Priest Blasts MN Archbishop’s Anti-Gay DVD Plot, Likens It To Bullying

I have watched the DVD sent out by the Minnesota Catholic bishops in favor of a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

The premise of the DVD is that same-sex couples and their committed relationships are a grave threat to marriage. To be clear, these bishops hold that sacramental Catholic marriage is in essence different from what is considered marriage by society. Nevertheless, the bishops claim they have a concern for marriage in the overall society.

What are the real threats to marriage? The Sept. 29 story “Economy is Hitting Hearts and Wallets,” about the effects of our current economy on marriage, said that “being broke and unemployed is not conducive to matrimony, young Americans are finding. In 2009, the number of young adults (25-34) who have never tied the knot surpassed those who had married for the first time since data collection began more than a century ago.”

In every serious study, poverty is the top reason for marital breakdowns. It is very hard to make the case that a small percentage of the population who bond with members of their own sex and seek to live in a committed relationship could have anything but a positive effect on the general population’s appreciation of stable, faithful, life-giving unions.

The very thoughtful letters to the editor about this subject reflect the fact that Catholics have very diverse opinions about this issue. The bishops themselves are not united on how to approach this new reality of gays and lesbians claiming a right to have their own families publicly recognized with corresponding rights and responsibilities.

Since arriving in Minnesota as a bishop in 2001, Nienstedt has had the constitutional amendment as a priority. In 2006, he promoted postcards, which as archbishop he has upgraded to DVDs. I do not believe any of our other bishops would have been on such a crusade. “Minnesota nice,” if not prudence, would have prevailed. Ask them privately.

Just recently the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, the main author of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and friend of the pope, publicly stated that the church needs to look differently at committed same-sex relationships. His fellow Austrian bishops concurred. These are thinking, serious church leaders. They listen.

The constitutional amendment being promoted by the archbishop does not allow even for civil unions, and it would limit current rights enjoyed by our gay and lesbian citizens. We as Catholics can have our own beliefs about marriage. But we must recognize that people of other faiths and of no faith have conscientious beliefs as well.

Most scandalous is that Archbishop Nienstedt has compromised his office with the use of anonymous money to fund this effort. The constitutional amendment is a very political issue. The impression is given that political funding is at work here.

– Pastor Michael Tegeder
Church of St. Edward, Bloomington


  1. niles says

    How rare to see a Catholic with a conscience these days. Most of them are sitting in silence afraid to protest the horrors being perpetrated in the name of Jesus.

  2. bklynbryan says

    Refreshing to hear, but the nuns and priests who stand up for the right thing always seem to get punished.

  3. walter says

    the church is always crying poverty give more money, but this bishop seems to have found a way to spend. why can’t actually use it for good like feed people or educate children instead of using it to bully people. the people of minnesota don’t seem very friendly first the clown running for governor now this jerk. minnesota doesn’t seem like a place i would want to visit or do business with.

  4. Andrew K says

    The more i delve into this debate from the Catholic side, the more i despise that church.

    Bottom line is the Church believes that God does not love gays for loving each other. And does not want them(us) to form stable pair-bonds for life.

    That is simply not a God I can love, or believe in. That God has declared war on my nature and so i must make the most charitable conclusion i can about that God: which is to say either God does not exist, or the Catholic church is clueless about what God thinks of his gay sons.

  5. Bill Perdue says

    The roman, judaic, islamist and prot cults should be taxed till they drop.

    Then we should secularize their schools to prevent rapes.

  6. Disgusted American says

    anybody have any idea how much 400,000 CD’s production on the CD of the BS LIES? lets Follow the money!!!

  7. Fred says

    The fact that same sex couples do thrive, are beneficial, do raise children flies in the face of what the catholic church espouses.

    The church is loosing members and they have resorted to selling church property to stay in business.

    They fail to recognize they are their own worst enemy.

  8. Chris in MN says

    Please don’t generalize Minnesota and Minnesotans by the actions of a Catholic archbishop, and the blind ambition of our lame-duck governor.

    I am an out gay resident of Minnesota, and this is a pretty good place to live. Perhaps it is worth noting that I moved here from San Francisco seven years ago. Minnesotans, generally speaking, are a pretty accepting lot. This state has had a civil rights law that protects LGBT people (yes, “T” too) since 1993. Adoption by same-sex couples is a non-issue. Our three largest cities have domestic partnership ordinances. And, while marriage between same-sex partners is prohibited by statute, we do not have a constitutional amendment banning gay- marriage. More broadly speaking, this is the state from which Walter Mondale, Humbert Humphry, and Eugene McCarthy made their political careers. Our Democratic party senators are left (Al Franken) and center-left (Amy Klobuchar).

