I don’t see any violence or rape, I see a typical CK fantasy, except that in Calvin’s real fantasy there would be no woman.

  4. TANK says

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone plargiarized jokes again? Why that’s just…ah…predictable…they’ve been doing it for years. But ya know, if it weren’t motivated by money and by laughs, it’d be okay…because if a joke works, it’s more than the person who can tell it (hence “occasionally” you’ll see comedians using another comedian’s material–not that they’re comedians). But that’s not the case here…they don’t care about making people laugh so much anymore as evidenced by the fact that most of the episodes don’t make people laugh, and seem like an afterthought to the franchise. But I can appreciate good and bad comedy, because it’s interesting to me. What makes people laugh…I’ve made people laugh so hard they’ve lost control before, and really not even intentionally (I’m not a funny person)…which isn’t very flattering. There’s something strangely gratifying about making someone just completely laugh so hard that they lose all sense of themselves. I guess it’s seeing people vulernable, and who they are…very few things can reveal things about people…and, in some cases, is one of them…not all…sometimes people just laugh.

  5. TANK says

    that’s right, it’s simply fable III…when are they going to come out with hitman 5? It’s all I really care about.

  6. Vincent says

    My generation could do far, far worse than have the talented and level-headed Mr. Colfer as a role model.

  7. JEFFREY in the Bronx says

    Towleroad, you do a disservice to yourself with catty comments about Chris Colfer. Stop with bitchy bully sarcasm. I read the article and he sounds like a perfectly normal 20 year old. The comment doesn’t come off as narcissistic it comes off like a positive self-assessment that was in direct relation to finding instant mega fame and celebrity which can be toxic to many people. Give the guy a break. JEALOUS much?