1. Steve says

    I applaud this video as a tool to increase public awareness of bullying – which I’d guess affects almost every single GLBT child.

    Now all I want is for Ricky to give up that homie-bad-ink look. Yeesh.

  2. Dave says

    I appreciate Ricky Martin’s participation and do find him sexy, but couldn’t he put a shirt on before he filmed this? It just looks kinda silly to film a PSA in a wifey.

  3. Joe says

    Ricky Martin should start wearing real shirts (or no shirt at all). That tank focuses too much attention on those so-so tats.

    Also, I’m kind of tired of Elton John. Performing for Rush Limbaugh – who is a major and very vocal enemy – should have never happened, and I wouldn’t mind if he was shunned for that.

  4. sugarrhill says

    I knew that if I clicked through to see the comments I’d inevitably find a few queens too concerned about ink and looking thugish to really applaud these celebrities for speaking out. Thank you, Towleroad commenters, for not disappointing our community.

  5. Jerry6 says

    Bigotry of all kinds and types will never end until the State and Federal Governments start prosecuting the Religious leaders that preach these hate speech sermons every week in their churches. Naturally, if they do, many of the churches will go out of business because their members only support them because they DO preach the hatred that the members want to hear. After all, hatred is bred in the churches because that is all they have to offer their members. Take away the hate, and what is left? Absolutely nothing.

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