1. nick says

    HRC is wasting itstime. The Mormon cult is not going to change their views. Trying to get fundamentalist Xtian or cults to evolve is futile. Their very existence depends on perpetuating their myths, hatred, intolerance, and ignorance.

  2. Bart says

    This is what the HRC does with its money and time? Really? Wow.

    Instead of the “Stop being mean to me,” rhetoric, why doesn’t an organization with the money and resources as the HRC go after this “church” for what it is…a fragment cult that should have it’s tax exempt status ripped away since it involves itself in politics and elections.

  3. Martin Murray says

    Wouldn’t the idiots at HRC be much more effective if they started attacking and condemning politicians who actually enact and maintain homophobic laws?

    Attacking the mormon cult is so easy and so utterly futile. Bigots they may be, but the mormons do not enact legislation. Politicians do.

    Where is the HRC’s condemnation of those Democrat politicians who are campaigning to maintain the ban on equal marriage, who voted against DADT’s appeal.

    Why have the HRC not condemned the homophobia of the Obama administration.

    The HRC are wasting our money in engaging in absurd campaigns like this.

    I want them to disband. The HRC have achieved NOTHING to advance LGBT rights since Obama’s election.

    It is time they stepped aside and stopped making excuses for homophobic bigotry from Democrat politicians.

  4. Darlinkula says

    I want to personally thank the Mormon church for wasting the 25 MILLION DOLLARS that they contributed to the Prop. 8 campaign. Words are cheap, but hitting them with a 25 million dollar loss regarding their failed homophobic agenda is the ultimate revenge.

  5. says

    Geez, does anyone really give a fuck what HRC does anymore? Seriously, if the whole “don’t hate on me” or “can’t we all just get along” bumper sticker crap is the best they can do, then why bother?

    Oh yeah, you get to go to fancy black tie dinners and schmooze with top level WH staff who think being gay is a “choice.”

    Andy, may I suggest you start painting a giant “L” on Joe’s head every time you’re compelled to post a shot of the smug prick on this site.

  6. Darren says

    Yeahhhh.. this was a waste of time and energy. He should be saying these things to… oh I dunno… The President of the United States and our Legislators.. but then I suppose no more state dinners eh?

    What a waste of an organization that had so much promise…

  7. Fenrox says

    HRC needs to do a couple of things.

    They need two presidents.

    They need to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS, not just Gay ones.

    They need a REAL strategy for when someone is denying others rights, not just “Hey, look at these jerks!”

  8. says

    Will he demand that Valerie Jarett retract her bigoted assertion that being gay is a choice? Of course not, because he’s a sniveling, self-serving, sell out to his community. He has no moral authority whatsoever.

  9. AJ says

    Yawn, so trendy to look at 150,000 signatures delivered in a red state to a major anti-gay group and say “who even cares about HRC anyway, they should address people that hate and work against us”.

    The queer tea party pouts along…

  10. Joseph L says

    Well, THAT was about as useful as an internet petition. What are they trying to accomplish here?

    Any silly excuse to hold a press conference, I guess.

    Next they’ll show the world how well they can piss into the wind.

  11. mad1026 says

    According to the film “Prop 8,” Mormons were told to donate 10% of their income to defeat same-sex marriage in California. This was a national political action by a “religious organization” to change a law. These cultists have a tax exempt status and want to install a theocracy in America. Mitt Romney wants to be president, Glenn Beck spreads Mormon dogma through his Faux News laughfest.

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