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Paul, the Psychic World Cup Octopus, is Dead


Paul, the "psychic" octopus who became famous during this year's World Cup, has died at the age of 2 in Germany:

"Management and staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight."

AOL News reports:

"Paul's body is now in cold storage while the aquarium decides 'how best to mark his passing,' the facility's manager, Stefan Porwoll, told The Daily Nation of Kenya. 'We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine,' he said. 'We are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life here,' Porwoll also told ESPN. Before he died, Paul's final prediction was that England would win the rights to host the 2018 World Cup."

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    Posted by: THE QUEEN | Oct 26, 2010 8:59:22 AM

  2. NEEEIN!

    I had secretly hoped against hope that he would live at least until the Eurocup 2012. But he was already so old.

    Ruhe in Frieden, kleiner.

    Posted by: architectinberlin | Oct 26, 2010 9:07:22 AM

  3. It's not clear how long this species normally lives.

    Posted by: anon | Oct 26, 2010 11:20:05 AM

  4. Didn't see that coming! ;)

    Posted by: MajorTom | Oct 26, 2010 11:36:00 AM

  5. He tasted delish.

    Posted by: CGD | Oct 26, 2010 12:26:59 PM

  6. weren't there threats on his life for his prognostication? seems like they need to call in the polizei and the Oberhausen NCIS for a forensic investigation.

    of course, octopi are a delicacy in certain parts of the world; oh, wait! i've had it before; it is pretty rubbery... errr. tasty!

    Posted by: mike/ | Oct 26, 2010 2:33:00 PM

  7. Octopuses have very short life spans, many species only live a few months.

    Posted by: JLS | Oct 26, 2010 3:06:16 PM

  8. Octopuses taste similar to squid-calamari. I find they taste like old rubber tires, but a lot of people like them. Maybe Paul would be edible washed down with a nice Munich lager or nice Riesling.

    Posted by: ratbastardh | Oct 26, 2010 10:03:15 PM

  9. A state funeral, very likely?

    Posted by: Mary | Oct 27, 2010 1:05:19 AM

  10. Did any Dutch or German fans kill him? :-)

    Posted by: Sami in Vancouver | Oct 27, 2010 1:28:53 AM

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