    Sadly, there’s no explaining Michelle Bachman, except to say that she embarrasses most of us too and she hails from a very a gerry-mandered district. We have conservatives here, but historically we’ve had a very moderate political climate. It’s only been since the administration of Tim Pawlenty from 2002 that things have gotten bristly.

    The Catholic Church is tightly directed from the Vatican, and I don’t think it’s accurate or fair to describe any actions taken by an archbishop as representing the sentiments of Minnesota.

    Please visit Minnesota, and do business here. We need you.

  9. Zlick says

    Yeah, but it’s cold.

    In all seriousness tho, thanks for that rational run-down of Minnesota’s general political leanings. Thanks also to Pastor Tegeder. It’s not for me to say – but if he’s defrocked over this, it will be the best thing that’s ever happened in the direction of his life. A necessary course correction for a spiritual man is to leave the Catholic Church far, far behind.

  10. jamal49 says

    God bless and keep you well, Father Michael. Lord, if there were only more priests with the cojones to stand up to the tyranny of the Church.

  11. B-rod says

    It takes the Catholic Church decades to defrock the child rapists in their midsts. But it will probably take just a week to see this guy kicked out. Bet on it.

  12. TonyJazz says

    The Catholic church seems to be in a mad race to prove it hates gay people more than the Mormons.

    I think the Catholic church is going to win, despite all of the Mormon money….

    (ah, the immorality of it all! from a church!!!)

  13. Sane Soul says

    Fr. Tegeder is brave. He will also be admonished–at least–and punished for speaking out against the political activities of his “boss.”

    Lots of priests rape children. The RC church is too quiet about that and far too nosiy about gay people.

    In due course they will be more irrelevant than they are now, and the Archbishop will have his place in history.

  14. Michael says

    Refreshing? A Catholic with a conscience? How about: Fr. Tegeder made a solemn and perpetual vow of obedience at his ordination to his bishop and his successors, and acknowledging the teaching authority, the Magisterium, of the Church. If he finds that he is no longer able to keep the vows he made before God and man, lacks the personal integrity necessary to maintain his position as pastor and priest, has abrogated the role of teacher that resides solely in the Bishops and Pope by virtue of their consecration as successors of the Apostles to himself, then yes, he needs to petition Rome and Archbishop Nienstedt to be released formally from the vows he made and leave the Church he has already left by his public acts, and find another church more to his liking. At least have the intellectual honesty to do that.

  15. rhbellows says

    If the RC Church allows gays to do what is their (gays) natural right to live like everyother human on this planet, then who will the church have for a scape-goat? The main reason for most religions (Yes this includes those from the Jewish faith as well as the Muslim and many other smaller sects like Morman and KKK ect…) is for people who are scared of those that are different from them to gang together and force their blindness on those they find too different to thier liking. Just take a look at the RC Church in the past. In the name of Christ the church has spilt more blood and spread more fear and hate right from it’s start in the Roman days. Look at how the Native Americans were treated when we stole their lands. 2000 years of hate will not go away in a few years. As long as we allow Christians and Muslims and other God fearing cults to run this world, then there will always be a need to have someone that they can put down to make themselves look superior.

  16. Glenn Walker says

    The odious cliche of Christian churches and their minions of all religions is that “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Wrong. God created Adam first–Eve came somewhat later. Is it then possibe to uphold that God and Adam were the first “gay” couple? When Eve came, bisexuality occurred. And how are the known facts of Jesus’ life twisted to deny that he, too, was homosexual–a man who spent his life among males, who was utterly devoted to his mother, who never married? If Medieval and other artists are correct about his appearance (and there are ample reasons for believing those representations are hot accurate, that they are the artists’ heated fantasies; e.g., Michaelangelo’s erotic figures), then the fantastical Jesus is … well, yes … a hunk; with obliques that could come only from scores of ab crunches, pecs from dedicated bench presses, etc. Too, his loin cloth is pretty revealing. How many repressed clergy have been lured into rancid religions by that utterly sexy almost-naked image? The same image that Catholic nuns “marry.” Homosexual currents run throughout all these legends and silly beliefs.