1. says

    As a former Ohioan, I wish I could say this surprised me. Ohio is still very “small mid-western farm town” where everyone knows everyone from Sunday church services. That’s a lot of why I had to leave

  2. Chitown Kev says


    Just because you asked, I did go and check the final score.

    Yes the Willoughby South High “Powder Blue Faggots” won the game by 2 TD’s (34-21).

    Those kids are tools and bigots. And their team lost.

  3. Bob says

    Thats the point I was trying to make at another site. Its not “bullying” but a sociaty at large. An adult could have done something. Teachers and Parents would have been there.

    One of the worst things in High School wasnt the odd faggot i might get in the hallway but by the way certain teachers treated me. Other students were mostly ok but i would have to deal with conservative adults who obviously werent ok with my “lifestyle choice”. Bullies arent just other kids. It comes from all sides.

    Forget suspending the kids. Any school staff present are the ones who need to be punished.

  4. TANK says

    High school sucks. And trust that these kids think it’s okay because of the faculty, administration, and parents–essentially culture–that condones and encourages it. Ohio is…the birthplace of Quine…can’t hate it, but there’s a healthy contingent of bilge water churchers.

  5. ratbastard says

    Several violent street gangs wear powder / baby blue; it would be cool to see these punks chant powder blue faggots at them and watch the fireworks.

    I like baby blue, then again i’m a ….

  6. Chad says

    This is going on with the approval of adult parents and teachers. Period. I would fire the principle and kick out any person identified in the tape, I would also warn the redneck nazis that if it happens again they will be kicked out as well. Ohio is redneck blue -collar small minded hell.

  7. Skooter McGoo says

    Ohio, heartland of politics and the American family, look close because it’s happening around you as well. No matter where you are, hatred is there, carry mace for protection.

  8. tinhouston says

    With all the repercussions of hateful bullying being written about in the press recently,i.e. the suicides –When the authorities find out who these assholes are that did this why don’t they call an assembly and put the kids in front of the whole school and expel their butts. Maybe this reaction is too strong…but then everyone needs to understand expressions of hate such as this should not be tolerated.
    Would it make any difference if the students, and parents were made to watch videos of the repercussions of bullying… the suicides, and/or the emotional statement made in the FtWorth Council chambers the other day…Would they see the pain and death, in some cases, that the bullying and name calling can lead…? Would they care? I wonder. What if it they were on the other end of those hateful taunts?

  9. jason says

    Why don’t you also attack the music industry? The music industry has been promoting homophobic slurs for years. None of you seem game enough to take on music. Kids listen to music and get much of their influences from it.

  10. Rocky says

    @ Jason

    RAP is NOT real music (thats the crap these kids listen to) and furthermore there have been many instances where we HAVE attacked THAT “music” industry.Not ALL genres of music promote homophobia and a majority of teens dont listen to any other music other than rap/hiphop.If they do it must be rare,I cant remember the last time I heard a teen listening to Paul Hardcastle/Jazzmasters,Sade,or Herb Alpert

  11. Mike says

    This crap happens everywhere, see the NY Yankees recent video. We need to ask the school what their response is. I have been called a gay slur and nearly attacked in Sf, Sydney, Chicago, DC etc but not even a sideways glance while walking tru the Short North w- my boyfriend’s hand in Columbus, OH. I might be lucky but I love it here and feel safe.

  12. wimsy says

    If they had chanted “Powder blue N****s” they’d have been expelled. I care less about the other team than I do about gay kids sitting in the bleachers listening to this hate speech and feeling worthless.

  13. Matt S. says

    Guys, don’t cheer on the other team. Apparently, because this team is orange and black, the other school chants “Halloween Homos” at them. It’s a big ole homophobia bigot fest in that district.

  14. BA says

    I graduated from Willoughby South in 1996. This situation is completely unsurprising. The town is currently up in arms about South not being able to use the Confederate flag as it’s logo. Terrible, terrible place.

  15. wow says

    how can u be so judgemental of these kids/teachers/parents? you are throwing the book at them for saying “powder blue faggots” & “halloween homos” but its ok for you to call all of them ignorant, nazis, rednecks, etc. why is acceptable for you to talk down to them? you are no better than they are for using WORDS!!!

  16. john says

    They’re not making fun of gay people. They’re just calling South “faggots”, as in saying that South is gay. It’s hilarious how you people get so upset over this.

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