1. Fix It Again Tony says

    I would LOVE to know where NOM gets its money. Obviously someone or a small group with LOTS of cash. Perhaps some at the top of large organizations – and maybe THAT is why there’s such a fear on their part of letting that info out.

    Now what large corporations would make News by being involved in politics?….

  2. says

    Gay marriage is an important issue. It needs to be discussed openly and fairly. But I have a song/video on under my name of Kenny Merriken. The song tells the story of what happened to some gays long ago. I invite anyone to view the video that starts with the word “Messiah”. If you know anyone who would like to publicly debate me concerning the accuracy of the video, then please contact me at the email address in the video. Thank you.

  3. Patric says

    Most important Governor’s races this November in terms of their impact on the struggle to extend the reach of marriage equality, for those wanting to get involved (NOM knows it and they’re heavily invested in these races):

    1. Ground Zero is Minnesota: go to to get involved on behalf of Mark Dayton, an unapologetic supporter of full marriage equality who is being challenged by an extreme right homophobe with Sarah Palin’s backing

    2. Hawaii: LGBT ally Neil Abercrombie faces Linda Lingle’s lieutenant governor, who actually makes Lingle look “moderate” by comparison

    3. Maryland: Incumbent Gov. O’Malley has said he will sign marriage equality legislation if it gets to his desk. His opponent, a former governor, opposes equality.

    4. Rhode Island: I place this here because both of the leading contenders have said they would sign marriage equality legislation, which is virtually certain to pass next year in Rhode Island. Former Sen. Chafee is a more enthusiastic supporter of equality, though.

    5. Maine: We can only try again with a marriage equality bill in Maine if we have a governor willing to sign it. The Dem is a committed ally; the Republican is another teabagger loony who supports discrimination against LGBT people.

    6. New Mexico: Dem is LGBT ally. Republican is right-wing kook.

    7. Illinois: Gov. Quinn is not as appealing as was his primary opponent but, as in Minnesota, Hawaii and New Mexico, the Republicans have nominated a real right-winger.

    8. California: Whether marriage equality is re-obtained through the federal courts or at the ballot box in 2012, our fight will be much easier with ally Jerry Brown at our side than with pro-discrimination Meg Whitman.

    9. Oregon: We may go back to the voters to enshrine marriage equality with a constitutional amendment as soon as 2012. We need a pro-equality Dem on board to assist us with those efforts.

    10. New York: Actually, it’s not the governor’s race which is the problem but races for state senate. We need Dems to maintain control of the state senate and we need to replace anti-equality incumbents with pro-equality challengers.

    11. New Hampshire: We need to thwart NOM’s efforts to reinstitute discrimination. That starts with beating back their efforts to oust Governor Lynch and replace him with an anti-equality Republican.

  4. Christopher says

    Kenny M:

    Life is waaaaay too short to voluntarily seek out the 10,000th piece of christianist propaganda I’ve ever had the misfortune to be exposed to, and then “debate” the soft-jazz-styling-named fucktard that created it. Thanks for playing though.

  5. Disgusted American says

    when are OUR RIGHTS as American Citizens going to go to the Supreme Crt? Huh..anyone know..? What Year do WE Finally get to Have a say as American Citizens? 2011,2012….2020? WHEN?

  6. bobbyjoe says

    We all saw how few people were showing up at NOM’s rallies, but they mysteriously have all this money to throw into campaign ads.

    Surely the IRS must be a wee bit suspicious… no? No?

    Like, just as a hypothetical, let’s suppose a great big tax-exempt religion decided it wanted to funnel money into politics. You can’t just say– oh, I dunno, let’s pick a religious group totally at random, like maybe, I dunno, let’s say, hmmm, how about, the Mormons– you can’t just say “Hi, we’re the Mormons and here’s our expensive ad to elect Joe-Don Bubba-Beauregard Smith dogcatcher of Yoknapatawpha County.” Nope, ’cause if you did that, our hypothetical (now what was it, oh, yes) Mormons would lose their tax-exempt status.

    Now, wait, what was my point? Oh, yeah, that those five or six people who were showing up at the NOM rallies (where all that was missing to show how deserted the rallies were were tumbleweeds blowing by) all those five or six folks in their polyester Wal-Mart apparel must have been incredibly rich and incredibly generous individuals. Yeah, THAT’s what I was saying.

  7. Disgusted American says

    .. I guess I should have made it more clear…..WHEN will Prop 8, or oral arguments Go to the Supreme Crt to SECURE OUR RIGHTS as TAX PAYING LGBT AMerican Citizens…and when they do, will the dream team be representing us again?

  8. ichabod says

    I agree with BobbyJoe, who is paying for all this crap? It’s certainly not the meager pissants showing up at their cross-country hate rallies. I smell the Morman and Catholic churches…

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Your Target and Best Buy dollars at work? Maybe not directly, but political money is like manure… it doesn’t do any good if you don’t spread it around.

  10. says

    “who is paying for all this crap?”

    The Mormons, the Catholics/Knights of Columbus, evangelicals; the usual deep-pocketed suspects. Of course NOM is doing all they can to hide their funding, but it sure isn’t coming from the handful of bigots who attend their rallies.

    It’s crucial that NOM not get their way in NH. If NH can weather this election cycle with marriage equality intact, it becomes more and more difficult for NOM to make any inroads, however much funding they have, because people have moved on. NH may have already moved on, and this is NOM’s last-gasp attempt. I hope so. NOM is basically doing nothing in VT, because they know it would be a waste of their money. We want it to be a waste of their money everywhere.

    For Andrew: please drop the term “gay marriage.” There is no gay marriage in NH (or other states with marriage equality), any more than there is “straight marriage.” It is one civil institution: marriage. NOM’s attack is on MARRIAGE EQUALITY. It may seem nitpicky, but every time we refer to marriage equality as “gay marriage,” it reinforces the idea that our marriages are separate (and therefore unequal).

  11. HawaiiBill says

    Thanks for the great recap Patric.

    The Republican Governors’ Association has already pumped in $600,000 (that is HUGE in our market) to get the “tip of the Christian spear” Aiona elected Governor here. And the religious right is whipping their base into a frenzy here to try and defeat our stadfast ally, Neil Abercrombie. Neil’s unequivocal support for Civil Unions is becoming one of the big issues. Civil Unions would be a lock, with the next step full marriage equality if Neil gets elected. We have the House, we have the Senate, we just need the right person in the Governor’s office to sign the legislation when it is passed.

    Anyone who has sworn off the DNCC or HRC and wants to make a contribution to a Dem who actually IS a fierce advocate, go to and donate.

  12. mad1026 says

    I hope someone can find the video of Brian Brown blowing a rentboy in the backseat of Maggie Gallegher’s car during a Pride Celebration. I know there’s got to be one; you cannot be this homophobic without some skeletons in your closet. I’m just saying..

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