1. Pugzz says

    I’m 52 years old and all I hear around me these days are people trying to make us go backwards. In some ways it’s like the 1960’s and 70’s never happened. The Tea Party movement and the Republican party are NOT in any way our friends and many espouse hateful, violent words at our very existence. They will soon pass laws against us…if they have the chance.

    As GLBT folks we really have to increase our fight to hold on to our basic freedoms. The right forces are turning against us once again and we are going to have to fight this. Our country is being hijacked by bigots and fundamentalists and our complacency is a feather in the cap of those who work to put us back in the closet, make us illegal and invisible.

    I actually believe we may be in that time, just like Berlin in early Nazi Germany, when one could see, feel and smell something wicked coming. If we let Teabaggers and right wing Republicans slip back into power we will pay a hefty price in freedom. Vote brothers and sisters Vote!

    Thank heavens for Towleroad. It’s the only reliable source for news that REALLY effects our community. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. Tom says

    Shithouse crazy. We must all fight this bullshit in whatever manner we can, whether big or small.

  3. david greer says

    WOW! today is my one week anniversary (after a 17 year engagement)…now that i’m all “gay married”, pearce is RIGHT!!! I WANT ANOTHER HUSBAND to go with this one!

    /snark (as if a tag is needed)

  4. von lmo says

    Ya think that Joseph Smith, was a homo, & Mormonism is a religion based on repressed homosexuality? Just ask’n.

  5. justiceontherocks says

    This isn’t news. It’ll be new when a teabagger says something that makes sense.

  6. CM says

    Gay marriage WILL lead to acceptance of polygamy. It’s the same logic. If women consent to such an arrangement, who’s to say they shouldn’t have the option? It’s when young girls are brought into the equation and polygamists demand government benefits that the real problems arise.

  7. says

    “Gay marriage WILL lead to acceptance of polygamy.”

    Gay couples marrying has no more relation to polygamy than straight couples marrying. The rights and responsibilities for 2 people in marriage are different than those for 3 or more people, simple as that. It’s a false slippery slope zealots love to raise. When we were fighting for marriage equality in VT, my response to the polygamy red herring was to tell whoever was using that argument that if they were so interested in polygamy (or marrying their sibling, another common “slippery slope” argument) then it was their responsibility to raise it before the courts and the legislature and make their case. Gay couples have their hands full fighting for our right to marry. Polygamy-supporters need to fight their own battle.

  8. says

    You know i always thought there was something funny going on with the Mormon’s..Now we suspect what…they are gay and want many many husbands and wives, ohhh..I wonder how many wive’s Beck has and the Mittster…it all makes sense now…NOT.

  9. wimsy says

    Did I hear this boffoon correctly – that marriage equality means that everybody in California will marry everybody else? Okay, then, I’ll move to California and marry the entire cast of Entourage.

  10. New Jersey Boy says

    “…Says Gay Marriage Leads To Polygamy…”

    Considering half her backers and her possible running mate are Polygamy worshipping monsters, perhaps that’s the plan all along.

    Just sayin’s’all!

  11. Jerry6 says

    How many times do these REPUBLICAN stooges have to convince ALL Democrats and Independents that if they do not go to the poles and vote 100% for every Democrat candidate, they are condemning themselves to complete repression of everything we have gained since Ronald Reagan told the CDC to stop looking for a cure for AIDS.